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1876 Johnstown City Directory


-- A --

Anderson, A. S. M., principal of schools, boards High, w. w.

-- B --

Bailey & Clemson, music dealers, High.
Hailey Howard, of Bailey & Clemson, boards Mountain House.
Barker A. A., of A. A. Barker & Son, High, e. w.
Barker, A. A. & Son, dry goods and groceries, HIgh, e. w.
BARKER A. V., attorney, Center, residence Cambria township.
Barker Eugene V., clerk, Sample, e. w.
Barker F. H., of A. A. Barker & Son, HIgh, e. w.
Barker V. S., High, e. w.
Barkley John D., clerk, boards Mountain house.
BAUMER HERMAN, sheriff, office Court House, res. Center, w. w.
Baxter Samuel, carpenter, Crawford, e. w.
Baxter Wm., High, e. w.
Baxter Wm. S., woolen factory, Crawford, e. w.
Beaumont Matthew, corder, Horner, w. w.
Berg Hartman, county superintendent, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
Beynon Howard, teamster, Lloyd, w. w.
Beynon Lewis, tailor, Lloyd, w. w.
Blain A., barber, High, e. w.
Blain John, barber, High, e. w.
Blair Celistine J., clerk Blair House.
Blair House, High and Julian, w. w.
BLAIR JOHN A., proprietor Blair House, High and Julian.
Blair W. W., clerk Blair House.
Bolsinger Jesse S., tinner, boards Crawford, w. w.
Bonacker W. B., of Collins, Johnstown & Co., Johnstown.
BOYLE REV. J., pastor Church of the Holy Name, Julian, w. w.
Brawley Dennis, boards Blair House.
Breese Jane, widow, High, w. w.
Breese Wm., carpenter, High, e. w.
Brookbank John, near P. R. R. depot, w. w.
Brown George W., shoemaker, boards High, w. w.
Buck A. W., clerk, boards High, w. w.
     High, w. w.
Bumford John, laborer, High, e. w.
Bunn Catherine, widow, Crawford, w.w.
Bryne John, potter, Mountain House.

-- C --

Cambria County Court House, Center, w. w.
Cambria County Jail, Center near Crawford.
Cambria Freeman , H. A. McPike, publisher, High.
Cambria Couse, Henry Foster, prop., Center and High, w. w.
Catholic Cemetery, Julian and Horner.
Catholic Free School, Horner, w. w.
Chase Stephen, Sample, e. w.
Clark Jane C., widow, Lloyd, w. w.
Clemmens Wm., shoemaker, Crawford, e. w.
Clemson J. E., of Bailey & Clemson, boards Mountain House.
COLLINS, JOHNSTON & CO., bankers, High, w. w.
Collins Philip, of Collins, Johnston & Co., Philadelphia.
Connell Wm. H., clerk, High, w. w.
Crawford House, High and Julian.
Crawford Isaac, Center and Crawford.
Crawford Susan, widow, High, e. w.
CHRISTE A. D., ex-county treasurer, office Court House, residence Munster.
Crouse H. J., foundryman, Lloyd, w. w.
Cunningham Owen, lumber dealer, boards Cambria House.

-- D --

Davis David, laborer, Horner, e. w.
Davis David, feed store, end Lloyd, w. w.
Davis David D., tailor, High, e. w.
Davis Dudley B., works woolen factory, High, e. w.
Davis Howard, hostler, Center north of High.
Davis & Humphreys, grocers and confectioners, High, w. w.
Davis Isaac, harness and saddle maker, High, e. w., res. Horner.
Davis Isaac, of Davis & Humphreys, Julian, e. w.
Davis John, carpenter, High, e. w.
Davis L., of L. & S. W. Davis, High, e. w.
DAVIS L. & S. W., livery and sale stable, Sample, e. w.
Davis Mary D., widow, High, e. w.
Davis Mrs. Evan, widow, Horner, e. w.
Davis Richard L., shoemaker, Julian, w. w.
Davis R. R., grocer, High, e. w.
Davis Sarah, widow, Julian, w. w.
Davis Sarah, widow, Sample, e. w.
Davis Stephen, blacksmith, Crawford, e. w.
Davis Stephen, laborer, Crawford, e. w.
Davis S. W., of L. & S. W. Davis, Sample, e. w.
Davis Thomas, lumber dealer, end of Lloyd, w. w.
Davis Thomas, stone mason, Crawford, e. w.
Davis thomas J., carpenter, Center north of High.
Davis Wm., High, e. w.
Dick Thomas, attorney, High, e. w.
DICK T. W., attorney, office Center, w. w., residence High, e. w.
DIVINE H. C., High, w. w.
Donovon Michael, laborer, Lloyd, e. w.
Dougherty Edward, saddler, Ogle, w w.
DOUGHERTY JOHN, tailor, High, w. w.

-- E --

Edelblute John, cigar maker, High, w. w.
Edleblute John, cigar maker, Lloyd, w. w.
Edleblute Mary, widow, end of Lloyd, w. w.
Edleblute Wm., laborer, end of Lloyd, w. w.
EVANS ALVIN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Center, res. High, e. w.
Evans D., groceries, High, w. w.
Evans Daniel O., shoemaker, High, e. w.
Evans David, teamster, boards Crawford House.
Evans David, laborer, Highland, w. w.
Evans David, groceries and confectionery, High, w. w.
Evans David J., tailor, High, residence Crawford, e. w.
EVANS D. W., physician, High, w. w.
Evans Rev. David, pastor Baptist church, Crawford, w. w.
Evans Edgar plasterer, Crawford, e. w.
Evans Eliza J., widow, Horner, w. w.
Evans Evan, carpenter, High, e. w.
Evans Hosea, carpenter, High, w. w.
Evans Howard, teacher, boards High, w. w.
Evans Isaac, feed store, High, w. w.
Evans John, laborer, Lloyd, w. w.
Evans John, High, e w.
Evans John J., tannery, east end High, e. w.
Evans Lydia, widow, Crawford, e. w.
Evans Mary, widow, Crawford, e. w.
Evans Robert, furniture and undertaking, High, w. w.
Evans Thomas, blacksmith, High, e. w.
Express Company Adams, High, w. w.

-- F --

Fagan Francis, hostler, Blair House.
Fagan Frank, laborer, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
Fagan Herman, laborer, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
Fagan Mary, widow, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
Fagan Thomas, carpenter, Mary Ann, w. w.
Fagan Wm., painter, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
Fenlon J. M., printer, High, w. w.
Fenlon John, attorney, High.
Fitzharris John, proprietor Crawford House.
Flick Thomas R., medical student, boards Julian, w. w.
Folsom John, cooper, Crawford, E. w.
Foster Henry, proprietor Cambria House.
FREIDHOFF N. P., county treasurer, Conemaugh, Johnstown.
Fry Mollie, domestic, Mountain House.
Fry S., stone mason, east end High, e. w.
Fry Wm., laborer, east end High, e. w.
Fullmer Gottlieb L., photographer, Center, bds. Sample, e. w.
Fullmer Thomas, merchant tailor, Sample, e. w.

-- G --

Gallagher James, laborer, Lloyd near Julian, w. w.
Garman John, sawyer, Horner, e. w.
Gittings John, laborer, High, w. w.
Gittings Richard, teamster, Highland, e. w.
Gittings Wm. A., laborer, Crawford, e. w.
Glass E., widow, High, w. w.
Griffith Evan, butcher, High, e. w.
Griffith John, lumber dealer, Center, w. w.
Griffiths John, Julian, w. w.
Guthrie Wm., near R. R. depot, w. w.
Gutwald Joseph, butcher, High, w. w.
Gutwald Landlin, High, w. w.
Gutwald Simon, butcher, Ogle, w. w.

-- H --

Handford Samuel, stone mason, Highland, w. w.
Hasson Gibbs, Julian, w. w.
Hawkins Matthias, cooper, High, e. w.
Heininger Joseph, bar tender, Sample. w. w.
Heitschew Abram, carpenter, High, e. w.
Henderson Joseph D., engineer, boards Cambria House.
Henry Miss C., boards Belmont House.
Hill Wm., teamster, High, e. w.
Hite Sarah, widow, Lloyd, w. w.
Hoffman D. L, physician, High, w. w.
Hoffman L. D., dentist, High, w. w.
Hoover Lewis, chair maker, Mary Ann, w. w.
Howells John, carpenter, Horner, e. w.
Howells Rachel, widow, Crawford, E. w.
Hughes Morgan, plasterer, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
Hughes Rev. John, pastor Welsh M. E. church, Crawford and Julian, w. w.
Humphreys Ed. J., teamster, Julian, w. w.
Humphreys Eleanor, widow, Center, north of High
Humphreys E. W., lumber dealer, Julian, w. w.
Humphreys John T., blacksmith, Julian, w. w.
Humphreys Morgan, wagon maker, High, e. w.
Humphreys Richard J., fireman, Julian, w. w.
Humphreys Samuel, of Davis & Humphreys, Center north of High.
Humphreys S. J., of Davis & Humphreys, Center, e. w.
HUNTLEY GEORGE, hardware &c., High, w. w.
HUTCHINSON J. T., boards Mountain House.
Hutchinson Mrs. J., Mountain House.

-- I --

Isenburg Mary, widow, Crawford, e. w.

-- J --

James Ann, widow, Crawford, w. w.
James Bej., shoemaker, Crawford, e. w.
James David D., carpenter, High, w. w.
JAMES, ED., editor and publisher Herald , Center, residence High, w. w.
James George D., laborer, High, w. w.
James John, clerk, boards High and Julian.
James Thos. J., laborer, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
Johnston Alexander, laborer, boards High, e. w.
Johnston R. L., of Johnston & Scanlan, Center and Lloyd.
JOHNSTON & SCANLAN, attorneys, Center and Lloyd, w. w.
Jones A. Y., laborer, Julian, w. w.
Jones Chalmers, works tannery, boards east High, e. w.
Jones, David E., cooper, Julian, w. w.
Jones Dwight, lumberman, High, e. w.
Jones Eliza, widow, High, e. w.
Jones George W., wool spinner, High, e. w.
Jones Howard, works woolen mill, east High, e. w.
Jones James, fireman, south Crawford, w. w.
Jones John, Horner, w. w.
Jones John, laborer, High, e. w.
Jones John J., hostler, High, e. w.
Jones Mrs. R. E., milliner, High, e. w., residence High, w. w.
Jones R. E., High, e. w.
Jones Rev. T. R., pastor Congregational church, High, e. w.
Jones Richard, Jr., shoe shop, High, e. w.
Jones Robert, laborer, High, w. w.
Jones Scott W., clerk, Horner, e. w.
Jones Thomas L., teamster, east High, e. w.
Jones Thomas O., Horner, e. w.
Jones Wm., blacksmith, High, e. w.
Jones Wm., tanner, east end High, e. w.
Jones Wm. M., clerk, Julian, e. w.
Jones Wm. W., laborer, Sample, e. w.

-- K --

KENNEDY J. A., clerk Commissioners' office, Sample.
Kennedy John, clerk Commissioners' office, Sample, w. w.
KERR E. G., attorney, High.
Kimball John, cooper, east end High, e. w.
Kinkeade Alexander, clerk, Sample, e. w.
Kindeade D. H., lumber dealer, Julian, w. w.
Kinkeade George A., clerk, Sample, e. w.
KINKEAD H., JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. ALL COLLECTIONS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Office Colonnade row, Center, residence Center and Crawford, w. w.
Kirschner Herman, tanner, High, w. w.
Kirschner John, tannery, High. w. w.
Kittel Don., High and Julian, w. w.
Kittel Wm., High and Julian, w. w.
Kittle Frederick, laborer, Lloyd, w. w.
Knorr & Vogel, saddle and harness makers, High, w. w.
Knorr Wm., of Knorr & Vogel, Cambria township.
Kruise Martin, tanner, High, w. w.

Kruse Theresa, domestic, Mountain House.
-- L --

LAKE J. GALLITZIN, Attorney, office Court House, residence High, w. w.
Latterner Michael, boarding house and saloon, High and Center.
Leighty Wm., wagon maker, Horner.
Lemmon W., of Lemmon & Murray, High, w. w.
Lewis David, carpenter, Lloyd, e. w.
LINTON MRS. L. H., proprietress Mountain House.
Litzinger Mary, domestic, Mountain House.
Lloyd Abel, agent, Lloyd House.
Lloyd Fergus, student, Center north of High.
Lloyd House, south end Center.
Lloyd John, of Myers & Lloyd, Center north of High.
Lloyd John G., clerk, boards Lloyd House.
Lloyd Otis, clerk, High near Center, e. w.
Lloyd Reese J., druggist, High near Center, e. w.
Lloyd Thomas J., lumber dealer, Julian, w. w.
Long Anthony, tailor, Crawford, e. w.
Luther Silas, works grain mill, end of High, w. w.
Luttringer Valentine, stoves and sheet iron ware, High, e. w.

-- M --

MacGonnigle Rev. J. N., pastor Presbyterian church, High, w. w.
Martin Edward, attorney, boards Belmont House.
Mason Alonzo, cooper, east end High, e. w.
Mason Edwin, cooper, east end High, e. w.
Mason Orrin, cooper, east end High, e. w.
Mathews Ed., cooper, Julian, w. w.
Mathews Edward, cooper, Crawford, w. w.
Martin E. K., law student, boards Belmont House.
McCabe B., engineer, boards Cambria House.
McCann Rosana, widow, Horner, w. w.
McCOLGAN BERNARD, county prothonotary, office court house, boards Mountain House.
McCoy H. A., saddler, boards Blair House.
McDonald Joseph, attorney, Center north of High.
McDonald Gen. Joseph, clerk prothonotary's office, Center, e. w.
McDonald Philip, carpenter, Center north of High.
McPike George E., printer, Julian.
McPIKE H. A., editor and publisher Cambria Freeman, High, residence Julian.
McVicker Martha, High, e. w.
Michael Evan, miner, Crawford, e. w.
Miller Mary A., widow, High, e. w.
Miller Uhl, hostler, boards Crawford House.
Mills Ed. J., Julian, w. w.
Mills Harry, clerk, Julian, w. w.
Mills Wm., teamster, High, w. w.
Mills Wm., teamster, boards Blair House.
Moore James A., cigars and tobacco, Center north of High.
Moore J. A., cigar maker, High, w. w.
Moore Johnston, Center north of High.
Moore Mrs. J., widow, boards Belmont House.
Morgan John, farmer, High, w. w.
Morrow J. O., book agent, Crawford, w. w.
MOUNTAIN HOUSE, Mrs. L. H. Linton, proprietress, Centre and High, e. w.
Mount Gallitzin Catholic Boarding School, Horner, w. w.
Mulvihill Frank, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
MURPHY JAS. P., cashier Collins, Johnstown & Co.'s, High, w. w.
Murry James, druggist, Sample, w. e.
Murry J. M., of Lemmon & Murray, High, w. w.
Myers James, of Myers & Lloyd, High, w. w.
Myers James A., watchman, near depot, w. w.
Myers & Lloyd, general merchandise, High, w. w.
Myers Randolph, clerk, High, w. w.
Myers Samuel, turnkey, Center, w. w.

-- N --

Null James, attorney, High, e. w.

-- O --

Oatman F. P., clerk, boards Lloyd, w. w.
OATMAN GEORGE W., attorney and claim agent, Colonnade row, Center, residence Julian, w. w.
OATMAN J. J., physician, High, residence Julian, w. w.
OATMAN M. L., dry goods, notions, &c., 100 High, w. w., residence Lloyd.
O'Donnell C. F., deputy county sheriff, boards Center, w. w.
O'Neill M. M., saddle and harness maker, High, w. w.
O'Neill P. H., harness maker, High, w. w.
Owens Charles J., of Owens & Reese, Crawford, e. w.
OWENS G. G., groceries, boots and shoes, High, w. w.
Owens & Reese, blacksmiths, Crawford, e. w.
Owens Richard, laborer, Horner, e. w.
Owens Samuel G., carriage painter, boards High, w. w.

-- P --

Parish C. M., printer, Julian, w. w.
Parish E. C., clerk, Julian, w. w.
Parish J. D., carpenter, Julian, w. w.
Perry C. L., printer, Julian.
Plank E. H., physician, boards Crawford, w. w.
Post Office, High, e. w., John Thompson, Post master.
Price David, woolen mill, east High, e. w.
Pruner Ida, domestic, Mountain House.
Pruner Joseph, High, e. w.

-- Q --

Quartz Michael, conductor, Triumph, w. w.

-- R --

READE GEOROE M., attorney, Center, residene High, w. w.
Reese jane, widow, High, w. w.
Reese Jonathan, of Owens & Reese, bds. Crawford and Center.
Rhey A. J., clerk, Center, e. w.
RHEY JOHN S., attorney, Center, boards Mountain House.
Rhey Susan, widow, Center, e. w.
Richardson Wm., teamster, Lloyd, w. w.
Ritter D. M., baggage master, Crawford, w. w.
Ritter John, fireman, Crawford, w. w.
Rivinius Chas., watchmaker, High, e. w.
Roberts C. T., watchmaker and jeweler, High, w. w.
Roberts E., of E. Roberts & Son, High and Julian, w. w.
Roberts E. & Son, dry goods, groceries, &c., High, w. w.
Roberts George H., of E. Roberts & Son, High and Julian, w. w.
Roberts Harry, telegraph operator, High, e. w.
Roberts John E., insurance agent, Center north of High.
Roberts John H., laborer, Crawford, e. w.
Roberts John W., laborer, Sample, e. w.
Roberts Margaret, widow, High, e. w.
Roberts Wm., laborer, Crawford, e. w.
Rodgers Alonzo, butcher, Sample, e. w.
Rodgers Edward, butcher, Sample, e. w.
Rodgers George J., High, e. w.
Rodgers Joseph, carpenter, Pittsburgh pike, w. w.
Rodgers Lewis, butcher, Sample, e. w.
Rodgers Thomas, carpenter, Highland, w. w.

-- S --

Scanlan John E, of Johnston & Scanlan, Center West Ward.
Schwab Peter A, wool carder, east High, West Ward.
Sechler W. H, of Shoemaker & Sechler, High.
Shennfelt Christian, laborer, High, West Ward.
Shennefelt William, teamster, Sample, West Ward.
Shoemaker Bert, foundryman, Julian, West Ward.
Shoemaker F A, of Shoemaker & Sechler, High.
Shoemaker Harry, foundryman, Julian, West Ward.
Shoemaker & Sechler, attorneys, West Ward.
Shoemaker T W, proprietor Belmont House, Crawford, West Ward.
Singer James M, register and recorder, office Court House, Julian, West Ward.
Skelley Joseph A, bar tender, Lloyd.
Skelley Joseph A., laborer, Lloyd and Crawford, East Ward.
Smith, R E, cooper, High, East Ward.
Spense T. T, photographer, Julian, West Ward.
Stiles Aretis L, farmer, Julian, West Ward.
STOUGH, Addison, chair maker, High, West Ward.
STOUGH, A H, painter, High, West Ward.
STOUGH, John L, chair maker, High, West Ward.
STOUGH, J L, sign painter, High, West Ward.
SUTTZBACH, Simon, cigar maker, boards Mountain House.

-- T --

THOMAS, Edwin, blacksmith, High, West Ward.
THOMAS, Jacob, grocery, High, West Ward.
THOMAS, John D, shoemaker, High, West Ward.
THOMAS, Robert, laborer, Lloyd near Julian, West Ward.
THOMPSON, James, merchant, Center.
THOMPSON, James M, clerk, Center and Sample, East Ward.
THOMPSON, John P, dealer in dry goods and groceries, and Post Master, High,
East Ward, residence Center and Sample, East Ward.
THOMPSON, John P, postmaster, opposite jail, Center.
THOMPSON, Robert H, clerk, opposite jail, Center.
THOMPSON, R H, clerk, Center and Sample, East Ward.
TIBBOTT, Richard J, tax collector, Crawford, East Ward.
TIBBOTT, Richard R, carpenter, Horner, East Ward.
TUDOR, Richard, boards Cambria House.

-- V --

VAUGHN, William, engineer, Julian and Lloyd, West Ward.
VOGEL, John, harness maker, Horner, West Ward.
VOGEL, John A, of KNORR & VOGEL, Crawford, East Ward.

-- W --

WARD, Alphonso, Horner, West Ward.
WARD, Martin, Horner, West Ward.
WARD, William, clerk, Horner.
WARD, William J, printer, Horner, West Ward.
WATERS, Alexander, school teacher, High, West Ward.
WATERS, Edmund J, justice of the peace, High, East Ward.
WEAVER, David, farmer, Crawford, West Ward.
WEBER, F W, woolen factory, east end High, East Ward.
WEISSER, Joseph, watchmaker and jeweler, Colonnade row, Center, residence High, East Ward.
Western Union Telegraph Office, C T ROBERTS, manager.
WHAL, Frank, shoemaker, boards Crawford, East Ward.
WHERLEY, John, brick maker, Julian, West Ward.
WHERRY, Silas, laborer, Mary Ann, West Ward.
WILLIAMS, Benjamin G, blacksmith, Crawford, West Ward.
WILLIAMS, David, carpenter, Highland, West Ward.
WILFING, Reverend F J, pastor Disciples Church, High, West Ward.
WILLIAMS, John, High, East Ward.
WILLIAMS, Robert, laborer, Mary Ann, West Ward.
WILLIAMS, Sarah, widow, Horner, East Ward.
WILLIAMS, Scott, printer, Horner, East Ward.
WILLIAMS, Scott, laborer, Horner, East Ward.
WILLIAMS, Thomas, carpenter, Horner, West Ward.
WOLFF, George A, carpenter, Horner, West Ward.

-- Z --

ZAHN, D H, coal dealer, High, West Ward.

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