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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOSEPH RUTH, Stationery, opp. Post-office.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Adams Joseph, Farmer, o Loretto
Adams George, laborer, r Loretto
Adams Charles, laborer, b Loretto
Anderson B. P., farmer, o Wildwood
Aunsman Val., farmer, o Wildwood
Aunsman A. M., farmer, o Wildwood
Bannan John, farmer, o Loretto
Biller Joseph Jr., farmer, o Loretto
Bishop Thomas, farmer, o Loretto
Boley Peter, farmer, o Loretto
Behe Henry, farmer, o Loretto
Buck Wm. J., merchant, o Loretto
Becker Henry, farmer, o Loretto
Baker Catherine, o Loretto
Basil Andrew, farmer, o Ashville
Bradley Edward, farmer, o Loretto
Boley Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Barnett John C., farmer, o Loretto
Biter James, o Loretto
Boze John, farmer, o Chest Springs
Bradley Catherine, o Loretto
Biller George, farmer, o Loretto
Bannan Mary E., o Loretto
Baker Wm., farmer, o Loretto
Bradley Michael J., farmer, o Loretto
Brisinger Richard, farmer, o Ashville
Baver Wm. A., laborer, o Carrolltown
Basil Andrew, laborer, h Ashville
Boley J. L., laborer, h Loretto
Burget M. H., agent, r Loretto
Bishop Val. S., laborer, h Loretto
Bishop Valentine, farmer, r Loretto
Bannan John, laborer, h Loretto
Bannan Joseph, laborer, h Loretto
Buck Alban, laborer, b Loretto
Byrne Emmett, farmer, o Loretto
Becher Linus, laborer, r Loretto
Buck A. J., clerk, b Loretto
Buck A. M., carpenter, h Loretto
Buck Charles, laborer, h Loretto
Buck Albert, laborer, h Loretto
Brysinger Joseph, laborer, h Loretto
Brysinger Bernard, laborer, h Loretto
Baker Wm. V., laborer, b Loretto

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

PORCH BROS. Pianos and Organs Wholesale and Retail.
Send for catalogue and prices.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Bertram John, laborer, r Loretto
Bradley Dennis, laborer, h Loretto
Bradley Andrew, laborer, h Loretto
Boes William, laborer, h Loretto
Boes Edward, laborer, h Loretto
Bradley A. J., laborer, h Loretto
Bradley J. A., laborer, h Loretto
Bradley Hugh, laborer, h Loretto
Beiter Henry, laborer, o Loretto
Brother Lawrence, laborer, o Loretto
Brother Alphonsus, laborer, o Loretto
Brother Ambrose, laborer, o Loretto
Brother Philip, laborer, o Loretto
Brother Ignatius, laborer, o Loretto
Brother Joseph, laborer, o Loretto
Brother Felix, laborer, o Loretto
Brother Charles, laborer, o Loretto
Bogan Michael, laborer, o Loretto
Cooper Henry L., farmer, o Loretto
Cooper James, farmer, o Loretto
Cooper Henry, farmer, o Loretto
Coons Joseph A., farmer, o Wildwood
Coons T. A., carpenter, o Wildwood
Conrad Simon, farmer, o Loretto
Conrad A. J. Mrs., o Loretto
Conrad Andrew J., farmer, o Loretto
Callan Thomas, farmer, o Cresson
Carney D. J., laborer, b Loretto
Carle William, laborer, o Ashville
Cox Hayden, laborer, r Ashville
Charles N., laborer, r Chest Springs
Conrad Ambrose, laborer, b Loretto
Cramer Pins, farmer, o Loretto
Crossman Charist, laborer, r Loretto
Denny Richard, farmer, o Loretto
Dougherty John, farmer, o Loretto
Dodson William, farmer, o Loretto
Donahoe Silas, farmer, o Loretto
Douglass W., retired, o Chest Springs
Driscoll James, farmer, o Loretto
Driscoll Hugh, farmer, o Loretto
Dougherty Hugh C., farmer, o Loretto
Dougherty Dennis, laborer, b Loretto
Dodson Edward, laborer, r Loretto
Dailey James W., laborer, b Loretto
Davis Walker, sawyer, r Loretto
Driscoll George, laborer, r Loretto
Donahoe Mark, laborer, r Loretto
Dougherty John, laborer, r Loretto
Eberly George, laborer, o Loretto
Eberly Edward J., laborer, b Loretto
Ebig F., foreman, b Loretto
Eckenrode Sylvester, farmer, o Loretto
Eckenrode Charles, farmer, o Loretto
Eckenrode J. W., farmer, o Loretto
Eckenrode John, farmer, o Loretto
Eckenrode Michael, farmer, o Loretto
Eckenrode Albinus, laborer, r Loretto
Eckenrode Bert, laborer, Loretto
Elig Joseph, farmer, O Ebensburg
Farabaugh Ed., farmer, o Carrolltown
Farabaugh, A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Flick Jerome, farmer, o Loretto
Flick Peter Sr., farmer, o Loretto
Flick George, farmer, o Loretto
Flick Martin, farmer, o Loretto
Flick Philip, farmer, o Loretto
Fry Edward, farmer, o Loretto
Gallagher William, farmer, o Loretto
Gallagher John, farmer, r Loretto
Gallagher Fredinand, laborer, r Loretto
Godlansky Carl, farmer, o Loretto
Gray Philip A., farmer, o Carrolltown
Grimes John, laborer, b Chest Springs
Haid George, farmer, o Loretto
Hall Peter, farmer, o Loretto
Hammond Adam, farmer, o Loretto
Hammond Ann Mrs., o Loretto
Hertzog John, farmer, o Loretto
Himmelwright H., mercht, o Wildwood
Hoffman Michael, farmer, o Loretto
Hoffman Andrew, laborer, b Loretto
Hoffman M. Mrs., o Loretto
Hogan Thomas, farmer, o Loretto
Hogue Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Hogue William, laborer, b Loretto
Haid Wm. J., laborer, r Loretto
Hall James, laborer, b Loretto
Hall Patrick, laborer, b Loretto
Hammond George, farmer, o Loretto
Hartline James, laborer, r Wildwood
Hetzog James, laborer, b Loretto
Itell F. H., farmer, o Loretto
Itel Frank, farmer, r Loretto
Itel Charles, laborer, b Loretto
Ivory Henry, farmer, o Loretto
Ivory Jerry, farmer, o Loretto
Ivory George, laborer, b Loretto
Ivory Edward, laborer, b Loretto
Kaylor Zack, farmer, o Loretto
Kaylor John, laborer, b Loretto
Kaylor Lewis, farmer, o Loretto
Kittell Ferdinand, minister, r Loretto
Koonsman Lawrence, farmer, o Loretto
Koonsman James, laborer, b Loretto
Krilley Patrick, farmer, o Loretto
Krilley James, farmer, b Loretto
Krilley Thomas, laborer, b Loretto
Krilley John, laborer, b Loretto
Krilley Edward, laborer, b Loretto
Lentz George, farmer, o Loretto
Lentz Albertus, farmer, o Loretto
Little F. L., farmer, o Loretto
Litzinger Wm. E., laborer, o Loretto
Little John, laborer, b Loretto
Little William, laborer, b Loretto

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

ROSS' for Best Goods and Lowest Prices.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Maloy Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Maloy Peter, farmer, o Loretto
Maloy Patrick, retired, b Loretto
Maloney Ambrose, laborer, r Loretto
Mansfield J., farmer, o Chest Springs
Melhorn Peter, farmer, o Loretto
Melhorn Jonathan, farmer, o Loretto
Melhorn Henry, laborer, b Loretto
Melhorn William, laborer, b Loretto
Melhorn Charles, laborer, b Loretto
Maloy Vincent, farmer, o Loretto
Moran Peter, farmer, o Loretto
Moran Wm., farmer, o Chest Springs
Moran Francis, lab, b Chest Springs
Mullen Chas., laborer, r Chest Springs
McConnell D. W., farmer, o Ashville
McConnell E., farmer, o Ashville
McCoy John S., farmer, o Ashville
McCoy Charles, laborer, b Ashville
McCullough Michael, laborer, b Loretto
McCullough Thomas, farmer, r Loretto
McDermott Frank, farmer, r Loretto
McGough Demetrius, farmer, o Loretto
McGough Frank, laborer, b Loretto
McGuire Geo. L., farmer, o Loretto
McGuire Hayden, laborer, r Loretto
McGuire Michael, laborer, b Loretto
McGuire Harry, laborer, b Loretto
McMullen Joseph A., farmer, o Loretto
McMullen H. R. Mrs., o Loretto
McMullen H. R., laborer, h Loretto
O'Brien James, laborer, o Loretto
O'Neil Joseph, laborer, r Loretto
O'Shea F. J., minister, b Loretto
Parrish Alex., laborer, r Chest Springs
Parrish Thos. L., farmer, o Loretto
Parrish Joseph, laborer, b Loretto
Parrish Gibbs, laborer, b Loretto
Pruner W. H., painter, o Loretto
Rabus John, farmer, o Gallitzin
Reigle Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Reigle Urbanus, farmer, o Loretto
Rhoa Albert, farmer, o Loretto
Rudolph Adam, farmer, o Loretto
Rudolph Michael, laborer, b Loretto
Rudolph William, laborer, b Loretto
Sheeham Timothy, farmer, o Loretto
Sanker Anthony, farmer, o Loretto
Shank Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Storm F. A., farmer, o Loretto
Stevens Michael, farmer, o Loretto
Sherry Jacob, farmer, o Loretto
Shank Ellen E., o Loretto
Sill Anthony J., farmer, o Loretto
Sherry John, farmer, o Loretto
Shank Matthias, farmer, o Loretto
Sanker Ambrose, farmer, o Loretto
Stevens Jacob, laborer, o Loretto
Seymore G., farmer, o Chest Springs
Stock George, farmer, o Chest Springs
Shank Henry, farmer, o Loretto
Schnable J. A., shoemaker, o Loretto
Sharp John W., farmer, o Loretto
Seymore Susan Mrs., o Loretto
Steberger Jacob, farmer, o Loretto
Sanker William, farmer, o Loretto
Scanlon Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Smith Emery L., laborer, o Loretto
Story Andrew, farmer, o Ashville
Story William, farmer, o Ashville
Seymore Sylvester, laborer, r Loretto
Sharp Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Stoltz Jacob P., farmer, o Loretto
Sanker Luke T., farmer, o Loretto
Stevens Henry C., farmer, o Loretto
Sherry Edward, laborer, h Loretto
Sherry Frank, laborer, h Loretto
Shank John, laborer, r Loretto
Strawmire Matthias, laborer, r Loretto
Shank Hugh, laborer, h Loretto
Seymore Isadore, farmer, r Loretto
Stevens Edward, laborer, b Loretto
Seymore Martin, laborer, r Loretto
Stevens Clement, laborer, h Loretto
Stevens John, laborer, h Loretto
Schnable Joseph, shoemaker, r Loretto
Seymore Thomas, laborer, h Loretto
Seymore William, laborer, h Loretto
Smidt Lewis, laborer, r Loretto
Sanker Emanuel, laborer, h Loretto
Storm Gilbert, farmer, r Loretto
Sanker John, retired, r Loretto
Sheehan Edward, laborer, o Loretto
Tomlinson John E., farmer, o Loretto
Tomlinson Charles, farmer, o Loretto
Thomas M. P., farmer, o Loretto
Tomlinson Simon, laborer, h Loretto
Vought Simon, farmer, o Loretto
Watt Chas., laborer, h Chest Springs
Watt Frank, laborer, r Chest Springs
Watt Atlese, laborer, h Chest Springs
Watt George, laborer, h Chest Springs
Watt Charlotte, o Chest Springs
Wills T. Jr., farmer, o Chest Springs
Wills Mary E., o Chest Springs
Wills Samuel, laborer, h Chest Springs
Wills Edw., laborer, h Chest Springs
Wills Clifton, laborer, r Chest Springs
Wills Joseph, laborer, r Chest Springs
Wills Charles, laborer, r Chest Springs
Wills Ann, o Chest Springs

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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