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13 Sep 1901
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury.


Sarah, wife of Isaac Pringle, died at her home in Summerhill Township Sunday evening, September 8, 1901, of paralysis, with which she was stricken on May 26, 1892.

Mrs. Pringle’s maiden name was Sarah Wonders. She was born near Schellsburg, Bedford County, April 4, 1826. She is survived by her husband and four children -- D. L. Pringle, of Pitcairn; Jennie, wife of J. F. Barnes, of Waterford, Erie County, and Maggie and Sallie, at home. Mrs. Julia Dunmire, of the Seventeenth Ward; Mrs. H. S. Miller, of Helixville, Pa., and Mr. Jacob Wonders of Croyle Township, are sisters and brother of Mrs. Pringle.

During her long illness, Mrs. Pringle had the constant attention and care of her daughters -- Misses Maggie and Sadie -- as well as the tender sympathy and solicitude of her husband and other children. About two weeks ago she was stricken with her last illness and calmly passed away at the time stated.

The funeral which took place Wednesday afternoon, after services in the Evangelical Church on Pringle Hill, conducted by the Rev. D. S. Poling, of South Fork, assisted by the Revs. A. Davison, of Wilmore, and G. K. Allen of Summerhill, was well attended. It was a large assemblage of people of all religious denominations and was an eloquent tribute to the memory of one who was universally esteemed in her neighborhood as a faithful Christian wife, mother, and friend. Interment was made in the cemetery near the church.


Joseph Harbaugh, who was an employee of the Cambria Iron Company in Johnstown for ten years about two score years ago, died at Trough Creek, Huntingdon County, last Friday night, and was buried Monday. He was eighty-six years old. He was the father of the late Mrs. Gottleib Leitenberger, of this city, whose death was mentioned in the Tribune recently. Her son -- Edward Leitenberger -- attended the funeral of his grandfather.


Moses Hutzen died at his home near Somerset at noon on Saturday, and his remains were brought to this city over the Somerset & Cambria Branch Monday afternoon for interment in Sandyvale Cemetery. The services at the grave were conducted by the Rev. Charles Walker Anschotz, pastor of Trinity Lutheral Church.

Moses Hutzen, who was a cripple, was in his sixty-fifth year. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hutzen, deceased, and was a brother of John and Hiram Hutzen, of Braddock, and Christ, of Duquesne. Moses Hutzen lived in Johnstown from 1851 to 1886. John Hutzen, who is a son-in-law of Captain P. Graham, accompanied the remains from Somerset to this city for burial.


Mr. Charles H. Price, of Haynes street, received word Wednesday morning from Braddock that his mother -- Mrs. Isabella Brackbill Price -- had died at 11:50 o'clock Tuesday night, at the home of her daughter -- Mrs. Tilman Kulp -- at Braddock.

Mr. Price left Johnstown on Atlantic Express Wednesday for Lewistown, Pa., to make arrangements for the funeral at that place. Services were held Wednesday evening at the Kulp residence and the remains were taken on Main Line Express yesterday morning to Lewistown for burial.

Mrs. Price was sixty-eight years of age, and lived before the Great Flood in one of the late James McMillen's properties on Main street, this city. She is survived by a son and two daughters.

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