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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOSEPH RUTH, Picture Framing, opp. Post-office.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

. . Cambria County . .

Including all districts outside of Johnstown and her suburbs.

    The name given at the end of each line is the post-office address and does not necessarily indicate that the party resides in the place mentioned. The letters o, r, b, and h designate whether the person owns or rents the premises, or boards or makes his home with others.
    To avoid duplication and possible confusion, the names of persons appearing in townships adjoining Johnstown (pages 262 to 316, inclusive) have been eliminated from this list, contrary to the statement on the title page.

Allenbaugh John, miner, b Dunlo
Allenbaugh W. H., miner, r Dunlo
Anderson John, miner, r Dunlo
Allison M. F., miner, b Dunlo
Allison Philip, miner, b Dunlo
Allenbaugh Albert, miner, b Dunlo
Allen Jacob, laborer, b Dunlo
Boyer W. Y., farmer, o South Fork
Bloom Leonard, farmer, o Elton
Bomgardner Daniel, farmer, o Elton
Belly Valentine, farmer, o Salix
Berkey Jacob D., farmer, o Elton
Bender Philip, laborer, o Salix
Burkhart J. S., farmer, o Johnstown
Bomgardner Hiram, Farmer, o Elton
Berkebile Elizabeth, o South Fork
Bomgardner E. W., farmer, o Elton
Balley Abraham, laborer, r Elton
Barnet Levi, laborer, o Elton
Block Malinda, o Johnstown
Bomgardner Ananias, farmer, o Elton
Burkhart H., sawyer, o Conemaugh
Burkey Geo. W., laborer, o Pindleton
Bennett Charles, Laborer, o Elton
Belly George, laborer, b South Fork
Belly Daniel, laborer, b South Fork
Boyles John, laborer, r Salix
Boyles Urias, laborer, r Salix
Booth Thomas, mine boss, r Dunlo
Barton William, miner, r Dunlo
Bea Julius, miner, r Dunlo
Bosach Thomas, miner, r Dunlo
Busher John, miner, b Dunlo
Baird Dr., physician, o Dunlo
Butterbaugh Samuel, laborer, r Dunlo
Butterbaugh Daniel, miner, r Dunlo
Benn James, miner, r Dunlo
Bray Edward, miner, b Dunlo
Berkebile E., farmer, r South Fork
Bowser Matthias, laborer, r Dunlo
Brown Daniel, laborer, b Dunlo
Bender W. G., laborer, b Salix
Beddis Robert, laborer, r Dunlo
Bergin J. H., miner, r Dunlo
Barton William, miner, r Dunlo
Bentley James, miner, r Dunlo
Brown Colbern, miner, r Dunlo
Butterbaugh Edward, miner, b Dunlo
Butterbaugh George, miner, b Dunlo
Banfield Ernest, miner, r Dunlo
Blacklock Thomas, miner, r Dunlo
Blacklock W. S., miner, b Dunlo
Blanar, John, miner, r Dunlo
Bonach Charles, miner, r Dunlo
Bunn James, miner, R Dunlo
Bunn John, miner, r Dunlo
Bresser Alphonse, miner, r Dunlo
Berkebile Kall, miner, b Dunlo
Berkey W. H., laborer, r South Fork
Brandt William, laborer, b Elton
Bomgardner Henry, laborer, b Elton
Brandt Charles, laborer, b Elton
Burnheimer E., laborer, r South Fork
Berkey William, laborer, r Elton
Bunn Coney, miner, b Dunlo
Boley George, miner, r Dunlo
Burkey Jacob, laborer, r Elton
Burk S., laborer, b Dunlo
Bougher A. A., miner, r Dunlo
Custer George, farmer, o Salix
Clark Charles, farmer, o Pittsburg
Costlow D. D., farmer, o South Fork
Costlow Peter, farmer, o South Fork
Costlow Elizabeth, o Wilmore
Custer Samuel J., farmer, o Elton
Custer John, farmer, o South Fork

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

ADAMS TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
Crouse E. A. Mrs., o Salix
Custer John J., farmer, o South Fork
Clark Noah, laborer, r South Fork
Cartwright James, laborer, r Dunlo
Cusi Mike, laborer, b South Fork
Custer H., blacksmith, r South Fork
Cooper Herbert, miner, r Dunlo
Coonrad Philip, miner, b Dunlo
Cronic Andy, miner, b Dunlo
Cronic Jacob, laborer, b Dunlo
Custer Hiram, miner, b South Fork
Custer Daniel, laborer, b South Fork
Costlow Robert, laborer, b South Fork
Crothern James, laborer, b South Fork
Crouse James, laborer, r South Fork
Custer Henry, miner, b South Fork
Collins Calvin, miner, r Dunlo
Cowan Robert, miner, r Dunlo
Daily Josiah, farmer, o Elton
Dunmyer I. W., butcher, o Elton
Dibert Geo. W., farmer, o Lovett
Douglass George, laborer, r Dunlo
Duncan C. J., hotel keeper, r Dunlo
Dixon R. G., laborer, r Dunlo
Davidson Thomas, miner, b Dunlo
Dickes William, miner, b Dunlo
Dyar William, mine boss, r Dunlo
Davidson Thomas, miner, r Dunlo
Davidson Thomas, miner, b Dunlo
Darricott Joseph, miner, r Dunlo
Darricott John, miner, r Dunlo
Davis A. G., laborer, r Dunlo
Demko John, miner, r Dunlo
Davis E. H., laborer, b South Fork
Doyle Thomas, miner, r Dunlo
Dobbs Ernest, miner, b Dunlo
Davison M., miner, r Dunlo
Davison Thomas, miner, b Dunlo
Davis W. W., miner, r Dunlo
Dunn Patrick, miner, b Dunlo
Emigh Lewis, farmer, o Salix
Eichensehr George, laborer, o Geistown
Ellenberger Peter, farmer, o Elton
Eash Jacob, farmer, o Salix
Ellenberger Sarah, o Salix
Everhart Harry, laborer, r South Fork
Ellenberger Charles, laborer, r Salix
Eichensehr W. B., butcher, o Dunlo
Evans Christ, weighman, r Dunlo
Eggertson George, miner, r Dunlo
Everhart W. H., miner, r South Fork
Ellenberger F., teacher, r South Fork
Elams W. D., miner, r Dunlo
Ervine W. J. R., miner, r Dunlo
Fox John, farmer, o Elton
Filsock Franklin, farmer, o South Fork
Fye George, farmer, o Salix
Fye Henry, farmer, o Elton
Felix Geo. C., farmer, o Salix
Fye Emanuel D., farmer, o Salix
Fouch J. W., justice of peace, o Salix
Fuller John, farmer, o South Fork
Fleegle Julia, o South Fork
Fife W., clerk, r Dunlo
Fox Frank, clerk, b Dunlo
Fox John Jr., clerk, r Dunlo
Fye W. M., laborer, b Salix
Fye O. G., laborer, b Salix
Fye Daniel, laborer, b Dunlo
Falce Julius, miner, r Dunlo
Foust Jesse, miner, r Dunlo
Fisher Richard E., laborer, r Dunlo
Fisher Elmer J., laborer, b Dunlo
Farren Edward, miner, b Dunlo
Feather Simeon, laborer, b Dunlo
Fulmer Ben, laborer, b Dunlo
Goldinger Christ, farmer, o South Fork
Gerhart Samuel, farmer, o Elton
Gilman John, farmer, o South Fork
Grush Weigard, farmer, o Elton
Grumling Geo., farmer, o South Fork
Grumling Josiah D., farmer, o Elton
Grumling Geo. W., farmer, o Salix
Grumling Rachel, o Elton
Grumling U., wagonmaker, o Elton
Goughnour A., farmer, o South Fork
Grumling E. S., farmer, o South Fork
Grumling Wm. R., carpenter, o Dunlo
Goodwin C. L., lumberman, o Dunlo
Gilman J. J., grocer, o South Fork
Gramling Wm., miller, o South Fork
Gearhart Wm. B., farmer, o Elton
Grief Joseph, farmer, o Dunlo
Gilman Peter, blacksmith, o Salix
Gramling J. P., farmer, r South Fork
Giffin Wm. E., farmer, r South Fork
Gearhart Wm. Sr., aged, b Elton
Gramling Solomon, miller, r Elton
Gibson John, miner, b Dunlo
Gilmore Robert, miner, r Dunlo
Gill George, miner, r Dunlo
Grove James, laborer, b Dunlo
Gill George E., miner, r Dunlo
Gillman G. W., laborer, b South Fork
Gregg John, miner, b Dunlo
Green Nathaniel, miner, b Dunlo
Hofecker Christian, o Elton
Hayes Ezekial, farmer, o Elton
Hayes J. S., farmer, o South Fork
Harbaugh Martin, laborer, r Elton
Helman S. J., laborer, o South Fork
Helsel Jonathan, farmer, o Elton
Hoffman Lydia, o Geistown
Horner Cyrus, farmer, o Elton
Horner Franklin S., farmer, o Salix
Harshberger J., farmer, o Johnstown

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Johnstown City and Cambria County.

ADAMS TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
Hofecker Fred J., farmer, o Elton
Hubert David G., farmer, o Salix
Hayes Hiram, farmer, o Elton
Horner Samuel S., farmer, o Elton
Helsel Sarah D., o Elton
Helsel Josiah, farmer, o Elton
Hoffman Wm., farmer, o Salix
Helbig Fred, farmer, o Elton
Hayes Ezekial H., farmer, o Elton
Hutzell Lester, farmer, o Salix
Harshberger C., teacher, o Johnstown
Horner Jerry S., farmer, o Elton
Hofecker Joseph, farmer, o Elton
Henreitta Coal & Coke Co, o Dunlo
Horner Isaac, butcher, o Elton
Heller Geo. M., butcher, o Dunlo
Horner Gilbert, farmer, o Salix
Horner F. B., farmer, o Salix
Helbig Francis, laborer, o Elton
Harshberger Jno., farmer, o Johnstown
Hoffman Albert, farmer, r Salix
Hubert W. H., farmer, r South Fork
Hildebrand John, farmer, o Dunlo
Hudson Wm., miner, b Dunlo
Hillegas Jacob, teamster, r Dunlo
Hunter Barney, miner, r Dunlo
Hunter James, miner, r Dunlo
Haywood A., miner, b Dunlo
Hedrich Benjamin, laborer, r Elton
Hannah Thomas, miner, r Dunlo
Hudson James, miner, b Dunlo
Hunter James H., miner, r Dunlo
Hice Robert, sawyer, r Dunlo
Haywood Albert, miner, b Dunlo
Hogan Robert, miner, r Dunlo
Harshberger Ira, laborer, r Johnstown
Harbaugh Ed., laborer, r Dunlo
Hessong Joe, laborer, b Dunlo
Hunter A. G., laborer, b Dunlo
Havner F. M., laborer, r Dunlo
Havner Oscar, laborer, r Dunlo
Helbig Russell, laborer, b Elton
Helbig Philip, laborer, b Elton
Hammer C. C., mason, b Dunlo
Harkins W. A., laborer, b Dunlo
Hollen John, laborer, b Dunlo
Headley Mart, laborer, b Dunlo
Havner S. S., laborer, r Dunlo
Harbaugh M. J., laborer, r Elton
Irvin Lewis, miner, o Dunlo
Ickes J. Henry, blacksmith, r Elton
Ickes C. S., teacher, o Elton
Ickes George, teacher, b Elton
Jones Barbara E., o Elton
Jennings Wm., farmer, o South Fork
Jennings W. H., miner, o South Fork
Jennings John, miner, o South Fork
Jones Lemuel, laborer, r Salix
Jackson John, laborer, b Dunlo
Keiper Henry, farmer, o Salix
Keiper Wm. H., farmer, o Salix
Keiper Adam, laborer, b Salix
Keiper Andrew, laborer, b Salix
Keiper Jerome, laborer, b Salix
Keiper Emanuel, laborer, b Salix
Keil Charles, laborer, b Elton
Keelan Bernard, miner, b Dunlo
Keelan Thomas, farmer, o South Fork
Kelly Christ, farmer, o Elton
Kelly Jacob, farmer, o Elton
Kerchner Lewis, farmer, o Elton
Kegg John S., farmer, o Elton
Kerrs John, miner, r Dunlo
Kring, Jacob S., farmer, o Elton
King William, farmer, o Elton
Knavel Samuel D., farmer, o Elton
Knavel Levi, farmer, o Elton
Kring Jacob H., farmer, o Salix
Kring Israel, farmer, o Elton
Kring Lewis, farmer, o Elton
Kring Jacob S. T., farmer, o Elton
Kring Geo. G., sawyer, o Salix
Kihl Joseph, farmer, o Elton
Knepper G. D., grocer, o Dunlo
Kranov Andy, miner, r Dunlo
Kuhns J. B., lumberman, o Dunlo
Lamb George S., farmer, o Lovett
Larrison Henry, farmer, o Elton
Larrison Frank, miner, r Dunlo
Lape Samuel, laborer, b Lovett
Livingston Josiah H., farmer, o Salix
Livingston F. J., physician, o Salix
Link John, laborer, o Dunlo
Lint Peter, farmer, r South Fork
Lee Thomas, miner, b Dunlo
Lee Samuel, miner, r Dunlo
Leidig Harry, miner, b Dunlo
Lecutko John, miner, r Dunlo
Lee Joseph, miner, b Dunlo
Lehman J. C., laborer, r Elton
Loomis W., miner, b Dunlo
Lovett John, farmer, o Lovett
Lovett Jennie, o Lovett
Lovett Josephine, o Lovett
Lumas Wm., miner, b Dunlo
Martin Robert, miner, b Dunlo
Malee John, miner, b Dunlo
Miller Daniel C., farmer, o Salix
Murphy George, farmer, o Elton
Moyer Catherine Mrs., o South Fork
Murphy Alex, farmer, o Elton
Murphy Simon, farmer, o Elton
Miller Samuel J., farmer, o Lovett
Murphy Daniel A., carpenter, o Elton
Miller Jacob, farmer, o Dunlo
Miller John F., grocer, o Lovett

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

ADAMS TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
Mountain Coal Company, o Dunlo
Mock James, miner, r Dunlo
Myers O. P., farmer, r South Fork
Mull John L., minister, r Salix
Murphy Albert, laborer, b Elton
Miller Silas C., farmer, o Salix
Mitchell Frank, miner, b Dunlo
Mason Thomas, miner, r Dunlo
Murphy Harvey, laborer, b Elton
Mock Dorsey, miner, r Dunlo
Mock Alex, miner, b Dunlo
Madison Edward, miner, b Dunlo
Mull John Sr., laborer, b Salix
Mock James, laborer, r Dunlo
Murphy Simeon, laborer, r Elton
Miller Moses, laborer, b Dunlo
Mooney Joseph, miner, b Dunlo
Mark Thomas, miner, b Dunlo
Mitchell Frank, miner, b Dunlo
Mickey George, miner, b Dunlo
Mathen Thomas, miner, b Dunlo
Martin Robert, laborer, b Dunlo
Meaddison Edward, laborer, b Dunlo
McCue E., blacksmith, o South Fork
McDonald Peter, miner, r Dunlo
McDonald Aaron, miner, b Dunlo
Nelson J. A., laborer, r Dunlo
Noon Samuel Sr., farmer, r Salix
Noon Samuel Jr., laborer, r Salix
Noon Amos S., laborer, r Johnstown
O'Brien James, miner, r Dunlo
Ord Samuel, laborer, r Dunlo
Orris Geo. W., laborer, o Elton
Orris Lavina, o Elton
Orr William, shoemaker, o Elton
Orris Emery, laborer, b Elton
Oversby Robert, laborer, r Dunlo
Pebley Samuel, farmer, o Dunlo
Penrod Geo. G., farmer, o South Fork
Plummer David, laborer, r South Fork
Paul Jeremiah, sawyer, o Elton
Pink John, farmer, o Salix
Pardo Richard, mine boss, r Dunlo
Palmer George, miner, r Dunlo
Pearson John, laborer, b Dunlo
Parks James, laborer, b Dunlo
Paul Sylvester, mechanic, r Salix
Paul W., laborer, r Elton
Poet Henry, miner, b Dunlo
Parker James, miner, b Dunlo
Parker John, miner, b Dunlo
Palmer George, miner, r Dunlo
Parker William, miner, r Dunlo
Parks John, miner, b Dunlo
Pardish Robert, miner, b Dunlo
Patterson John, miner, b Dunlo
Perkins John, miner, b Dunlo
Plunkert John, miner, b Dunlo
Prokrop George, miner, r Dunlo
Proud Thomas, miner, b Dunlo
Price John F., miner, b Dunlo
Potter Henry, miner, b Dunlo
Rose Charles, farmer, o Elton
Rose Samuel, farmer, o Elton
Reynolds Sylvester, farmer, o Dunlo
Rhodes Reinhard, farmer, o Dunlo
Rhodes John M., farmer, o Dunlo
Reighard J. Jr., farmer, o South Fork
Resley Rebecca, o Elton
Rhodes Jacob, farmer, o Elton
Reynolds Wm. A., carpenter, o Salix
Rose Franklin, laborer, o Elton
Rose Samuel, farmer, o Elton
Resley John D., farmer, o Elton
Ridlinger Daniel, miner, r South Fork
Reighard Edward, miner, r South Fork
Reighard Elias, miner, r Lovett
Rose George, miner, b Dunlo
Rorick Mike, miner, b Dunlo
Rhoads W. W., laborer, r Dunlo
Rhoads O. J., laborer, b Dunlo
Rager Jeremiah, laborer, b Salix
Rose Charles, laborer, r Elton
Roden Sampson, laborer, b Dunlo
Richer Henry, laborer, r Dunlo
Richardson George, barber, b Dunlo
Readman John, miner, r Dunlo
Rose Hiram, laborer, b Elton
Shartz Charles Mrs., o South Fork
Shank Jacob, farmer, o Salix
Shirley Michael Sr., farmer, o Elton
Shank Samuel, farmer, o Salix
Shetler Christian, farmer, o Elton
Souder Jacob Sr., farmer, o Elton
Sheeley Leonard, farmer, o Elton
Shaffer Henry, farmer, o Conemaugh
Sprengler Fred, farmer, o Elton
Smay Henry, laborer, o Elton
Souder Peter, farmer, o Dunlo
Shank Lena, o Salix
Shank William, farmer, o Dunlo
Smay John W., farmer, o Salix
Stull John F., farmer, o Salix
Smay Reinhard F., farmer, o Lovett
Stutzman Solomon, o Salix
Statler Jacob, merchant, o Elton
Sherley Adam, farmer, o Elton
Smith Henry D., farmer, o Johnstown
Salkeld John, carpenter, o South Fork
Seese Geo. W., carpenter, o Dunlo
Shank H. E., wagonmaker, o Salix
Stull D. A., farmer, o Elton
Small D. R., laborer, r Elton
Shirley Adam, laborer, b Elton
Shirley Michael Jr., laborer, b Elton
Smith David, farmer, r South Fork

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JOSEPH RUTH, Stationery, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

ADAMS TOWNSHIP -- (Concluded)
Sherman J. C., o South Fork
Stull J. C., laborer, b Salix
Salkeld James W., farmer, r Dunlo
Shank James F., laborer, b Salix
Stull J. W. M., laborer, b Dunlo
Sensebaugh F. C., laborer, r Dunlo
Simon Samuel, laborer, b Dunlo
Smith John, laborer, r Dunlo
Souter Jacob Jr., laborer, r Elton
Souter Henry, laborer, b Dunlo
Shannon Michael, miner, b Dunlo
Secho Mike, laborer, r Dunlo
Sercamine Tony, miner, r Dunlo
Shilling Paul, miner, r Dunlo
Seese William, laborer, b Dunlo
Schlusser Isaac, laborer, b Dunlo
Stone John, laborer, r Dunlo
Scott, William, laborer, b Dunlo
Swanson Gus, laborer, b Dunlo
Stoker John, laborer, b Dunlo
Sharts Emanuel, laborer, b South Fork
Shank Emery, laborer, b Salix
Stutzman L. J., laborer, b Salix
Shank Peter, grocer, b Salix
Shanley Michael, miner, b Dunlo
Trout Russel M., farmer, o Elton
Trotter Robert A., farmer, o Salix
Tantlinger Frank B., laborer, o Elton
Topper John H., laborer, r Lovett
Tysinger Lee, laborer, r Dunlo
Tysinger Frank, laborer, b Dunlo
Tartar Julius, laborer, b Dunlo
Umberger Charles, o South Fork
Varner Jacob G., farmer, o Elton
Varner Daniel, farmer, o Salix
Varner Jacob C., farmer, o Elton
Varner Jesse, farmer, o Salix
Varner B. F., blacksmith, o South Fork
Varner John, farmer, o Elton
Varner David, farmer, o Salix
Veilsack Frank, laborer, r South Fork
Wonders John, farmer, o Elton
Wendell Jacob, farmer, o Lovett
Wissinger John S., farmer, o Salix
Wingard John, farmer, o Geistown
Wissinger Daniel R., farmer, o Salix
Weimer William, o South Fork
Wissinger John D., farmer, o South Fork
Wambaugh D., farmer, o South Fork
Wissinger D. L., farmer, o Johnstown
Walter Abraham B., farmer, o Salix
Wissinger Isaiah, farmer, o Lovett
Wingard Joseph, farmer, o South Fork
Wirrick Reuben, farmer, o South Fork
Wirrick Jacob F., laborer, r South Fork
Wissinger Samuel M., farmer, b Salix
Weaver A. V., laborer, r Salix
Wendle Wm. H., farmer, o Salix
Winning James, laborer b Dunlo
Wyant Lafayette, laborer, r Dunlo
Yehnert Conrad, farmer, o Salix
Yoder Joseph S., farmer, o Elton
Yoder William, farmer, o South Fork

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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