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20 Aug 1914
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Submitted by Kerry Miller.


The third annual reunion of the descendants of Michael Miller will be held in the Miller grove near Helixville, Bedford county, Saturday of next week. The committee in charge of the arrangements has reported excellent progress and it is confidently believed that the attendance on this occasion will be much larger than that of either of the previous reunions.

One of the events of the day will be a baseball game between the married and single men, while various other amusements will be provided. A big dinner will be served at noon and in the afternoon addresses will be delivered by the Rev. Mr. Winwood of New Paris, the Rev. J. K. Huey of Hooversville and others. Music will be furnished by the New Paris Cornet band. An effort will be made to secure a full list of those in attendance and all will be required to register their names before leaving the reunion place.


Michael Miller, a native of the province of Alsace, the scene of numerous conflicts between the Germans and the French within the last few weeks, emigrated to this country about 200 years ago and located in Adams county, this state. His three sons - Henry, Christian and Adam - came to Bedford county and they are the direct progenitors of the present clan. There are about 300 direct descendants of Michael Miller and thousands of others by marriage into other families. It is expected that 300 or 400 of the Millers and close relatives will attend the coming reunion.

The officers of the association are as follows: President, J. R. Miller, Hooversville; secretary, Irvin A. Miller, Fishertown; treasurer, J. M. Miller, Johnstown.


About 300 Members Assemble at Luna Park and Spend Day in Pleasing Manner - Next Reunion to Be Held at Salix Chautauqua

With 250 persons registered and more than 300 in attendance, the annual reunion of the Kring-Strayer families, held at Luna park yesterday, proved to be one of the most successful in the history of the organization, despite a tone of sadness prevailing in the annual meeting, when resolutions upon the death of three members of the clan were read and passed.

The meeting opened with the singing of "America," following which the old officers were re-elected, as follows: President, Dr. S. S. Kring; secretary, Andrew Strayer; treasurer, John M. Kring; chairman of executive committee, Lewis Strayer, former county superintendent of schools.

The members of the family who died since the last reunion were George G. Kring of Salix, former president of the association; Mrs. Jeremiah Paul of the Seventeenth ward and Harry Kring of Lovett, who leaves a wife and several children. There were several eulogistic talks, in addition to the resolutions.p

Two Deliver Addresses.

The principal addresses were by Dr. S. S. Kring and by Lewis Strayer, both of whom paid a high tribute to the exemplary character of George G. Kring. In addition to these speeches there was a select reading by Mrs. Ford Ott.

At noon a big union dinner was served and again in the evening the clan sat down to a generous spread, the supply of edibles being most bountiful. A photographer took a number of group pictures. The picnickers spent a pleasant day.

It was decided to hold the next reunion at the Salix chautauqua grounds on a day during the chautauqua entertainment.

The oldest person at the reunion was Frederick Kring of Moxham, who was 79 years old last March, the greatest age yet attained by any direct member of the Kring family.


The third annual reunion of the descendants of Capt. Hezekiah and Sarah Hammer was held at the home of C. J. Hammer in Southmont last Sunday. The day was spent in renewing family ties and in forming new acquaintances, a program of music being interspersed with a number of short talks by the leading members of the clan. The ladies of the party provided an excellent dinner on this occasion. At the business session it was decided to hold the next reunion at the home of Joseph E. Hammer in Pittsburg Aug. 21 of next year. The following officers were chosen: President, Grant U. Hammer; vice president, C. J. Hammer; secretary and treasurer, John S. Hammer.

Early Settlers in Bedford.

The original Hammers in this country were among the early settlers of Bedford county and their descendants are scattered over the entire county. The direct descendants of Capt. and Mrs. Hammer are located in Cambria, Somerset and Allegheny counties and their vocations are of a varied nature.

Those present at the reunion last Sunday were as follows: Grant U. Hammer and children, E. Graham, Edythe, Margaret and Lui; C. J. Hammer and children, Maggie, Edward and Nellson; Joseph E. Hammer and Lonie Hammer, John S. Hammer and children, Jennie, Harry and Sarah; Bruce W. Hammer and daughter Clare, H. D. Hammer and children, Lena, Stella and Allen; Mrs. Lottie Rininger and children, Maude and James, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Noon and daughter Marjorie.


August 20, 1914
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Submitted by Kerry Miller.


About 150 persons attended the eleventh annual reunion of the Mishler family at Arbutus park yesterday. Officers were elected as follows: President, Jacob G. Mishler; vice president, H. H. Mishler; secretary, M. M. Thomas; assistant secretary, Leland M. Thomas; treasurer, Mrs. John Mishler; historian, Vincent R. Peterson.

Two of the oldest members of the Mishler family, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mishler, who died Nov. 13 and Nov. 28, 1913, respectively, were eulogized in a memorial address delivered by the Rev. J. L. Peterson. The oldest living member of the family is Mrs. Fannie Thomas, who celebrated her 91st birthday anniversary yesterday, but was not able to attend the reunion. Jacob G. Mishler, 77 years old, is the next oldest member of the clan. He was married recently to Emma Mishler of Akron, O., by the Rev. David Berkey of Dale. Mr. Mishler's first wife died in the spring of 1913.

There are 350 names on the Mishler family tree. According to the records the family came to America in 1760, from a town called Mishler, Switzerland.

Program of Exercises.

The program yesterday was as follows. Hymn, "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name," prayer, the Rev. M. M. Kelly, pastor of the Centennial U. E. church; hymn, "Precious Name," audience; recitation, "How Did You Die?" C. F. Peterson; song by mixed quartet, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mishler, Elvira Thomas and Vincent Peterson; address, "Manly Men," the Rev. David Berkey; victrola selections, "If Your Heart Keeps Right," "De Brewer's Big Hosses" and one of Harry Lauder's comic songs; song by male quartet, Vincent Peterson, Charles Peterson, Harry Mishler and Lloyd Livingston; memorial address, the Rev. Levi Petersin; hymn; business session; benediction. The next annual reunion of the Mishler association probably will be at the Ben Avon Country club the latter part of August, 1915.


21 Aug 1914
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Submitted by Kerry Miller.


Well-Known Clan Has a Good Time at Mt. Hope Church AGED COUPLE WERE BORN SAME DAY

"The best reunion yet held" was the unanimous verdict following the annual gathering of the Gramling and Paul families, held yesterday at the Mt. Hope church, along the Frankstown road. About 200 members of the clan attended. No formal program had been prepared and after the business session was brought to an end the members of the clan indulged in amusements of a varied nature, the younger element finding great pleasure in baseball, races, quoits and other athletics. Three long tables were set for the reunion dinner and it was a feast that would have been relished by any person with a fair appetite.

At the business session it was decided to hold the next reunion at the same place the third week of August. The officers chosen to serve until that time are as follows: President, William H. Gramling, Windber; vice president, Solomon Gramling, Strayer street, Dale; secretary, Mrs. Guy Brown, 538 Fronhieser street, Johnstown; treasurer, John Smith, Strayer street, Dale.

Oldest Members Born Same Day.

The two oldest members of the clan present were Mrs. Barbara Gramling and George Gramling, both of South Fork. The anniversary of both falls on Aug. 17, and each is 82 years of age. Only one prominent member of the clan died within the last five years, this being Emmanuel S. Gramling, a son of Mrs. Barbara Gramling of South Fork. The two older members of the family are remarkably active for people of their years and are in the enjoyment of good health.

Among those present yesterday were all of the children of George Gramling, these being Mrs. John Gillman, residing near South Fork; Mrs. Cyrus Wissinger of Salix, Solomon Gramling of Dale, Daniel Gramling of Dale, Mrs. Josiah Stutzman of Fronheiser street and Mrs. William Gramling of Windber. Others in attendance were: Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Ream and son George of Pine street, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Smay and children, Samuel and Clara Smay, of Kelso; Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Baumgardner and son Algie of Elton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baumgardner of Elton, Mrs. Alice J. Gramling and daughter, Mrs. Guy Brown and her daughter, Mary Helen Brown, and Edith, Bowman, Ethel and Ruth Gramling, all of 536 Fronheiser street; Mrs. Rose Ann Gramling and six children, David Kring and family of Moxham and Charles Gramling and family of South Fork.

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