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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Hannan's for Soda.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Beisinger, Gracie, o
Boggs Harvey, miner, r
Burgoon F. S., merchant, o
Burkhart Levi, hotel keeper, o
Cane Aaron, laborer, b
Cassidy J. L., butcher, o
Cawley Dennis, merchant, o
Cawley John, clerk, r
Cole Henry, foreman, o
Cole Wes, o
Cole William, sawyer, r
Cole Joseph, laborer, o
Cole Michael, laborer, b
Conrad, Lincoln, laborer, o
Confer Martha, o
Conrad Joseph, sawyer, r
Cox Geo. W., silversmith, r
Daugherty John, blacksmith, o
Delaney Luke, laborer, r
Delozier A. B., carpenter, o
Donahoe Bridget, o
Donough Patrick, carpenter, r
Doyle Edward, laborer, o
Doyle J. H., laborer, h
Eckenrode John, laborer, o
Eckenrode Edward, laborer, o
Elder Luke, laborer, o
Ellwanger Paul, undertaker, o
Ellwanger George, painter, o
Gauntner Albert, liveryman, r
Hanlin James, laborer, o
Hanlin Cornelius, retired, b
Haupt Samuel, laborer, o
Hollen Wm. C., laborer, o
Horen Thomas, laborer, b
Litzinger Leonard, barber, o
Litzinger M. E. Mrs., o
Litzinger Joseph, miner, r
Lingenfelter W. H., tel operator, r
Lynch J. Mrs., o
Maloney J. J., laborer, o
Maloney James, tinner, o
Maloney E. A. Mrs, o
Mansfield William, laborer, o
Morris Margaret, o
Myers D. G. Mrs., o
Myers D. G., hotel keeper, o
Myers & Cassidy, butchers, o
Murphy Joseph, miner, r
Myers Bernard, butcher, o
McCarty John, sawyer, o
McCawley Thomas, o
McConnell John, laborer, o
McEurne Thomas, minister, o
McGuire James, laborer, r
Parrish James P., laborer, o
Rhody Maggie G., o
Rhody Jas. J., agent, o
Rhody James Jr., laborer, o
Risban John, miner, o
Storm J. A. Mrs., o
Skelly Susan Mrs., o
Stephens Lewis, laborer, o
Wills John, laborer, o
Wills Bridget Mrs., merchant, o
Wills Jerome, laborer, r
Wills M. D., laborer, h
Yost Augustine, laborer, r
Yost William, laborer, h
Yost Demetrius, laborer, h

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