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1876 Johnstown City Directory


-- Attorneys. --

Barker A. V., Center.
Dick T. W., Center, w. w.
Evans Alvin, Center, e. w.
Fenlon John, High, w. w.
Johnston & Scanlan, Center and Lloyd, w. w.
Kerr E. G., High.
Kittell Wm., Center.
Lake J. Gallitzin, Court House.
MacDonald Joseph, Court House.
Oatman George W., Colonnade row, Center.
Reade George W., Center.
Rhey John S., Center.
Shoemaker & Sechler, High.

-- Bankers. --

Collins, Johnston & Co., High.

-- Barber. --

Blain A., High, e. w.

-- Blacksmiths. --

Jones Wm., High, e. w.
Owens & Reese, Crawford, e. w.
Williams Benj. G., Sample, w. w.

-- Books and Stationery. --

Lemmon & Murray, High, w. w.

-- Boots and Shoes --

Oatman M. L., 100 High, w. w.
Owens G. G., High, w. w.

-- Carriage Makers --

Barker A. A. & Son, w. w.

-- Chair Maker. --

Hoover Lewis, Crawford and Mary Ann, w. w.

-- Claim Agent. --

Oatman George W., Colonnade row, Center.

-- Cigars and Tobacco. --

Moore J. A., High, w. w.

-- Confectioners. --

Davis & Humphreys, High, w. w.
Owens G. G., High, w. w.

-- Coopers. --

Barker A. A. & Son, east end High, e. w.
Jones David E., Julian, w. w.

-- Dentist. --

Hoffman L. D., High, w. w.

-- Druggist. --

Lloyd Reese J., High near Center, e. w.

-- Dry Goods and Groceries. --

Barker A. A. & Sons, High, e. w.
Davis R. R., High, e. w.
Davis & Humphrey, High, w. w.
Evans David, High, w. w.
Myers & Lloyd, High, w. w.
Oatman M. L., High.
Owens G. G., High, w. w.
Roberts E. & Son, High, w. w.
Thomas Jacob, High, e. w.
Thompson John, High, e. w.

-- Express Office. --

Adams Express Office, High, w. w.

-- Flour and Feed. --

Evans Isaac, High, w. w.

-- Furniture. --

Evans Robert, High, w. w.

-- Hardware --

Huntley George, High, w. w.
Oatman M. L., High.

-- Hotels. --

Belmont House, Crawford, w. w.
Blair House, High and Julian.
Cambria House, Center and High, w. w.
Crawford House, High and Julian, w. w.
Lloyd House, south end Center.
Mountain House, Center and High.

-- Jewelers. --

Roberts C. T., High.
Weisser Joseph, Colonnade row, Center.

-- Justice of the Peace. --

Kinkead H., Colonnade row, Center.

-- Livery Stables. --

Davis L. & S. W., Sample
Fitzharris J., Crawford House.

-- Lumber Dealers.. --

Barker A. A. & son, High, e. w.
Roberts E. & Son, High, w. w.

-- Millinery. --

Dougherty Miss A. M., High, w. w.
Jones Mrs. R. E., High, e. w.

-- Music Dealers. --

Bailey & Clemson, High.

-- Newspapers. --

Cambria Freeman, High, w. w.
Herald, Center.

-- Painter. --

Stough J. L., High, w. w.

-- Photographers.. --

Jullmer Gottlie L., Center.
Spence T. T., High, w. w.

-- Physicians.. --

Evans D. W., High, w. w.
Lemmon W., High.
Oatman J. J., High, w. w.
Plank E. H., High and Center, e. w.

-- Printers. --

James Ed., Center.
McPike ------, High.

-- Queensware. --

Oatman M. L., High.

-- Saddles and Harness. --

Davis Isaac, High, e. w.
Knorr & Vogel, High.
O'Neill M. M., High, w. w.

-- Saloons. --

Lattener Michael, High and Center.
Linton L. H., Mountain House.

-- Shoemakers. --

Davis Richard L., Julian, w. w.
Evans Daniel O., High, e. w.
Jones Richard, High, e. w.
Thomas John D., High.
Vogel John A., High, w. w.

-- Stoves and Tinware. --

Huntley George, High, w. w.
Luttringer Valentine, High, e. w.

-- Tailors. --

Dougherty John, High.
Fullmer Thomas, Sample, e. w.
Roberts E. & Son, High, w. w.

-- Tanneries. --

Evans John J., east end High, e. w.
Kirschner John, High, w. w.

-- Telegraph Office. --

Western Union Telegraph Office, High, w. w.

-- Undertaker. --

Evans Robert, High, w. w.

-- Wagon Maker. --

Leighty Wm., Crawford. e. w.

-- Woolen Factories. --

Ebensburg Woolen Factory, east end High, e. w.
Weber F. W., east end High, e. w.

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