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Friday, 20 Aug 1909
Submitted by Adrean Clawson

Gather at Old Pringle Hill School
Former Teachers and Pupils and Their Friends
Had Glorious Time Near Summerhill Saturday
Exercises of Varied Nature Enjoyed by Large Crowd
Special to Johnstown Democrat

SUMMERHILL, Aug. 15---The first of what promises to be a most interesting series of reunions of the teachers, pupils and friends of the Pringle Hill school near this place was held at the Pringle Hill United Brethren church yesterday. In the neighborhood of 150 people, including two teachers who taught during the civil war - John BROWN of Cresson and P. M. BROWN of Johnstown---and about 50 former pupils of the school, were in attendance and the success of the outing was far beyond the highest expectations of those who had planned it.

Beginning about 9 o'clock in the morning former pupils and their friends began to arrive from all parts of the surrounding community and by the time the first exercises were started at 11 o'clock more than 100 people were present. Some came from Johntown, Pitcairn, Altoona and other cities, and the meetings between schoolmates of long ago were most affecting. The visitors were met at the station here with carriages and conveyed to the church.

Prayer Opens Exercises

Promptly at 11 o'clock the assemblage was called to order in the church and the services were opened with a prayer by the Rev. C. Robert DUNLAP of Pittsburgh. This was followed with the singing of "Showers of Blessing" by the assemblage. Following this a temporary organization was effected. P.M. BROWN of Johnstown was elected president. A.J. WALTER of Pitcairn, secretary and C. A. PRINGLE of Summerhill, vice president. The meeting was then given over to John BROWN of Cresson and he spoke at length, touching upon reminiscences that brought smiles to the faces of nearly every one present. He centered his address upon the subject, "Education" and between jokes and the recalling of humorous occasions of the past said many interesting and instructive things. Adjournment was taken for dinner following his address.

Dinner was eaten in the groves adjoining the church. Well-filled baskets were brought by many and those who had come unprepared were given a share of the many delicacies from the baskets of friends.

At 1:30 the assemblage was again called together in the church and another interesting program started. The election of permanent officers was taken up with the following result: President, C.A. PRINGLE of Summershill; vice president, A. J. WALTER of Butler; secretary, Mrs. P. P. SIPE of Summerhill; and treasurer, D. L. PRINGLE of Wilmore. It was voted to hold reunions annually, the date and the arrangements for the next one to be in charge of the officers as the executive committee.

After the singing of a familiar hymn an address was delivered by A. J. WALTER of Butler. Joseph STULL of Summerhill followed Mr. WALTER with an address, after which another hymn was rendered. P. M. BROWN of Johnstown addressed the assemblage at his time. The final talk was given by Rev. Mr. DUNLAP. After adjournment an hour or more was spent in registering the names of the teachers, pupils and friends present. This book is be preserved from year to year, so that at future reunions it will be possible to read the list of those present on preceding occasions. Before adjournment it was decided to call off the memorial services scheduled for today. This, however, was not learned by those who had arranged to come today and many assembled at the church again with their baskets and following the rains during the forenoon spent a rather pleasant time. Among those most active in the preparation and the conducting of this the first reunion, were those referred to above as speakers and the officers of the organization.

The Old Log School House

The old log school house on Pringle hill was built about 70 years ago and stood until about 30 years ago. Since then a frame building was erected. An effort was made yesterday by the promoters of the reunion to compile a list of the teachers of the school, but they were unsuccessful. It is the intention of the officers to secure this data in time for the reunion next August. Among the teachers, however, in addition to those two named above were the late George B. STINEMAN of South Fork, Abbie VARNEY, Maud HUBER, Maggie BLACK and William MACKRUGH, all dead.

Yesterday's gathering was made up of about 150 people. Of this number about 130 had registered. The pupils who registered were:

Students Of Other Days

Mrs. Jennie Walter MOOSE of South Fork,

Emma Jane PRINGLE HESS, Sadie PRINGLE, Maggie PRINGLE, Edward DOPP, Delilah C. PRINGLE, Mary N. SHAFFER, Lemon PRINGLE, James GLEN, Mollie Kiel NOON, Zella Noon SKELLY, Susie Noon MOTCHENBAUGH, Esther NOON, Irving NOON, Adelade NOON, William NOON, Catherine BERGHANE SHERBINE, Jerome NOON, Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. PRINGLE, Mr. and Mrs. David SMALL, Mr. and Mrs. David PRINGLE. S. L. SHARPE, R. A. SHARP, Mrs. J. D. PRINGLE SHAFFER, Mary PRINGLE SHAFFER, W. E. PRINGLE, D. L. PRINGLE, John A. PRINGLE, Lewis DOPP, and Roy LANCE all of Wilmore;

C. A. PRINGLE, Sara DOPP SEAMAN and Lizzie BERGHANE SIPE, all of Summerhill;


Lizzie WALTER STINEMAN of Swissvale;

A.J. WALTER of Butler;

Etta PRINGLE WIAN of McKeesport;

Mattie ANGUS HENRY of Ebensburg and

D.L. PRINGLE of Pitcairn.

The following visitors registered: Mrs. Alice M. PRINGLE, Bertha DUNMIRE, Mrs. Roscoe SEAMAN, Hazel SUTTER, Clarence SUTTER, Dolly DUNMIRE, Mrs. William NIPPS, P. P. SIPE, Anna SIPE, Esther SIPE, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. REYNOLDS, Ella REIGHARD, Mrs. Henry REYNOLDS, J. S. STULL, Nell SEAMAN, Ben L. CLARK and Mrs. D. A. SIPE, all of Summerhill;

Rowena PRINGLE, Alverine PRINGLE, Gladys PRINGLE, Baby PRINGLE, Earl BAREFOOT, Vivian THATCHER, Mrs. Maud SHERBINE, Miss Catharine SHERBINE, Lawrence SHERBINE, Celestine WUERFEL, Peter DIERLING, Lawrence MOTCHENBAUGH, Mrs. Agnes LAND, Mr. and Mrs. William EMEIGH, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph SHARP, Della GLENN, Robert PRINGLE, Clark SHAFFER, Ruth SHAFFER, Catharine SHAFFER, Marian SHAFFER, Carrie SHAFFER, Mrs. A. W. PRINGLE, Mrs. D. L. PRINGLE, Ida DIERLING, Samuel HESS, Gertrude ARNOLD, Josephine ARNOLD, Mary H. PRINGLE, Mr. and Mrs. George DOPP, John STIFFLER, Mathilda DIERLING, Barbara DIERLING, Mrs. Ed DOPP, Mabel DOPP, Ruth DOPP, George BERGHANE, Florence BERGHANE and Mrs. Edward SUTTER; all of Wilmore;

Mrs. D. L. PRINGLE, Sarah F. PRINGLE, Harold C. PRINGLE, Mrs. A. J. WALTER, Edith BENTON and Mr. and Mrs. P. P. WONDERS, all of Pitcairn;

Nellie MOOSE, Percy HORNING, Clifton MOOSE and Mr. SLOAN, all of South Fork;

The Rev. and Mrs. J. F. KELLY of Sidman,

Irvin PRINGLE of Greensburg,

Charles LINGERFELTER, Dorothy LINGERFELTER, Robert LINGERFELTER, and Paul LEHMAN, all of Altoona;

Sheridan HENRY, Hannah HENRY, Clair JONES and Herbert JONES, all of Ebensburg;

Mrs. Ida PRINGLE FOSTER, Mrs. S. L. SHARP, Clyde SHARP and Kermitt SHARP, all of Conemaugh;

George P. WIAN of McKeesport, the Rev. C. Robert DUNLAP of Pittsburg

Mrs. Hannah BURTON of South Fork,

Mrs. P. M. BROWN and Mrs. E. NIGHTENGALE of Johntown,

Mrs. Harry TEMPLE, Bertha TEMPLE and Gussie TEMPLE

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