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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Alexander A., miner, r Mineral Point
Anderson J. F., supt. r Mineral Point
Anderson C., laborer, b Mineral Point
Beam Mary A., o Conemaugh
Beam John, laborer, b Conemaugh
Beam Lawrence, laborer, r Conemaugh
Beam David H., laborer, b Conemaugh
Bumgardner Geo., lab, o Mineral Point
Bowers Isaac E., miner, r Mineral Point
Bergoon Chas., laborer, r Mineral Point
Bergoon Henry, lab, b Mineral Point
Bowers George, laborer, b Conemaugh
Batt Carson, farmer, r Johnstown
Burter Calvin, laborer, b Johnstown
Clytes Samuel, miner, o Conemaugh
Clawsin Silas, laborer, b Mineral Point
Covalt B. F., farmer, r Johnstown
Davis Thos. J., farmer, o Johnstown
Emil Charles, laborer, o Johnstown
Engle Joseph, laborer, r Conemaugh
Enycart H. L., laborer, b Conemaugh
Fyock Daniel, farmer, o South Fork
Fleshauer Fred, farmer, o Johnstown
Freidhoff H. P., farmer, o Johnstown
Ford John, laborer, o Mineral Point
Ford Geo. W., laborer, b Mineral Point
Ford S. J., laborer, b Mineral Point
Fyock W. E., laborer, b South Fork
Fyock Jac. B., farmer, r Conemaugh
Fingerhott Philip, frmr, r Conemaugh
Freidhoff John H., lab, b Johnstown
Freidhoff Lewis, laborer, b Johnstown
Gossart Christ Sr., frmr, o Conemaugh
Gossart Christ Jr., lab, o Conemaugh
Grove Albert, laborer, b Mineral Point
Grove Asberry, laborer, b Mineral Point
Good Edward, miner, r Mineral Point
Griffith Chas., teachr, b Mineral Point
Goughnour Nathan, lab, r Conemaugh
Griffith W. G., farmer, r Conemaugh
Huber Catherine, o Conemaugh
Horner Richard I., grocer, o Johnstown
Huber David B., laborer, r Conemaugh
Harkins Patrick Mrs., o South Fork
Hildebrand Harriet, o Conemaugh
Hildebrand J. P., frmr, o Conemaugh
Helbig John, laborer, o Johnstown
Harkins Frank, laborer, b South Fork

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JOSEPH RUTH, Picture Framing, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Harkins S. D., laborer, b South Fork
Hildebrand G., laborer, b Conemaugh
Huber David, laborer, r Conemaugh
Huber Lewis, laborer, r Johnstown
Jones J. R., mechanic, r Mineral Point
Kohler Anthony, farmer, o Johnstown
Kaufman J. B., farmer, o Conemaugh
King Geo. W., miner, o Conemaugh
Kaseler Fred, laborer, b Conemaugh
Kist George, farmer, o Conemaugh
Kaufman Jas., laborer, h Conemaugh
Litzinger Jas., laborer, r Mineral Point
Maltzi Wm., farmer, o Conemaugh
Miller J. J., laborer, r Johnstown
Miller Samuel J., farmer, r Johnstown
Mintmyer Wm., farmer, o Johnstown
Mintmyer Henry G., lab, o Johnstown
Mintmyer Wm. J., lab, h Johnstown
Mintmyer Albert, laborer, h Johnstown
Mollescheck Chas., frmr, r Johnstown
Moose Samuel, farmer, o South Fork
Moyer G. W., engineer, o Conemaugh
McCawley M., foreman, r Mineral Point
McCleaster J. E., laborer, b Johnstown
McDermitt L., sawyer, o Mineral Point
McDermitt Henry, lab, h Mineral Point
Noon Charles, laborer, h Johnstown
Noon Daniel, farmer, o Johnstown
Noon E. J., farmer, o Johnstown
Noon Wm. H., fireman, o Conemaugh
Ottowine Wm., laborer, r Conemaugh
Page Wm. H., miner, o Mineral Point
Parks Thomas, laborer, o Conemaugh
Parks Geo. G., miner, o Conemaugh
Parks Wm. W., laborer, b Johnstown
Parks Isaac N., laborer, o Conemaugh
Paul Charles, laborer, o Johnstown
Paul Wm. H., farmer, o Johnstown
Paul Wm. G., laborer, h Johnstown
Paul John T., laborer, h Johnstown
Penatzer Wm., miner, o Mineral Point
Pichorel W. H., oprtr, b Mineral Point
Plummer S., miner, r Mineral Point
Plummer Isaac, miner, b Mineral Point
Ribblett F. G., farmer, o Mineral Point
Reighard D. B., miner, o Mineral Point
Ribblett S. L., farmer, o Mineral Point
Ribblett J. D., farmer, o Mineral Point
Reighard Eph., farmer, o Mineral Point
Rossbach Chas., farmer, o Johnstown
Rager Jac W., laborer, o Conemaugh
Rager Geo. R., laborer, o Conemaugh
Ribley Lewis, laborer, o Conemaugh
Rosbaugh A., carpenter, o Conemaugh
Reighard Jos., tmstr, o Mineral Point
Reighard F., laborer, b Mineral Point
Rose Ananias, lab, r Mineral Point
Rider Geo., laborer, r Johnstown
Reighard S., laborer, r Mineral Point
Ream Jac., watchman, r Conemaugh
Reichter August Mrs., o Conemaugh
Smith C. S., laborer, Conemaugh
Selnow Wm., farmer, o Conemaugh
Shaffer Chas., laborer, r Conemaugh
Swatman John, laborer, b Johnstown
Shaffer Geo F., laborer, b Johnstown
Stull U. D., laborer, b Johnstown
Shaffer David, farmer, o Conemaugh
Shaffer Jacob D., farmer, o Johnstown
Swartzman J. P., farmer, o Johnstown
Shaffer Lewis, farmer, o Johnstown
Shaffer Henry R., farmer, o Johnstown
Slick Fannie J., o Johnstown
Shaffer G. A., laborer, r Mineral Point
Steffy Daniel, blksmth, r Mineral Point
Senft Otto, laborer, b Johnstown
Senft Geo., laborer, b Johnstown
Thomas John E., laborer, o Johnstown
Thern Paul, laborer, o Johnstown
Wissinger Jere Mrs., o Conemaugh
Wissinger Henry, frmr, o Conemaugh
Wirth Conrad, farmer, o Mineral Point
Wilson J. O., farmer, o Mineral Point
Wilson D. B., frt agt, o Mineral Point
Wilson Jas. C., farmer, o Conemaugh
Wiesheier John, farmer, o Johnstown
Wilson Wm., grocer, o Mineral Point
Wissinger Jas., laborer, h Conemaugh
Wills Geo., laborer, b Mineral Point
Willett Albert, farmer, r Conemaugh
Wissinger Geo. A., lab, r Conemaugh
Wilson James, miner, b Johnstown

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