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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Hannan's for Soda.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Adams George, miner, o
Adams William, b
Alenbaugh Samuel, painter, b
Almosi Josi, miner, o
Anderson A. P., propr hotel, r
Anderson William, bartender, b
Askey John, miner, o
Barnes James, merchant, r
Barnes T. H., b
Bender Philip, merchant, o
Berquest James, miner, b
Binder E. M., o Spangler
Blair James, clerk, o
Bollinger G. V., watchmaker, r
Bond James, miner, b
Bougher Susan, o
Boothman James, miner, r
Bowen Roger, foreman, r
Bowers James, miner, r
Brown Robert, miner, o
Byran John, foreman, r
Byran Henry, miner, b
Byran Joseph, miner, b
Butterbaugh Andrew, clerk, b
Butterbaugh Hannah, o
Bougher D. J., butcher, o
Baum Gideon, laborer, o
Brickey J. E., carpenter, o
Bolvin Isaac, carpenter, o
Brown J. P., miner, o
Bowen Belle, o
Brown Thomas, propr hotel
Brown Alice Mrs., o
Barnesboro Planing Mill Co, o
Clarkson James, miner, b
Cassidy Michael, miner, r
Cohen Morris, merchant, r
Christoff Joseph, miner, o

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

Joseph Ruth, News and Periodicals, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

BARNESBORO -- (Continued)
Conner Henry C., butcher, o
Conner J. C., street commissioner, o
Colonash Emery, miner o
Conrath Charles, painter, r
Conner H. C., butcher, o
Commons Hart, merchant, r
CUSHING A. B., propr hotel, o
Cypher Samuel D., butcher, o
Dalgas Andy, laborer, r
Dawson J. L., minister, r
Dawson Robert, miner, o
Dawson George, miner, r
Dibble G. H., merchant, o
Donahey W. A., merchant, o
Donahey R. M., teacher b
Duke John H., grocer, o
Duke Arthur, miner, b
Duke James, miner, b
Duke Harry, miner, b
Dukil Paul, miner, o
Edmiston Elizabeth, o
Edmiston Wm. Jr., miner, o
Edmiston Wm. Sr., miner, b
Entwistle Wm., miner, o
Fabigan Joseph, miner, o
Faveriso Joseph, stonemason, o
Fridman Max, merchant, r
Gallagher S. L., butcher, r
Gibbons Thomas, miner, o
Girard Robert, carpenter, o
Gray Samuel, miner, b
Gray Benjamin, laborer, b
Goss John, miner, r
Goss W. H., laborer, r
Goldstein David, merchant, r
Grenaway Samuel, miner, r
Grenaway Edward, miner, b
Greenwood Harry, miner, b
Grumling Amos A., carpenter, o
Grumling W. F., blacksmith, o
Hall Robert, miner, r
Hanson O. C., miner, o
Hanson John, stonemason, o
Hanson Lewis, miner, r
Harrison Larry, laborer, r
Hessong John, miner, o
Hickman E. K., laborer, o
Hickman Jack, invalid, b
Hindle John, propr hotel, o
Holewa John, miner, o
Holman Milton, teamster, r
Holmes John, miner, r
Hopple Albert J., liveryman, r
Hornock Joseph, miner, o
Huber Edward, postmaster, o
Hunter G. L., carpenter, o
Jepson Ole, miner, o
Johnston C. C., contractor, r
Jones Thomes E., drayman, o
Keirn Jeremiah, laborer, o
Kett Robert, miner, b
Kett Walter, miner, b
Killins J. S., laborer, r
Kopcak Stephen, miner, o
Krouse Geo. W., miner, o
Krouse Carrie, o
Kulrkosski Felix, laborer, o
Kulrkosski Peter, laborer, o
Lang Charles, clerk,
Learn F. H., painter, o
Long Henrietta, o
Luther Paul, o
Luther John, laborer, r
Malkin Thomas, miner, b
Malkin Samuel, miner, r
Marsden A., miner, o
Martinkes John, butcher, o
Mason John, bricklayer, o
Miller J. S., physician o
Miller Enoch, laborer, r
Morrisey Patrick, miner, r
Morris Mary, o
Mosey William, miner, r
Mossyweoker Robert, miner, o
McAnulty D. S., farmer, o
McAnulty Daniel, foreman, o
McAnulty Henry, laborer, o
McAnulty Wm., teamster, o
McAnulty Frank, laborer, o
McAnulty Bert, teamster, o
McHolas Tute, miner, b
Older Mike, miner, r
Parker Paul, laborer, r
Patrick James, laborer, o
Piscula John, laborer, o
Plouse James M., laborer, o
Porter Andrew, laborer, o
Prosser E. R., o
Prosser Thomas, clerk, b
Rerko George, laborer, o
Reynolds Annie Mrs., o
Ritter J. D., carpenter, o
Robertson Mary E., o
Schell H. A., barber, r
Scolons James, miner, r
Sedlock George, o
Sergent James, miner, r
Simpson Milton, miner, r
Smith J. B., harnessmaker, r
Smith Charles, miner, b
Sleigh John, miner, o
Sleigh Samuel, miner, o
Starrett Harry, carpenter, o
Stockley Joseph, miner, r
Spiece George W., merchant, o
Sunderlain Rebecca, o

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

in the city, and prices the lowest.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

BARNESBORO -- (Concluded)
Taylor Robert, miner, o
Taylor Albert, miner, b
Tesler Michael, miner, o
Taylor Harry, miner, o
Tugyoo James, miner, o
Walker Wm., miner, r
Watkin Morgan, miner, o
Weakland Marcellus C., o
Welsh Peter, miner, b
Williams William, barber, o
Williams Wm. M., miner, r
Whalley James, miner, r
Wheeler James A., butcher, o
Whited Edward, carpenter, o
Wood C. J., clerk, b
Woodhead Charles, miner, o

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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