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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Abrams Henry, farmer, o Ebensburg
Anna Charles, farmer, o Patton
Arble Fred, farmer, o Carrolltown
Alles Nicholas, farmer, o Carrolltown
Alles John L., farmer, o Carrolltown
Acton John, miner, r Carrolltown
Andrews Edward, Laborer, r Patton
Alles Henry, laborer, b Carrolltown
Buck Albert M., laborer, r Carrolltown
Blackhard Wm., miner, r Carrolltown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

HANNAN'S, No. 218 Franklin Street, is the Finest Drug Store in Pennsylvania.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Bender Joseph, laborer, r Carrolltown
Bender A. A., laborer, r Carrolltown
Bertram P. A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Bender Henry, farmer, o Carrolltown
Bender Edward, farmer, o Carrolltown
Buck Henry J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Bender John A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Biller W., blacksmith, o Carrolltown
Baker Joseph B., farmer, o Carrolltown
Bradley S., farmer, o Carrolltown
Burgesson Augustine, miner, o Patton
Balette Florent, miner, o Patton
Baker Geo. M., farmer, o Carrolltown
Barley Thomas, laborer, o Patton
Boslet Albert, laborer, r Carrolltown
Bibby David, laborer, r Carrolltown
Belunsky John, laborer, r Carrolltown
Burley John W., laborer, r Carrolltown
Burley Jos. P., laborer, r Carrolltown
Burkhart P. A., carpenter, r Patton
Butterbaugh G., laborer, b Carrolltown
Brawley E. D., laborer, r Carrolltown
Butterbaugh D., laborer, b Carrolltown
Burns John F., laborer, r Carrolltown
Buck D. A., laborer, r Carrolltown
Buck Plinus, laborer, b Carrolltown
Bennett T. L., laborer, b Carrolltown
Bauman John I., laborer, r Carrolltown
Bertram S. P., laborer, b Carrolltown
Biller Pius, laborer, b Carrolltown
Carlheim J. S., farmer, o Carrolltown
Carlheim Michael, farmer, o Patton
Cibuliski Frank, miner, o Patton
Conrad A. P., tel oprtr, r Carrolltown
Cairns James, miner, b Carrolltown
Cairns M., foreman, b Carrolltown
Carrigan John B., miner, r Carrolltown
Clencey Patrick, miner, r Patton
Cabot August, miner, r Patton
Carlheim W., laborer, r Carrolltown
Conrad Aug., laborer, b Carrolltown
Doyle Edward Mrs., o Carrolltown
Dishart H. P., laborer, b Carrolltown
Douglass James, farmer, o Patton
Dick James, farmer, o Carrolltown
Dumm D. M., farmer, o Carrolltown
Dietrich John J., farmer, o Patton
Dunlap Charles, farmer, o Carrolltown
Dishart Michael, farmer, o Carrolltown
Dishart Vincent, farmer, o Carrolltown
Dietrich Francis, laborer, o Carrolltown
Dicowski Frank, miner, o Patton
Dawson Catherine, o Carrolltown
Dumm Margaret, o Patton
Doyle Edward J., miner, r Carrolltown
Diskey Joseph, miner, r Carrolltown
Doughtry Emil, miner, r Patton
Dumas John, miner, r Patton
Dumey Alfred, miner, r Patton
Dumm W. M., plasterer, r Patton
Dockar Jacob, miner, r Carrolltown
Doughlass J. A., laborer, b Patton
Dumm Valentine, laborer, r Patton
Dumm Daniel, retired, b Carrolltown
Dumm F. M., laborer, b Carrolltown
Elig John, farmer, o Carrolltown
Ely Peter, farmer, o Carrolltown
Earhart Peter, farmer, o Carrolltown
Elig Thomas, farmer, o Carrolltown
Elig Simon, farmer, o Carrolltown
Elig Francis, farmer, o Carrolltown
Eckenrode H. J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Elig Andrew, sawyer, o Carrolltown
Ely Frederick, laborer, r Carrolltown
Earhart Francis, laborer, r Carrolltown
Flick John, farmer, o Carrolltown
Feighner Chas., farmer, o Carrolltown
Feighner John, farmer, o Carrolltown
Farabaugh L., farmer, o Carrolltown
Finkenzeller J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Fox Henry, farmer, o Carrolltown
Farabaugh J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Farabaugh M., farmer, o Carrolltown
Farabaugh A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Fox Alex. C., laborer, o Patton
Fisher John, laborer, o Carrolltown
Farabaugh F. E., carpenter, o Patton
Faust Chas., tireman, b Carrolltown
Fuller D. C., sawyer, b Carrolltown
Fallactik John, miner, r Carrolltown
Firmin Leborey, miner, o Patton
Farabaugh A., laborer, b Carrolltown
Finkenzeller A., laborer, r Carrolltown
Finkenzeller J., laborer, r Carrolltown
Farabaugh P., laborer, r Carrolltown
Farabaugh E., laborer, b Carrolltown
Farabaugh J., laborer, r Carrolltown
Fisher Joseph, laborer, b Carrolltown
Farabaugh S., laborer, b Carrolltown
Gooderham H. M., laborer, b Patton
Grosberger J., laborer, r Carrolltown
Gutwald J. E., miner, b Carrolltown
Grimes Daniel, miner, r Carrolltown
Golarr John, miner, r Carrolltown
Gibson John, miner, o Patton
Gregory William, miner, r Patton
Gooderham W. T., farmer, o Patton
Gray Wm. A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Gregory Thomas, miner, o Patton
Gillespie James, miner, o Patton
Glancey Michael, miner, b Carrolltown
Gillespie Mark, laborer, b Carrolltown
Gray Ambrose, laborer, r Carrolltown
Glasser A. T., laborer, r Carrolltown
Gunn Robert, miner, r Carrolltown
Grafton James, miner, r Carrolltown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOSEPH RUTH, Sporting Goods, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Griffin P. L., laborer, r Carrolltown
Gayet Frank, miner, r Patton
Gutii, Lewid, miner, r Patton
Goeberd August, miner, o Patton
Hoover T. H., farmer, o Carrolltown
Hartzog Philip, farmer, o Carrolltown
Hogue John, farmer, o Carolltown
Hopfer John B., farmer, o Carrolltown
Houck Fred, farmer, o Carrolltown
Huber John H., farmer, o Carrolltown
Hecker F. J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Hughes W. R., farmer, o Ebensburg
Haug Andrew, o Carrolltown
Hoover Philip, farmer, o Carrolltown
Hautt A. Sr., farmer, o Carrolltown
Huber Jacob A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Hummel John, farmer, o Carrolltown
Herschell John, farmer, o Carrolltown
Huber Jacob M., farmer, o Carrolltown
Hite Raphael, farmer, o Carrolltown
Huber Jacob S., o Carrolltown
Harris Geo. W., miner, o Carrolltown
Harrigan Patrick, miner, o Carrolltown
Hughes D. L., laborer, b Ebensburg
Harvey G. A., laborer, r Corrolltown [sic]
Hugill Frederick, miner, r Carrolltown
Hoovan G., blacksmith, r Carrolltown
Hutchinson T., miner, r Carrolltown
Hauk F. W., laborer, r Carrolltown
Hoover F. I., laborer, r Carrolltown
Hoover J. F., laborer, b Carrolltown
Hoover E. J., laborer, b Carrolltown
Hott James P., laborer, b Carrolltown
Hott Aug. Jr., laborer, b Carrolltown
Hogue H. S., laborer, b Carrolltown
Hartzog Frank, laborer, r Carrolltown
Hopfer Jos. E., laborer, b Carrolltown
Hoover P. G., laborer, b Carrolltown
Illig Philip, laborer, b Ebensburg
Jackson Hugh, miner, r Carrolltown
James Thomas, miner, r Carrolltown
Jones Alfred, miner, r Carrolltown
Joseph Daniel, miner, r Patton
Krikpatrick H., farmer, o Carrolltown
Kean James, farmer, o Carrolltown
Kreitzer Paul, farmer, o Carrolltown
Kean Sarah, o Carrolltown
Kirkpatrick J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Kaylor Mary E., o Carrolltown
Kava Andrew, miner, o Patton
Kirkpatrick Jas., farmer, o Carrolltown
Kirkpatrick J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Kirkpatrick T., laborer, r Carrolltown
Kane John, laborer, b Carrolltown
Kirkpatrick T., laborer, b Carrolltown
Kopec John, miner, o Patton
Kraylis Luke, miner, r Carrolltown
Kelly Isaac, invalid, r Patton
Kline S. P., laborer, r Carrolltown
Kline D. J., laborer, r Carrolltown
Kline Henry E., laborer, b Carrolltown
Kunkle E. J., laborer, b Carrolltown
Luther D. A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Luther C., farmer, o Carrolltown
Link Henry, farmer, o Carrolltown
Link Andrew, farmer, o Carrolltown
Lantzy F. C., farmer, o Spangler
Link Simon, laborer, o Carrolltown
Luther F. O., laborer, o Carrolltown
Lundell John, o Patton
Laner Otto C., farmer, o Carrolltown
Luther Wm. A., laborer, r Carrolltown
Luther Celestine, lab, r Carrolltown
Luther Ben., laborer, r Carrolltown
Luther J. W., painter, b Carrolltown
Lewis John, miner, r Carrolltown
Leslie David, laborer, r Carrolltown
Landgraff C., laborer, r Carrolltown
Lansberry Harry, laborer, r Patton
Laney Joseph, miner, r Patton
Litzinger Bernard, laborer, r Patton
Litzinger Thomas J., o Patton
Link John, retired, b Carrolltown
Leitz John, laborer, b Carrolltown
Leitz Joseph, laborer, b Carrolltown
Leitz Raphael, laborer, b Carrolltown
Miller John C., laborer, r Carrolltown
Meisel C. W., carpenter, r Carrolltown
Miller James F., farmer, o Carrolltown
Miller Geo. H., farmer, o Carrolltown
Miller Andrew, farmer, o Carrolltown
Miller Joseph, farmer, o Carrolltown
Meisel Geo. E., farmer, o Carrolltown
Miller John W., farmer, o Carrolltown
Manning Mary, o Patton
Miller Philomena, o Carrolltown
Mohler Michael, laborer, r Nicktown
Malatin Martin, laborer, r Carrolltown
Miller Harry M., laborer, b Carrolltown
Miller John M., laborer, r Carrolltown
Martin William, laborer, r Patton
Manning William, invalid, r Patton
Miller William, laborer, b Carrolltown
Miller Edw. H., laborer, b Carrolltown
Miller Vincent, laborer, b Carrolltown
Miller August J., laborer, b Carrolltown
Murphy John, miner, r Carrolltown
McCarthy P., miner, r Carrolltown
McCombie W., farmer, o Carrolltown
McCombie C., carpntr, o Carrolltown
McNulty W. D., farmer, o Carrolltown
McCristal P., laborer, r Carrolltown
McCarthy T., miner, b Carrolltown
McDonald Jas., miner, r Carrolltown
McCombie C., miner, b Carrolltown
McNally L., miner, r Carrolltown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

PORCH BROS., Head quarters for Everything in the
Music Line.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

McCabe James A., miner, r Patton
McGonigal J. J., boss, r Carrolltown
McCombie R., invalid, b Carrolltown
Noel Peter, farmer, o Carrolltown
Noon Michael, farmer, o Loretto
Noel John B., farmer, o Carrolltown
Noon Dennis S., laborer, b Loretto
Noon James P., invalid, b Loretto
Noon Dominick, laborer, r Loretto
Noon Philip S., laborer, b Loretto
Noon Chrysostom, laborer, b Loretto
Nathure C., laborer, r Carrolltown
Noel Peter Sr., retired, r Carrolltown
Ott John Jr., farmer, o Carrolltown
Ovenberger John, farmer, o Patton
Ostrop Joseph, miner, r Carrolltown
O'Donnell J., foreman, r Carrolltown
Powell Wilson, farmer, o Carrolltown
Puscan Chas., miner, r Carrolltown
Price David L., miner, r Carrolltown
Pell John, miner, o Patton
Peters Edward, laborer, r Carrolltown
Planten G. H., foreman, r Carrolltown
Phalen Jas. P., laborer, b Carrolltown
Phalen Jno. C., laborer, b Carrolltown
Phalen W. J., laborer, b Carrolltown
Quinn John C., miner, r Carrolltown
Roland Wm. R., farmer, o Vetera
Ruche Nicholas, farmer, o Carrolltown
Rolka Joseph, o Patton
Rescosko Stony, o Patton
Reed E. P., merchant, o Carrolltown
Raffle Adam, miner, o Carrolltown
Reffner W. A., laborer, r Carrolltown
Ross Rory, miner, b Carrolltown
Rivedan John, laborer, r Carrolltown
Ramey Charles, miner, o Patton
Russell Eugene, miner, r Patton
Ritchey Chas., laborer, r Carrolltown
Rieg C. C., laborer, r Carrolltown
Reed John B., foreman, r Carrolltown
Strittmatter A., laborer, b Carrolltown
Stophel W. A., farmer, o Spangler
Switzler Thos., farmer, o Carrolltown
Seymore Philip, farmer, o Carrolltown
Strittmatter P., farmer, o Carrolltown
Strittmatter Aug., farmr, o Carrolltown
Strittmatter And., farmr, o Carrolltown
Senft Eli, miner, o Patton
Strittmatter Peter, farmer, o Patton
Springer Wm., farmer, o Carrolltown
Shettig Francis, farmer, o Carrolltown
Snyder George, farmer, o Carrolltown
Sharbaugh J. J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Switzler Wm., farmer, o Carrolltown
Simendinger S., farmer, o Carrolltown
Strassler Joseph, farmer, o Carrolltown
Strittmatter B., laborer, b Carrolltown
Skiba Frank, miner, o Patton
Shepenski Joseph, miner, o Patton
Strittmatter E., blksmh, o Carrolltown
Scoron John, miner, o Carrolltown
Strinco Joseph, miner, o Carrolltown
Sharbaugh Jas., farmer, o Carrolltown
Strittmatter P., retired, o Carrolltown
Sharbaugh Annie, o Carrolltown
Soulsby Mary A., o Carrolltown
Shero Jos. P., farmer, o Carrolltown
Stam Albert, miner, o Patton
Seymore Jas., laborer, b Carrolltown
Snyder Benj. J., laborer, b Carrolltown
Sloan William, miner, r Carrolltown
Shannon James, miner, r Carrolltown
Soulsby George, miner, r Carrolltown
Sally Joseph, miner, r Spangler
Shortencarrier W., lab, b Carrolltown
Switzler Joseph, laborer, r Carrolltown
Stevens Edward, laborer, b Patton
Simmons George, laborer, o Patton
Strittmatter Isidore, laborer, b Patton
Salva Paul, miner, ? Carrolltown
Shannon P. G., miner, r Carrolltown
Sharbaugh P., laborer, r Carrolltown
Simendinger J., laborer, b Carrolltown
Shettig W. J., laborer, b Carrolltown
Shettig G. S., laborer, b Carrolltown
Springer Edward, lab, b Carrolltown
Strassler Christ, retired, r Carrolltown
Strittmatter C., laborer, r Carrolltown
Shannon P. Mrs., o Carrolltown
Thomas James J., farmer, o Patton
Trinkley A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Trinkley Joseph, farmer, o Carrolltown
Thomas John D., laborer, r Ebensburg
Trexler E. F., miner, r Carrolltown
Toohey J. F., miner, r Carrolltown
Trinkley J. A., laborer, o Patton
Thomas J. F., laborer, b Patton
Thomas Samuel O., laborer, b Patton
Thomas Frank, laborer, b Carrolltown
Thomas Geo. J., miner, b Carrolltown
Trinkley John, laborer, b Carrolltown
Volk Henry, miner, r Carrolltown
Wynn Wm. T., miner, r Carrolltown
Weaver Joseph, laborer, r Carrolltown
Weakland Jos. H., lab, r Carrolltown
Wentz Emanuel, lab, o Carrolltown
Wentz Mary, o Carrolltown
White Andrew, farmer, o Carrolltown
Weakland M., farmer, o Carrolltown
Wasser Wm., farmer, o Carrolltown
Weakland Anselm, farmer, o Patton
Weakland I. J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Weakland A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Wolf Casper, farmer, o Carrolltown
Weakland M., propr htl, o Carrolltown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

ROSS' for Best Goods and Lowest Prices.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Weakland J. J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Weimer Peter, farmer, o Carrolltown
White Peter J., farmer, o Carrolltown
Wilkerson John, miner, o Patton
Weakland Harry, lab, r Carrolltown
Welsh J. W., laborer, r Carrolltown
Whoutmouth J., miner, r Carrolltown
White G., weighmaster, b Carrolltown
White E. P., laborer, b Carrolltown
Weimer Jacob F., laborer, r Spangler
Warrick Thomas, miner, r Spangler
Weaver J. N., laborer, b Carrolltown
Weimer L., laborer, b Carrolltown
Weakland D., laborer, r Carrolltown
Weakland B. E., miner, b Carrolltown
Welsh Andy, miner, b Patton
Watt A. J., laborer, r Carrolltown
Wirtner James, miner, r Carrolltown
Will John G., miner, r Carrolltown
Weaver Michael, laborer, r Carrolltown
Wilt Frank, laborer, b Carrolltown
Yeagling Chas., farmer, o Carrolltown
Yost Aug. Sr., farmer, o Carrolltown
Yost Margaret A., o Carrolltown
Zorn Agnes, o Carrolltown
Zorn Christina, o Carrolltown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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