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Past Events

-- D --

DAILEY, Jno P family of 4, ??? Railroad St
DAILEY, Wm and family, Railroad St
DALEY, Wm family of 10, C C
DALLEY, Jos family of 4, Church Ave
DALLEY, Jos Mrs, Railroad St
DALLEY, Thos, Railroad St
DALY, James Mrs family of 7, 357 Gautier St, C B
DANGES, A Mrs family of 9, 1?? Franklin St
DANIELS, Jacob and family, 30 Bedford St
DARBY, Jas C and family of 4, 390 Railroad St, C B
DARKS, Henry and family of 4, 17 Jones St, C B
DARR, Harry 2, 89 Poplar St
DARR, Kinnell
DARR, Weley
DAVIS, ? H Mrs and 5 children, 105 Vine St
DAVIS, Aaron and two children, Maple Ave
DAVIS, Alfred family of 4, Maple Ave
DAVIS, Cath Mrs and 6 children, 105 Vine St, J B
DAVIS, Chas B family of 4, 199 Maple Ave
DAVIS, Chas F family of 3, 207 Maple Ave
DAVIS, D Capt, C B
DAVIS, Dan A and family of 7, Chandler St, M
DAVIS, David and family of 7, 36 River Ave, M B
DAVIS, David and family, M
DAVIS, David M and wife, 85 Pine St, J B
DAVIS, David M and wife, Vine St
DAVIS, Elmer Mrs
DAVIS, Elmer, H, 80 Vine St
DAVIS, Ely family 2, Conemaugh St
DAVIS, F E, 142 Locust St
DAVIS, H M, 142 Locust St
DAVIS, Henry family of ?, Center St, P B
DAVIS, Howard and family, E C
DAVIS, J and family of ?, King St
DAVIS, James C and family of 2, 131 Poplar St
DAVIS, James, Iron St
DAVIS, Jas S and family of 7, 1?3 Union St
DAVIS, John M and family, 64 Iron St
DAVIS, Katherine and 6 children, 103 Pine St, J B
DAVIS, M H Dr family of 7, First St, E C
DAVIS, Martha Mrs , 80 Vine St
DAVIS, Martha Mrs and son, ?? Vine St
DAVIS, O B and family of 5, 19? Maple Ave
DAVIS, O F and family of 2, 29? Maple Ave
DAVIS, O R and family of 9, Woodvale
DAVIS, Owen and family of 5, 348 Main St
DAVIS, R D and wife, 12 Lewis St, Millville
DAVIS, Sarah A, widow, 67 Livergood St
DAVIS, T R and family, E C
DAVIS, Thos E and family of 3, 84 Ebensburg Rd, Prospect
DAVIS, Thos E family of 3, 142 Locust St
DAVIS, Thos P and family of 3, 62 River Ave
DAVIS, Thos T family of 5, ?23 Maple Ave
DAVIS, W J family 4, 89 Water St
DAVIS, W J, 89 Water St
DAVIS, Wm H family of 7, E C
DAVISON, Chas, Club House
DAWSON, Thos family ?, 122 1/2 Chestnut St
DAWSON, Thos family of 5, Chestnut St
DAY, Jno and family of 7, 4?8 Railroad St, C B
DAY, John family of 7, 468 Railroad St
DAY, R W family of 7, 213 Morris St
DAY, S A Mrs, Iron St, M B
DEAN, Geo and family of 6, 98 Portage St
DEATER, ?ac and wife, Bedford St
DEATER, Wm and family of ?, 1?? Morris St
DECKER, John D, Morris St
DECKERT, and family of 5, Iron St, M B
DEDRICK, Geo and family of 4, 138 Haber Alley, C
DELANEY, D W and 2 survivors, ?1 Conemaugh St
DELANEY, George Sr, George Jr LW and baby Thos, Conemaugh St
DERRITT, R P family of 3, 240 Locust St
DETHAPERE, Frank and wife, 156 School Ave
DEVINE, Ben, Morris St
DEVINE, Jno W family of 4, 100 S St, S S
DEVINE, John C family 5, 1?0 South St
DEVINE, Wm E, 102 S St, S S
DEVINE, Wm W, 1?7 Morris St
DEVLIN, Bernard, Iron St
DIAMOND, Chas, 1? Portage St
DIBB, Wm family of 2, 115 Center St
DIBERT, David and family of 4, Morris St
DIBERT, David family of 4, 101 Morris St
DIBERT, G and family of 14, Maple Ave
DIBERT, Jacob, corner Morris and Dibert St
DIBERT, Scott family of ?, ?15 Main St
DICKSON, E M family 6,21 First St, Peelersville
DIGENS, W H family of 4, 77 Main St
DILL, Wm and wife, Center St, P B
DILLETT, W W and family of 7, Cottage Hill, C B
DIMFORD, family of 3, 58 Chambersburg Road
DIMOND, Pat and family of 9, ??6 Ebensburg Rd
DINNKERD, Henry family of 13, Iron St, M B
DISHONG, E and family of 2, H?nk St
DITMER, Chas and family of ?, Maple St
DOAPHINBAUGH, John and family of 6, ?9 Cherry St
DOBBS, J R family of 4, Conemaugh St
DOBERNECH, F M and family of 12
DOBERNECK, T and family of 10, 478 Brown Alley
DOBERNECK, T M family, Green Hill Brewery
-- D (con't) --

DODSON, J M and family of 5, ??? Pine St
DODSON, N family of 5, Oak St
DOERBACK, Geo, 114 Adam St
DOFFIN, J R family 3, 93 Conemaugh St, J B
DOLAN, John and family, RR, Cambria
DOLF, George, from Michigan boarded, Conemaugh St, J B
DONALDSON, Jane W, widow, 78 Vine St
DONALDSON, wife and 2 children, 78 Vine St
DONAM, Casper and Mary, 241 Morris St
DONAS, Wm J family 11, 41 Market St
DONCOTY, Lewis and family, C C
DONLEY, J Mrs, 56 1/2 Maple Ave, W
DONNELL, John Mrs, ?? Maple Ave
DONNELLY, I Mrs, 56 1/2 Woodvale
DONNELLY, J Mrs, Woodvale
DONNELLY, James and family of 6, 100 Prospect St
DONNELLY, James and family of 6, Third St, Peelersville
DONNELLY, John Mrs, 56 Maple Ave, Woodvale
DONNELLY, John Mrs, 66 Maple Ave
DONOVAN, Mrs and family of ?, Minersville
DORAN, Barnes family of 5, Center St, P B
DORAN, Mick family of 4, Branch St
DORBY, Owen and family of 3, ?? Singer St
DORMAN, Geo and family of ?, 889 Centre St, C B
DORN, W E and family, 349 Bedford St
DORNN, Neal and family of 6, 310 Chestnut St, Cambria
DORRIS, Annie, 146 Portage St
DORRIS, Augusta, 146 Portage St
DORRIS, Clara, 146 Portage St
DORRIS, Henry, 146 Portage St
DORRIS, Mary Mrs, 146 Portage St
DORRIS, Mary, 146 Portage St
DORSEY, Hurlburt House
DOTTORER, E J, Club House
DOTY, Maud, Bradford PA
DOUBT, W T, Morrell Institute
DOUET, Mollie, Point
DOUGHERTY, C P and family of ?, South Fork
DOUGHERTY, Ellen family of 4, ?? Main St, C B
DOUGHERTY, Hugh A family of ?, Broad St, C C
DOUGLISS, Minnie E, ?? Walnut St
DOVEAN, Wm and family of 4, C C
DOWELEU, W, Walnut St
DOWELL, Nick and family of 4, Third St, Peelersville
DOWLING, John and family of 2, 138 Market St
DOWLING, Mary Mrs, C C
DOWLING, Pat and family of 10, 1?? Railroad St. Cambria
DOWLING, Pat and family, C C
DOWLING, Patrick and family of 11, 128 Railroad St
DOWN, Jas, 16 First St, Peelerville
DOWN, Lizzie, 16 First St, Peelerville
DOWN, Maggie, 16 First St, Peelerville
DOWN, Martin, 16 First St, Peelerville
DOWN, Nora, 16 First St, Peelerville
DOWN, Sarah, 16 First St, Peelerville
DOWN, William, 16 First St, Peelerville
DOWNEY, Eliza Mrs, 273 Stony Creek St
DOWNEY, John and family, Stony Creek St
DOWNEY, John Capt and family, Stony Creek St
DOWNS, Thos, and family of 4, 12? Iron St
DOYLE, Mary, John, Winfred, John Jr, 87 Main St
DOYLE, Mrs and family, M
DRAEHAR, Charles, 92 Portage St, J B
DRATER, Mack and family of 8, Bedford St
DRAYBILL, Levi, Portage St
DRENER, Emma, 39 Portage St, C B
DRENER, Kate, 39 Portage St, CB
DRENER, Louis, 39 Portage St, C B
DRENNER, Henry Jr, 39 Portage St, C B
DREW, George, 42 River Ave
DREW, Harry, family of 5, 93 Lincoln St
DREW, Mark and family of 7, Iron St
DRISCO, ??? and family of 4, 10 1/2 Main St, J B
DROESFIELD, James family of ?, 4 Poplar St
DROSNFIELD, Thos, 2?9 Locust St
DRURY, J T family of 2, 73 Market St
DRUUM, Chas and family of 7, 12? River St, C B
DRYHARDT, Jno and family of ?, Hubner St
DUERBECK, George wife and 4 children, 114 Adams St
DUGOND, Geo family of ?, Haines St, C B
DUGOND, Jno family of 2, Haines St, C B
DULL, Chas family 4, 511 Bedford St
DULL, Daniel family of 3, Bank St
DULL, J family of 5, 85 Horner St
DULL, J P and family, Hooversville
DULL, Wm and family of 5, Plum St
DUNCAN, D J and family of 5, ?? Main St
DUNEVAN, Nelllie, Merchant Hotel
DUNKEN, J C Dr, Maple Ave
DUNN, Dennis family of 5, 97 Ridge Ave, C B
DUNN, Frank family of 3, Elk St
DUNN, Jno P, 186 Adams St
DUNN, Margaret child and mother, 12 Coal St , Prospect
DUNN, Mrs and 5 children, Center St, P B
DWELLEM, T J family of 3, Walnut St
DYSON, Sam family of 3, 865 Church Ave, C B
DYSON, Sam family of 6, 186 Church St, C B
DYSON, Samuel family 5, 186 Church Ave, C B

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