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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOSEPH RUTH, Picture Framing, opp. Post-office.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Ager Julius, farmer, o Summit
Allison William, clerk, o Cresson
Adlesberger F., bricklayer, o Summit
Ager John B., laborer, o Summit
Ager Chas. A., farmer, o Summit
Ager Charles, laborer, b Cresson
Adams Mark, painter, b Cresson
Adlesberger M., propr hotel, r Summit
Adlesberger Jno., bricklayer, b Summit
Allison Mary, o Cresson
Anderson George, laborer, b Cresson
Ansman Michael, laborer, b Cresson
Bender Philomena, o Summit
Burgoon Luke, laborer, o Summit
Bradley Patrick, farmer, o Summit
Boland James, farmer, o Summit
Bradley Michael, farmer, o Lilly
Boylan Joseph, laborer, o Cresson

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Boyle William, laborer, o Cresson
Bane James, laborer, o Cresson
Brawley Frank, laborer, o Summit
Brawley J. E. Jr., laborer, o Summit
Bradley Dennis, farmer, o Lilly
Bradley John, farmer, o Summit
Bruce George, foreman, o Cresson
Boland Joseph, farmer, o Gallitzin
Buck C. F., merchant, o Cresson
Bradley Daniel, laborer, b Lilly
Bradley William, laborer, b Lilly
Bradley T. A., depy inspector, b Lilly
Bulger James, laborer, b Lilly
Burgoon Frank, laborer, b Lilly
Boylan Charles, laborer, h Cresson
Boland John, laborer, b Cresson
Brown John, gen mgr, b Cresson
Brown C. D., clerk, b Cresson
Brown A. O., propr hotel, r Cresson
Brawley W. J., laborer, b Cresson
Burd Simon, carpenter, r Cresson
Burgoon F., train dispatcher, o Cresson
Burgoon F. A., fireman, b Cresson
Beck A. C., carpenter, b Cresson
Broudy A., merchant, r Cresson
Breth N. W., laborer, o Cresson
Bookman Samuel, clerk, b Cresson
Bard Felix, painter, o Cresson
Bee Frank, laborer, h Cresson
Bradley Thos. P., laborer, b Lilly
Bradley John P., laborer b Lilly
Carothers Thomas, laborer, o Lilly
Criste Daniel, farmer, o Summit
Condon Ruth, o Summit
Criste Ann, o Summit
Clemstein Julius, mason, o Lilly
Callan Thos., postmaster, o Cresson
Carland Henry, laborer, b Cresson
Carland Elmer, laborer, b Cresson
Clinemire Simon, laborer, r Lilly
Criste Jas. D., laborer, r Summit
Conbron Harry, flagman, b Summit
Connell Jas. P., operator, o Cresson
Condron Angus, brakeman, b Summit
Cully Theo., laborer, b Cresson
Crawford Harry, laborer, b Cresson
Campbell Frank, fireman, b Cresson
Cooper F. J., fireman, b Cresson
Coyle Wm., painter, b Cresson
Deveraux Robt., physician, o Cresson
Dodson Thos., butcher, o Cresson
Dunegan Ed F., clerk, b Cresson
Dignan E. J., minister, b Summit
Dodson John, laborer, o Cresson
Dougherty Daniel, laborer, b Cresson
Dougherty Michael, laborer, b Cresson
Diehl Herman, engineer, b Cresson
Droen Pat, laborer, b Cresson
Ditzworth Robert, invalid, b Cresson
Drolsbaugh Wm., engineer, b Cresson
Diefenderfer W. B., physicn b Cresson
Drass P. J., laborer, b Cresson
Eckenrode Albert, merchant, o Cresson
Eger Fred, laborer, o Summit
Eger Harry, farmer, o Cresson
Eger Thomas, merchant, o Summit
Eger Wm., miner, r Cresson
Eberhart Richard, plasterer, r Cresson
Eckenrode John H., laborer, r Summit
Eckley Wm., laborer, r Cresson
Eckenrode Geo., laborer, b Cresson
Effinger Jacob, laborer, b Cresson
Elbine Lewis, fireman, b Cresson
Earhart A. B., clerk, b Cresson
Freidhoff Frank, laborer, o Summit
Freidhoff Conrad, laborer, o Summit
Farren Thos., laborer, b Lilly
Freeman C. B., conductor, r Cresson
Freeman G. A., fireman, b Cresson
Foreman J. M., postal clerk, r Cresson
Gonsman Jacob, laborer, o Summit
Gillen James, merchant, o Summit
Glass W. T., miner, o Summit
Goodman John, engineer, o Cresson
Gutwald Lucy Mrs., o Cresson
Grove John, laborer, o Cresson
Glass Cecelia, o Cresson
Gonsman Wm. D., laborer, b Summit
Garity Patrick, clerk, b Cresson
Gutwald Joseph, butcher, h Cresson
Gutwald John, butcher, n Cresson
Glass R. A., clerk, h Cresson
Goodman Harry, brakeman, b Cresson
Gore J. W., agent, r Cresson
Gillespie Wm., laborer, b Cresson
Hogue John, flagman, o Cresson
Hall Amanda Mrs., o Cresson
Hines James, laborer, o Cresson
Humbert Chas. H., o Cresson
Hall John, mason, b Cresson
Hogue C. J., tinner, r Cresson
Huff J. W., wireman, b Cresson
Highberger J. B., clerk, b Cresson
Horner J. D., laborer, b Cresson
Hilgert N., laborer, b Cresson
Humbert Andrew, invalid, b Cresson
Hines Frederick, laborer, r Cresson
Itel Anthony, laborer, b Gallitzin
Jackson Rebecca, o Cresson
Jervas Peter, laborer, r Summit
Judge Charles, miner, b Cresson
Johnta John, miner, r Cresson
Jackson Amos F., invalid, h Cresson
Johnson J. B., repair hand, b Cresson
Kern Thomas, laborer, o Cresson
Kinney Bryan, engineer, o Cresson

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JOHN ROSS, First-Class Tailor, 118 Clinton St.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Kane Daniel, laborer, o Lilly
Kensinger Ed, clerk, b Cresson
Kennedy Smith, laborer, r Summit
Kensinger Chas., clerk, b Cresson
Lilly Wm., farmer, o Cresson
Lynch John, justice of peace, o Cresson
Law Robert, miner, o Lilly
Lilly Vincent, butcher, o Cresson
Lowery David, miner, o Lilly
Lowery Wm., miner, o Lilly
Lynch Frank, laborer, b Cresson
Luther E. J., laborer, b Summit
Lilly James, laborer, b Cresson
Lilly Job R., laborer, b Cresson
Montgomery John, inva1id, o Cresson
Moyer Francis P., farmer, o Cresson
Myers Robert, carpenter, o Summit
Mitchell Wm., miner, o Lilly
Mulligan Patrick, laborer, o Loretto
Murray James, invalid, o Cresson
Myers Celestine, laborer, o Cresson
Myer s J. R., clerk, o Cresson
Montgomery Ed., miner, o Cresson
Montgomery U., laborer, b Cresson
Montgomery J. Jr., miner, b Cresson
Murray Barney, miner, r Cresson
Murray M. P., miner, b Cresson
Murray Thomas, laborer, b Cresson
Mort Leah, brakeman, b Cresson
Marcele Mark, laborer, o Cresson
Moore Charles, laborer, b Cresson
Melly Edward, engineer, Cresson
Mitchell G. S., yardmaster, r Cresson
Montgomery W. S., clerk, b Cresson
Mentch H. A., carpenter, r Cresson
Miller G. L., dentist, b Cresson
McKenna Paul, invalid, o Cresson
McColgan Catherine, o Summit
McCawley Emma, o Summit
McKeever Catherine, o Summit
McNally John, propr hotel, o Cresson
McCloskey D., signalman, o Cresson
McCann Patrick, laborer, o Cresson
McNally James, brewer, o Summit
McAteer W. W., druggist, o Cresson
McGarity Mary, o Cresson
McGourley John, miner, o Cresson
McDermott Mary J., o Cresson
McDermott Martha J., o Cresson
McDermott Edw., laborer, b Cresson
McCarthy W. Thos., miner, r Lilly
McCarthy Frank, miner, b Cresson
McDermott Barney, laborer, b Cresson
McKenna John, laborer, b Cresson
McGarity Chas., watchman, b Cresson
McDermott M., merchant, h Cresson
McDermott Alban, clerk, h Cresson
McDermott John, invalid, b Cresson
McDermott Vincent, farmer, b Cresson
Noon James, farmer, o Summit
Noon William, farmer, 0 summit
Nelson R. H., conductor, o Cresson
O'Donnell Hugh, laborer, o Cresson
O'Hara Frank, liveryman, o Cresson
O'Mally Patrick, miner, o Lilly
O'Donnell Matilda Mrs., o Cresson
O'Donnell Susan Mrs., o Cresson
O'Hara Silas, laborer, b Cresson
O'Donnell Jas., shoemaker, r Cresson
O'Brien Edward, merchant, o Cresson
O'Donnell Jos., watchman, b Cresson
Pritch Philip, farmer, o Lilly
Powers John, laborer, o Cresson
Powers Frank, retired, o Cresson
Parrish Catherine, o Cresson
Powell John K., gen mgr, o Cresson
Pfiester Wilhelmina, o Cresson
Pfiester Gotlieb, laborer, b Cresson
Parrish Ida M. Mrs., o Summit
Pfiester John, merchant, o Cresson
Pfiester Mary, o Cresson
Pfiester David, clerk, o Cresson

[ NOTE: Still Cresson ]
Parrish Mary A., o Summit
Parrish John F., clerk, b Cresson
Parrish John P., clerk, b Cresson
Parrish Arch, laborer, b Cresson
Parrish Wm., laborer, r Cresson
Parrish T. H., invalid, h Cresson
Parrish Jas. A., laborer, h Summit
Pratt John I., foreman, r Cresson
Quartz Michael, gauger, o Cresson
Quartz Harry, engineer, o Cresson
Quartz Valentine, fireman, b Cresson
Querin John, brewer, b Summit
Riffle John, farmer, o Summit
Ross Annie Mrs., o Summit
Rodgers Joseph, laborer, o Lilly
Risban Anthony, farmer, o Lilly
Risban Peter, farmer, o Lilly
Ryan Thomas, o Lilly
Reed H. S., engineer, r Cresson
Robb F. F., supt, r Cresson
Stehlev William, laborer, o Lilly
Slattery Michael, foreman, o Cresson
Sanker Vincent, farmer, o Cresson
Schwaderer Geo. J., farmer, o Summit
Smeeder Fred, carpenter, o Summit
Stewart Mary, o Summit
Shumate James, laborer, o Summit
Stewart John, farmer, o Summit

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

[ NOTE: Still Cresson ]
Sharbaugh John, undertaker, o Summit
Spade Robert, watchman, o Cresson
Storm Andrew, watchman, o Cresson
Slattery D. S., farmer, o Cresson
Singer John, foreman, o Cresson
Sutton Howard, laborer, o Cresson
Storm William, supt, o Cresson
Slattery Daniel Sr., laborer, o Cresson
Storm Joseph, carpenter, o Cresson
Schwaderer Fred, carpenter, o Cresson
Scott Chas. W., carpenter, b Summit
Settlemyer Geo., laborer, b Summit
Schwaderer Chas., laborer, b Summit
Storm Jas. P., laborer, b Cresson
Schwaderer Wm., laborer, b Summit
Slattery M. F., laborer, b Cresson
Slattery John A., laborer, b Cresson
Sanker Thomas, laborer, b Cresson
Stevens Lewis, laborer, o Cresson
Swanhart Henry, laborer, r Cresson
Stevens Andy, laborer, b Cresson
Seeds B. C., clerk, b Cresson
Stadelman J. H., supt, r Cresson
Sheehan David, laborer, b Cresson
Smith O. G., laborer, b Cresson
Sutton Bartley, laborer, b Cresson
Trexler J. Mrs., o Cresson
Topper Wm., laborer, o Cresson
Trexler Frank, barber, o Cresson
Trube George, minister, r Cresson
Thompson A. J., carpenter, o Cresson
Thomas H. H., laborer, b Cresson
Tubbs Blake, brakeman, b Cresson
Taylor Henry, trainmaster, r Cresson
Trexler John, laborer, h Cresson
Urban Robert, shoemaker, r Cresson
Warner Jacob, laborer, o Summit
Walks Mike, miner, o Cresson
Wentroth John G., foreman, r Cresson
Warner George, laborer, b Summit
Wilhelm D. K., carpenter, r Cresson
Walker Philip, laborer, b Cresson
Wharton James, brakeman, b Cresson
Weaver Nelson, fireman, b Cresson
Williamson Josh, laborer, r Cresson
Warner Criste, laborer, b Cresson
Yingling Catherine, o Lilly
Yeckley John, propr hotel, r Summit
Yingling Andrew, laborer, r Lilly

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