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17 Aug 1911
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Submitted by Kerry Miller.


Special to Johnstown Democrat

Hooversville. Aug. 16. - Ideal weather contributed today to the success of the Seese family reunion in Hoover's grove. Nearly 200 people were in attendance. A number of the local members of the family were kept away and somewhat of a pall was cast by the announcement of the death about 1 p. m. of William Wain, or Williams, as he was better known. Mr. Williams was a member of the Seese family, and known to most of the people at the gathering. His death is detailed elsewhere.

One of the important features of the business meeting was the adoption of a resolution making Joseph J. Seese of Windber, the retiring president, honorary life president of the association. He is a son of the late John Seese and a great-grandson of Melchor Seese, a native of Germany who located in Paint township many years ago and who is regarded as the head of the family. Joseph J. Seese is about 72 years old.

Mrs. Hannah Custer Seese, mother of Joseph J. Seese, celebrated her 92d birthday Jan. 7. She resides with Mrs. Rachel Lehman, not far from where the reunion was held, and during the day most of those at the reunion made a pilgrimage to visit her. Grandmother Seese is enjoying excellent health and it was a source of satisfaction to members of the family that the aged lady recalled them. Her eyesight is failing somewhat and frequently it was a few moments before she could "place" the numerous descendants who called to pay her honor. The aged woman hesitates to leave the house and for this reason the reunions are held where the members of the family can visit her. It was decided to hold the gathering at the same place next year.

The Seese family claims the distinction of being the first family in Somerset county to promulgate an annual gathering. The one today was the eighth that has been held. It was not the largest in point of numbers, but proved fully as enjoyable as those of past years, some of which were held on the old homestead near Scalp Level. There is another claim to distinction, it being that Mrs. Hannah Custer Seese has living five children, 41 grandchildren, 142 great-grandchildren and [illegible]12 great-great-grandchildren.

Program of Exercises.

N. H. Lehman of Dale, vice president, presided at the gathering. The program was opened by the rendition of "Blest Be the Tie That Binds." The invocation was pronounced by the Rev. Josiah Weaver of Windber. A male quartet composed of the Messrs. H. U. and J. Lehman, first and second tenors, and N. S. Lehman and W. G. Hummel, the latter of Pittsburg, first and second bassos, rendered a number.

In the absence of the Rev. G. K. Allen, pastor of the Hooversville Lutheran church, the address of welcome was made by Attorney Virgil R. Saylor of Somerset. Attorney Saylor had "Fellowship" as the keynote of his remarks and his effort was an able one. The response was made by W. G. Hummel of Pittsburg. A recitation was given by Miss Mamie Seese of Vine street, Johnstown, entitled "Grandmother's Day." Another number was given by the quartet. A recitation, "The Farmer and the Wheel, or the New Lochinvar," was given by Miss Jessie Lehman of Dale and in conclusion the assemblage joined in singing "God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again."

At the business session the following active officers were elected to serve the ensuing year: President, H. L. Seese, near Windber; vice president, N. H. Lehman of Dale; secretary, H. U. Lehman of Johnstown R. D. No. 2; treasurer, W. G. Seese of Windber.

There was but one death of a member of the clan during the year, aside from that today of Mr. Williams. H. J. Lehman, who was married to a Seese, passed away some months ago.

William Custer of Clarksville, Mich., one of those who traveled considerable distance to attend the reunion, expects to remain until the middle of September, visiting relatives. He is a nephew of Grandmother Seese.

Those Who Were Present.

The register showed the names of the following who attended today's gathering.

Johnstown - Mr. and Mrs. H. U. Lehman, N. S. Lehman, Dwight, Merle, Alvin Lehman; Leah Strayer, Ruth Holsinger, Mrs. J. B. Holsinger, Mrs. Conrad Linker, Annie and Curtis Linker, Mrs. Sue Lehman, Zetta, Alma, Verna, Ertle A., Zella and Jessie Lehman; E. Boyd Callihan, H. J. Custer, Ella Schrock, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Linke, R. D. 3, Harold Schrock, Mrs. G. B. Miller, Harry Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lehman, Viola Lehman, Leonie Berkey, Frank Helsel, Mrs. Emma Quinn, Mrs. Mary A. Weaver, George J. Rose, Eva Manning, Jay C. Lehman, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Ream, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Strayer, Leah, Kenneth, Florence, Elwood Strayer, George Ream, Fred Treck, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Seese and Mary O. Seese.

Hooversville - Mrs. Rachel Lehman, Mrs. D. J. Berkey, Mr. and Mrs. George Wain and Orville and Daisy Wain, Hiram, Edna and Lottie Meyers, Jacob Livingstone, Malinda and Ida Livingstone, Harry Clark, Clark Rogers, Samuel Dempsey, Beulah Kelm, Frank Clark, Henry Mowery, Lou Beaver, Mother Dempsey, Jeannette Lehman, Lillie Meyers, Ella Meyers, Shannon Beaner, Josiah Naugle, Lizzie E. Naugle, H. J. Rodgers, Manuel and Elberta Rodgers, George Rummel, Ruth Haines, Mrs. Charles Hershberger, Alice, J. Earl and Telford E. Hershberger, Mrs. Katherine Hershberger, Blanche Hershberger, Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Lehman and Louther, Hannah, William, Daisy and Henry I. Lehman, Mrs. Lucinda Meyers and Ernest and Carrie Meyers.

From other points - W. G. Hummel, Pittsburg; Mrs. Henry Fyock, Salemville; Mrs. Albert Mader, Elton; Mrs. Ephraim Statler, Windber; Mrs. William Berkey, Denton, Ind.; Mrs. Samuel Helsel, Hollsopple; Verna Statler, William G. Seese, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Lehman, Noah Berkebile, H. G. Seese and Carrie and Olive Seese, Windber; Mrs. Elmer Lehman, Edith Lehman, Mrs. W. H. Cassler and William J. Naugle, Hollsopple; Levi and David Rose, Rummel; Mrs. Catherine Roudabush, Scalp Level; Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Horne, Scalp Level; Mr. and Mrs. Josiah J. Weaver, Windber; W. J. Horner, Alum Bank; Corman Seese, Windber; Virgil R. Saylor, Somerset; Frank Lehman, Lizzie and Nellie Lehman, Langstreet; Elsie Seese, Charles Horner, O. C. Seese and baby, O. C. Seese; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Seese, Windber; Laura Lehman, Windber; Mrs. Lewis Statler, Windber; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cassler, Hollsopple; Boyd N. Lehman, Landstreet; Homer Roudabush, Hollsopple, and Charles Lehman, Greensburg.


17 Aug 1911
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Submitted by Kerry Miller.

Grambling-Paul Clan in Happy Reunion at Mt. Hope Church

Gathering of Prominent South-County People to Number of 150 - Dinner and Supper in Beautiful Grove. History of the Family

With about 150 people in attendance, representative of prominent families in the southern end of the county, the second annual reunion of the Gramling-Paul family of this county was held in the grove at the Mt. Hope church on the Frankstown road yesterday. The weather was ideal for the occasion and the outing proved to be one of the most enjoyable of the season. Featuring the festivities were a big dinner and supper, baseball and other games for the younger folks and an interesting program of songs and addresses in the church in the afternoon. The reunionists gathered during the early part of the forenoon and remained until after a second meal had been partaken of in the shade of the trees in the evening.

The central figure of the gathering was George Gramling, a well-known and aged resident of Adams township, who celebrated his 78th birthday anniversary yesterday. Mr. Gramling is the oldest resident of the clan in this part of the state and the committee on arrangements for the reunion selected his anniversary as the date for the gathering as a signal honor to the venerable citizen. Mr. Gramling is enjoying exceptionally good health for one of his years and appreciated the day's festivities perhaps more than any other member of the clan. He was in jolly spirits throughout the day and found much pleasure in chatting in a humorous manner with his kinfolk. Another honored guest of the day was Mrs. Mary Baumgardner of Adams township, who is in her 75th year. Mrs. Baumgardner is the widow of Joseph Baumgardner and a sister of Mr. Gramling. She also enjoys good health. Another aged resident in attendance was Henry Fulcomer of Iowa, who is visiting relatives in this section. Mr. Fulcomer, who is 72 years old, is a cousin of Mr. Gramling and Mrs. Baumgardner, being a direct descendant of the original Gramling family.

Big Feast at Noon.

The noonday meal was begun about 12 o'clock and about two hours were required to do justice to the many good things prepared for the occasion. Following this the reunionists assembled in the church, where a short program was carried out. This was opened with the singing of "On the Sunnyside of Life" and a prayer by the Rev. F. D. Ellenberger of the Eighth ward. After the singing of "Nearer, My God, to Thee," an address was delivered by the Rev. Mr. Ellenberger. The clergyman spoke in a humorous vein a portion of the time, referring to many incidents of an interesting nature in the early lives of some of the Gramlings and Pauls. He referred especially to the courtship of George Gramling, the aged man in attendance, and his wife, who was Miss Catharine Paul. From this the clergyman then drew a short lesson on the qualifications young men and young women should have when contemplating marriage. Following the address the assemblage sand "Let the Sunlight In."

District Attorney James W. Leech of Ebensburg was the second speaker of the afternoon. He spoke at some length, making an impression among the men and women who heard him with his well-delivered arguments along an evangelical line. He drew a beautiful word picture of the sufferings of humanity who depended upon men who spent their money "where they shouldn't." He spoke of the meaning of such a gathering as a family reunion and also touched upon the deeds and lives that are required to make one an influential member of his family and finally be permitted to participate in "that other and greater reunion which is yet to come."

Election of Officers.

The remainder of the program consisted of the singing of several hymns and addresses by George Gramling, William Paul, R. D. Jones, W.G. Griffith and the Hon. J. C. Stineman.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, S. L. Gramling; vice president, J. S. Stutzman; treasurer, W. H. Paul, and secretary, George Gramling.

George Gramling, the venerable Adams township resident referred to above, is the historian of the clan and yesterday gave the following interesting account of the earlier Gramlings of this country:

"My great-grandfather came from Holland to this country. I have forgotten his name, but he located in York county, this state, some time before the revolutionary war. He fought in the revolution and at the close returned to York county where he died. My grandfather, whom I believe was his oldest son, was born and lived all his life in York county. He had several sons and daughters and all of these are dead. One remained in York county and died there, but the remainder all came west and located in Indiana county. Christian, the oldest of the sons, was a United Brethren preacher. The others were Jacob, who was my father; Jonathan, Adam, and John, who was a half-brother. John, Jonathan and Adam, I believe, remained in Indiana county and died there. Lydia, one of the sisters, married Michael Fulcomer and located in the west. Another sister married Charles Shiry and died young.

"These brothers and sisters came from York county to Indiana county about 1828 and two years later my father moved to Adams township and operated a grist mill near Elton. He resided for a short time where the Penn Traffic slaughtery now stands below Johnstown before locating in Adams township. Some years later he abandoned the grist mill and cleared himself a farm in the wilderness near Elton. There he remained until his death. I was two years old when we came to this county.

Three Brothers in War.

"There were seven children in our family. Adam, the oldest, became ill while in the war and died in the service. His home was near the old homestead in Adams township. Jacob and Charles also died in Adams township. Charles served in the civil war and was the only one of my three brothers who enlisted to return home in good condition. Solomon, who was with Co. I, Fifty-fourth regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers, was killed at Newmarket, Va. Lydia married Jacob S. Kring and died near Salix. Mary married Joseph Baumgardner and she and I are the only ones left of the family. We both have resided in this community all our lives with the exception of the 14 years I lived in Johnstown. My wife died about four and a half years ago in Johnstown and about two years later I moved to Adams township and have since resided with my son-in-law, John Gillman. My wife was Catharine Paul. She was a daughter of John Paul and had four brothers and six sisters, who lived and reared large families in this part of Cambria county.

"Of the families of my uncles and aunts who lived in Indiana county and the west, I know very little. Watson, Adam and Jonathan Gramling of Morrellville are my first cousins. Watson and Adam are sons of Adam Graming, one of my uncles, who located in Indiana county, and Jonathan is a son of Jonathan Gramling, another of my father's brothers. Henry Fulcomer is another of my first cousins. He is a son of my father's sister Lydia, who married Michael Fulcomer and located in the west. There may be more of our generation living, but if there are I have never heard anything about them."

Those Present.

Among those at yesterday's reunion were the following:

Adams township and vicinity - Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas, H. B. Baumgardner, Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Burnheimer and family, Mrs. Susan Burnheimer and family, Ethel, Hattie and Helen Burnheimer, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Gramling and family, Jacob Shaffer, Elmer Gramling, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Baumgardner, A. E. Baumgardner, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wissinger, Mr. and Mrs. John Gillman, John Smay and son, Mrs. William Rager and daughter Emily, Mrs. Lottie Penrod, Mrs. Merle Burnheimer, Mrs. Laura Gillman, Edna and Fannie Gillman, Mrs. Rosana Gramling and children, Roscoe, Bertha, Stella and Clara; Mrs. William Jennings, George Gramling, Mrs. George Fyock and family, Mrs. Mary Baumgardner, Mrs. Barbara Gramling, Mrs. R. C. Coplin and son Howard, Edward Reighard and family, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Gramling and family, Mrs. Cyrus Wissinger, Erma Custer and John Takeser.

Johnstown and vicinity - Jacob Kring, R. D. Jones, George Fitz, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Gramling and family, Jennie Paul, the Rev. F. D. Ellenberger, Mrs. Alice Gramling and daughter, Ruth, Ethel, Edith, Dora and Stella; Rosa Gramling, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Stutzman, Russell Stutzman, Mrs. Susan Shartz and family, Mrs. J. H. Matthews and Daniel Gramling and family.

South Fork - Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Gillman and family, Dr. C. A. Fitzgerald, J. C. Stineman, Emily and Mary Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Retallick and family, Mr. and Mrs. LaRue Miller, Mrs. Charles Gramling, Charles and Byron Gramling, Mrs. Cora Varner, Mrs. Lizzie Gramling, Mrs. Barbara Gramling, Mrs. Richard Wells, Mrs. R. E. Wells and Mrs. Mary Wirick.

Richland township - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baumgardner, Mr. and Mrs. William Paul and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Gillman, Frank Berkey and Irwin Paul.

Others present were Mr. and Mrs. William Gramling and family of Windber, Henry Fulcomer of Iowa, District Attorney J. W. Leech of Ebensburg and Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Griffith of Bon Air.

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