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First Evangelical Congregational Church
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Phyllis Schrock.


The First Evangelical Church of Johnstown, Pennsylvania was organized in 1928 with thirty-one members meeting in the old United Evangelical Church Building on Bedford Street. A building committee comprised of W. H. Bantley, Jacob Kring, J. S. Stutzman, C. L. Wissinger, W. D. Miller, N. C. Walker and Guy L. Brown were chosen to purchase a site to erect a church building.

The corner stone of this new building was laid on June 3, 1928 with Bishop E. S. Woodring officiating, assisted by the newly appointed pastor Rev. Q. A. Deck. On September 16, 1928, the new building was dedicated to the Lord and his work. The first conference delegate was C. L. Wissinger.

In the fall of 1937, a parsonage was completed on a piece of ground adjacent to the church. In 1954 and addition to the church was made providing three Sunday School rooms. In 1965 another Sunday School addition was added to complete the building as it stands today. "PRAISE THE LORD".


1928 - 1933 Rev. Q. A. Deck
1933 - 1938 Rev. Ray Starr
1938 - 1944 Rev. Ralph Bealer
1944 - 1952 Rev. Richard Taubenheim
1952 - 1955 Rev. Robert Wilson
1955 - 1961 Rev. Fred Fink
1961 - 1967 Rev. C. Fred Rissmiller
1967 - 1972 Rev. Richard Taubenheim
1972 - 1977 Rev. Charles Ludington
1977 - 1985 Rev. Keith Mong
1985 - Rev. Richard N. Krcal

OFFICIAL BOARD MEMBERS: June Bader, Ridley Banks, Wilma Berkey, Joyce Frank, Robert Freeman, James Horner, Jack Hritz, Robert Reed, James Rice, Helen Seese, David Thomas, Dianne Thomas, William Wallace, Florence Wissinger and Marie Wissinger.

CHARTER MEMBERS:    (*Deceased)

          * R. J. Andreson
          * Mrs. R.J. Anderson
          * William Bantly
          * Mrs. Carl Bishof
          * Guy L. Brown
          * Mrs. Guy L. Brown
          * Byron Brown
          Zaida Brown Witkosky
          Phyllis Brown Witkosky
          Helen Brown Seese
          * Mrs. John Carrier
          * David Custer
          * Mrs. David Custer
          * Earl Egolf
          * Jonas Fouch
          * Mrs. Jonas Fouch
          * Elmer Frank
          * Mrs. Elmer Frank
          * Mrs. Catherine Fyock
          * Mrs. Alice Gramling
          * Mrs. C. B. Gramling
          * Mrs. Stella Garretson
          * John Gilman
          * Mrs. John Gilman
          * John Hammer
          * W .L. Horner
          * Mrs. W. Leman Horner
          * Milton Himes
          * Mrs. Anna Kunsman McKenzie
          * Jacob Kring
          * W. D. Miller
          * Mrs. W. D. Miller
          * Irvin Miller
          * Mrs. Irvin Miller
          * William Mock
          * Mrs. William Mock
          * Edna Mock
          * Jacob Mock
          * Mrs. Jacob Mock
          William Mock, Jr.
          Mrs. William Mock, Jr.
          Mrs. Esther ( Norris ) Crofoot
          * Mrs. George Page
          * Ephriam Ream
          * Mrs. P. R. Ream
          * John Smith
          * Mrs. Mollie Smith
          * J. S. Stutzman
          * Mrs. J. S. Stutzman
          * Russell Stutzman
          * Mrs. Russell Stutzman
          Jack Stutzman
          Robert Stutzman
          * William E. Shank
          * Mrs. W. E. Shank
          * Mrs. Dorothy (Stull) Huffman
          * Elmer Stull
          * E.C. >Shartz
          * Mrs. E. C. Shartz
          Luther Shartz
          Jane (Swart) Stoner
          Mrs. Paul Wicknick
          * Mrs. C. L. Wissinger
          * Mr. Cyrus L. Wissinger
          *Hadley Wissinger
          * Mrs. Hadley Wissinger
          Robert Wissinger
          * Norman C. Walker
          * Mrs. Norman C. Walker
          Mrs. George Wilkie
          * Mrs. Jonas Yenert
          * Jonas Yenert
          * Mrs. Lydia Shank
          Catherine Gramling Chamberlain
          * Mrs. Sara Bird.

The church disbanded September 28, 2003.

Source: 60th Anniversary Homecoming, 25 Sep 1988.

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