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The Walsall School  (Richland Twp.)  

Students of 1900

Picture provided by Carol (Layman) Wolfhope

The Walsall School was located near the Stony Creek in Richland Township.

Front Row (L to R) - Savila Eash; Rose Moss; Mary Mark; Susan Orris; Anna Mosgo; Charles Mosgo; Louise Moss & Norbert Eash.

Second Row - Anna Naugle; Elizabeth Naugle; Carrie Eash; Elvie Orris; John Mark; Emma Eash; Nettie Orris; Nora Sheets; Charles Naugle; Emma Orris; Mary Miller; Bertha Novisher & Margaret Eash.

Back Row -  Mr. Helsel? (teacher); Margaret Haupt; Tony Mallon; Fred Younga; Agnes Kunkle; Emma Sheets; Teresa Haupt; Amelia Novisher; Bill Kunkle; Bill Meske; Grace Doubt & unknown.


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