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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOHN ROSS, First-Class Tailor, 118 Clinton St.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Anstead Philip, farmer, o Nicktown
Anstead Mary, o Nicktown
Adams Simon, farmer, o Belsano
Anderson A. T., miner, r Glen Glade
Airhart Augustine, lab, b Glen Glade
Bush Leander, farmer, o Belsano
Blickendorfer John, farmer, o Belsano
Bracken John W., laborer, o Belsano
Boring George, farmer, o Ivison
Bennett A. A., farmer, o Ivison
Bennett James, farmer, o Ivison
Bennett Jacob, laborer, o Vintondale
Blacklick L. & I. Co., o Vintondale
Black D. P., laborer, r Pindleton
Boring D. F., laborer, r Pindleton
Bracken Davis, laborer, r Belsano

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

Hannan's High Grade Cigars.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Bartlett Geo., carpenter, b Glen Glade
Blickendorfer H. J., laborer, b Belsano
Blickendorfer J. E., miner, b Belsano
Bruce J. J., fireman, b Glen Glade
Cameron Eliza, o Belsano
Crawford Abraham, farmr, o Pindleton
Crawford W. L., farmer, o Pindleton
Cunselman Mary, o Nicktown
Crawford J. T., sawyer, r Pindleton
Chaplain Charles, laborer, r Pindleton
Crawford W. A., laborer, b Belsano
Clevenger John, laborer, b Belsano
Cameron Charles, laborer, b Belsano
Crawford H. A., sawyer, b Belsano
Duman Henry, farmer, r Nicktown
Davis David L., sawyer, r Pindleton
Duman George, farmer, o Nicktown
Duman John, farmer, o Nicktown
Davis Thomas E., farmer, o Pindleton
Duman Andrew, farmer, o Nicktown
Davis John, farmer, o Glen Glade
Davis Emery, farmer, o Belsano
Duncan C. F., miller, r Belsano
Duncan B. F., laborer, r Belsano
Davis T. H., laborer, b Glen Glade
Davis J. G., miner, b Glen Glade
Davis Nontell, laborer, b Glen Glade
Edwards Elias, farmer, o Ebensburg
Edwards John L., farmer, o Belsano
Empfield Thomas, carpenter, o Belsano
Edwards T. L., farmer, o Vetera
Empfield Margaret, o Belsano
Edwards Walter, farmer, r Belsano
Empfield G. W., retired, r Belsano
Empfield Mary, o Belsano
Edwards Eliza J., o Belsano
Elliott John E., laborer, b Belsano
Empfield George, carpenter, b Belsano
Edwards Martin, teacher, b Vetera
Farabaugh Charles, farmer, o Ivison
Farabaugh Chas. G., farmer, o Ivison
Fulcomer Henry A., farmer, o Belsano
Ferguson Robert, farmer, o Ebensburg
Fronk Michael, farmer, o Nicktown
Farabaugh J. L., farmer, b Ivison
Ferguson, farmer, b Pindleton
Fair R. H., carpenter, b Pindleton
Frank Fred, laborer, b Pindleton
George Samuel, farmer, o Belsano
George Wm. R., farmer, o Belsano
Green T. M., fireman, b Belsano
Giles James, farmer, r Ivison
Gittings Wm., carpenter, b Glen Glade
Good Aaron, miner, r Glen Glade
Huffman Jos. V., laborer, b Nicktown
Hite John B., merchant, o Belsano
Hines John A., farmer, o Nicktown
Hill Ritner, sawyer, o Glen Glade
Hartman C. E., farmer, o Pindleton
Huffman Elizabeth, o Nicktown
Hite W. L., laborer, r Belsano
Huffman P. G., farmer, b Nicktown
Hite Samantha, o Belsano
Hite Joseph, laborer, b Belsano
Jones Philip H., farmer, o Pindleton
Jones Mary, o Pindleton
Joiner W. E., laborer, b Pindleton
Kelly John, laborer, b Belsano
Kemery Doss, miner, b Belsano
Kirsh John P., farmer, o Nicktown
Knauer W. A., carpenter, r Belsano
Kelly Patrick, farmer, r Nicktown
Kelly Samuel M., laborer, b Nicktown
Longanecker A. H., farmer, o Ivison
Long Samuel, carpenter, b Glen Glade
Lydick W. M., miner, b Glen Glade
Makin Charles, teamster, b Belsano
Miller J. W., miner, b Belsano
Moore J. M., laborer, b Belsano
Makin Susan, o Belsano
Mardis Joseph S., farmer, o Belsano
Mahan Isaac, farmer, o Pindleton
Michaels Isaac, merchant, o Belsano
Miller Henry, farmer, o Ivison
Miller William, farmer, o Belsano
Miller John D., farmer, o Belsano
Miller Steward, farmer, o Belsano
Morris R. H., farmer, o Ivison
Michaels G. A., sawyer, o Belsano
Marsh Nancy A., o Ivison
Miller John H., miner, o Belsano
Marsh W. H., farmer, o Ivison
Marsh U. G. B., farmer, o Ivison
Marsh James, farmer, o Ivison
Marsh B. F., laborer, b Ivison
Marks W. B., laborer, b Ivison
Mardis G. C., farmer, r Belsano
Miller T. H., farmer, r Ivison
Morris H. J., farmer, r Ivison
Morris T. E., butcher, o Vintondale
McCreary John, miner, b Vintondale
McCreary S. J., miner, b Vintondale
McCreary W. A., miner, b Vintondale
McDonnell D. J., sawyer, b Belsano
McCallister Amos, farmer, r Ebensburg
McLaughlin P., weighmtr, r Vintondale
McHugh H. C., miner, b Twin Rocks
McHugh M. E., miner, b Twin Rocks
McCormick Sarah, o Belsano
McFadden H., clerk, b Twin Rocks
McHugh A. J., supt, r Twin Rocks
Nissell John, farmer, o Nicktown
Nissell W. J., carpenter, b Nicktown
Nipps John, farmer, o Belsano
Overman Peter, farmer, o Belsano
Paul Solomon, o Belsano

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOSEPH RUTH, Window Shades, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Patrick W. C., farmer, r Belsano
Pricer Joseph, farmer, r Nicktown
Price Thomas, miner, b Vintondale
Pasick L. B., minister, b Belsano
Reffner W. H., carpenter, b Glen Glade
Ray W. J., laborer, b Glen Glade
Rowland A. H., laborer, b Belsano
Rareigh Harry, laborer, b Belsano
Rowland David E., retired, o Belsano
Rowland A. W., farmer, o Pindleton
Rowland Jas. E., farmer, o Pindleton
Rowland Ellsworth, farmer, o Pindleton
Reese Howard M., farmer, o Pindleton
Reese Thomas M., farmer, o Pindleton
Reese Judson S., farmer, o Pindleton
Rowland Elias, farmer, o Pindleton
Reese Eliza L., o Vintondale
Reese Thos. V., farmer, o Pindleton
Rager Henry D., farmer, o Belsano
Rager R. D., laborer, o Glen Glade
Roberts Evan, farmer, r Glen Glade
Rager W. M., miner, r Belsano
Ray F. B., blacksmith, r Vintondale
Rummell J. M., laborer, b Vintondale
Rowland A. H., farmer, r Pindleton
Reed J. H., miller, r Belsano
Rodkey J. H., sawyer, b Belsano
Springer Joseph, farmer, o Nicktown
Simmons Eliza, o Belsano
Stevens Wesley, carpenter, o Pindleton
Stiles Michael, farmer, o Pindleton
Stevens Nelson, farmer, o Belsano
Stiles Scott, farmer, o Ivison
Strasbaugh F. E., farmer, o Belsano
Speicher F. C., farmer, o Pindleton
Selders F. W., merchant, o Belsano
Stewart J. C., farmer, o Pindleton
Strasbaugh Peter, farmer, o Belsano
Strasbaugh Mary, o Belsano
Shaffer B. W., contractor, o Vindondale
Smith Elizabeth, o Nicktown
Stevens Harrison, farmer, r Belsano
Stevens W. S., sawyer, o Belsano
Strasbaugh W. G., miner, r Belsano
Strasbaugh Chas., laborer, b Belsano
Smith H. L., farmer, r Belsano
Stiles Thomas, laborer, b Ivison
Selders T. J., carpenter, b Belsano
Stevens Sylvester, laborer, b Belsano
Stevens Thomas, laborer, b Belsano
Strasbaugh C., blacksmith, b Belsano
Strasbaugh John, miner, b Belsano
Teeter Isaac J., laborer, b Glen Glade
Teeter J. A., laborer, b Glen Glade
Teeter W. M., laborer, b Glen Glade
Teeter H. M., laborer, b Glen Glade
Wike Geo. B., retired, o Belsano
Wagner Alice, o Belsano
Wagner John L., farmer, o Belsano
Wissinger Isaac N., farmer, o Pindleton
Wolfe Theresa, o Nicktown
Wagner H. E., merchant, o Pindleton
Wills Charles, miner, o Pindleton
Wagner Peter, farmer, r Belsano
Wagner B. F., farmer, r Belsano
Wentley Rudolph, miner, b Belsano
Wensel W. C., laborer, r Belsano
Wike D. C., farmer, r Belsano
Wilson W. G., farmer, r Belsano
Wolfe John, farmer, r Nicktown
Warfel D. J., miner, b Vintondale
Wells Charles E., miner, b Vintondale
White C. G., laborer, b Glen Glade
Wagner S. M., laborer, b Belsano
Walter D. W., miner, b Belsano

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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