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Blandburg School - (Reade Twp.) 

Students - 1913

Photo provided by Elaine Wilkinson

left to right

First Row - Edith Van Scoyoc; Helen Clause; Maud Rolls; Golda Rolls; Annie Yingling; Anna Boyd; Vyrl Hollen; Jessie Martz; Loise Miller & Mary Orbide

Second Row - Sylvanus Williams; Clair Fortney; Glenn Lovell; Clovis Weakland; Josephine Tilkey; Ruth Garman; Kathleen Brown & Myrtle Chase

Third Row - Unknown (with tie); Bob Coulteer; Jim Campalongo; Pat Kavanaugh; Gerard Gilmoe; Unknown & Harvey Watson

In Rear - Lois Bland; Frank Brown; Albert Franks; Walter Martz; Arthur Lovell; Teacher; Cecil Letcher & Philip Edminston

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