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The Sandy Hill School - Croyle Twp.

Circa 1909-1911

Items provided by William Flenner

In the early 1900's it was the custom for teachers to provide their students a "Souvenir" the end of the school year    These items typically include the teacher's name, the name of the school, some "inspirational" comments or poetry and a listing of the students names.

Shown below is the names  page from such a souvenir.

The Sandy Hill  School is believed to have been located south of Summerhill but within Croyle Township.

Teacher = Charles E. Eash

Students names (Alpabetical Order)  - Hilde Boyer - Margaret Boyer - Marcellus Boyer - Zita Boyer - Victor Boyer - Dewey Gable - Ilene Gable - Robert Gable - Harry Krouse - Hazel Krouse - John Krouse - Amos Mathison - Jessie Mathison - Willie Mathison - Burley Mackel - Charlie Mackel - Hazel Mackel - Lena Mackel - Lottie Miller - Louis Miller - Minnie Miller - Sherman Miller - Leroy Myers - Sherman Myers - John Penatzer - Rosana Penatzer - Tressie Penatzer - Walter Penatzer - Elllie Reighard - Doyle Smay - Kelsey Smay - Orval Smay -

These Students would have represented all those attending regardless of grade.


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