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Mineral Point Methodist Church
Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

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The beginning of organized effort, May 8th, 1856, a meeting was called to meet, probably at the Conemaugh Pennsylvania R.R. station for the purpose of forming a Sunday School organization for Mineral Point. J.N. McCartney was elected superintendent; George Page, assistant superintendent; Robert Carr, secretary; and Henry Carroll, treasurer.

The following resolution was adopted:

"We the undersigned, citizens of Mineral Point and vicinity, deeming Sabbath schools of great importance to the rising generation, and feeling the great necessity for such an organization wherein our children may receive such moral and religious culture as to quatify them for their duties in this life and contribute to fit them for that better life prepared for the righteous; have therefore this day resolved to form ourselves into an organization, to be called the Mineral Point Sabbath School Association; and we therefore pledge ourselves to use our influence in promoting its interests.

Samuel Keaggy, J. N. McCartney, George Page, Robert Carr, A. Metz, George Carroll, Elizabeth Hunt, H. Amsbaugh, Thomas James, J.D. Amsbaugh, Adam Horner, Nancy J. Singer, Mary Ann Horner. -- "Hand Book Pennsylvania Railroad Employes," Y.M.C.A.

About 30 houses comprised the village of Mineral Point prior to 1873. John Morrel conducted a saw mill, which provided employment for many of the residents.

The first worship services were conducted in a schoolhouse on the south side of the Conemaugh River. The first church building was probably erected during the year 1873. This building was largely sponsored by John D. Jose*, (father of the late Dr. John F. Jose of the Pittsburgh Annual Conference) and George Page. Material was donated and mill workers and others donated labor. This building was located on the present church lot.

The flood of May 31, 1889 swept the church from its foundation. The bell was reported tolling as the building floated down stream. The bell was later located near Woodvale and returned.

Later, in 1889-1890, a new building was erected in the rear of the church lot, as a matter of flood precaution. George Page and wife, Emma, donated the lot to the trustees. The Rev. John F. Core, D. D., pastor of the Franklin Street Church of Johnstown, delivered the dedicatory sermon. Daniel Walter, Emanuel Reighard and David Wilson were members of the building committee.

Early in the history of Methodism, Mineral Point was served with nearby church appointments. At the conference session of 1889, Conemaugh church seems to have been left without pastoral appointment. Later, November 10, J. D. Smith became pastor of Conemaugh-Mineral Point charge. In 1890, W. P. Varner was appointed to the Conemaugh Church, Mineral Point being included as part of the charge.

In 1891, the Rev. A. S. Hunter was appointed pastor. During that winter an unusual revival meeting was conducted at Mineral Point. In 1918 and 1919 Rev. J. M. Cogley was pastor at Conemaugh and Mineral Point. During this period the church building was moved from the rear to front lot location.

The 1936 St. Patrick's Day flood filled the basement of the church with water and debris, but the building was not otherwise damaged. This building was totally destroyed by fire, however, October 2, 1945. A new brick church has been erected upon the old foundation and will be dedicated Aug. 21, 1949 at 2:30 o'clock.

(*This should be Joseph Jose)

Source: Nanty Glo Journal, Thursday, August 18, 1949 (reprinted with permission).

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