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Wednesday, 1 Feb 1899
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


HESLOP-REED. -- In Johnstown, First Ward, at No. 128 Lincoln street, on Tuesday evening, January 31, 1899, at 8:30 o'clock, by Rev. William Alfred Shipman, Mr. Wesley Heslop, of the First Ward, this city, and Miss Cora Reed, of DuBois, Clearfield Count, Pa.

PIERCE-ASCHER. -- In Johnstown, First Ward, at No. 227 Vine street, on Tuesday evening, January 31, 1899, at 8:30 o'clock, by Rev. H. C. Williams, Mr. Charles A. Pierce and Mrs. Emma Ascher, both of Johnstown.


JACOBS. -- In Johnstown, Seventeenth Ward, at No. _59Grove avenue, on Wednesday afternoon, February 1, 1899, at 1:30 o'clock, Catharine, wife of William Jacobs, aged 52 years 6 months and 12 days.

Funeral at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon; interment in Sandyvale Cemetery.

KUHL. -- At. No. 745 Sherman street, Johnstown, Pa., on Tuesday, January 31, 1899, at 7:30 o'clock a.m., Charles Kuhl, aged 54 years 8 months and 1 day.

Funeral Thursday at 1:30 p.m.; interment in Sandyvale.

McCABE. -- In Johnstown, Fourteenth Ward, at the home of Mrs. Michael McBride, No. 233 Iron street, on Tuesday morning, January 31, 1899, at 11:30 o'clock, Alice, wife of Thomas McCabe, aged about 80 years.

Funeral from St. Columba's Catholic Church at 8 o'clock to-morrow morning; interment in Lower Yoder Cemetery.

SKENNATIA. -- In Johnstown, Seventeenth Ward, at No. 768 Coleman avenue, on Tuesday, January 31, 1899, Salina, daughter of Andrew and Frances Skennatia, aged 1 year and 1 month.

SLANE. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, on McConaughy street, on Tuesday, January 31, 1899, John Slane, aged 68 years.

Funeral at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning from St. Columba's Catholic Church; interment in Lower Yoder Cemetery.


5 May 1899
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury



Harriet, relict of Daniel Custer, died at her home in Hooversville on Tuesday afternoon; the cause of her death being asthma. Mrs. Custer was in her seventy-first year. Her husband was a soldier in the Civil War and died while in service, near the close of the Rebellion.

The subject of this sketch is survived by one daughter -- Mrs. Rachel Young -- of Hooversville; one brother -- Mr. Fleegle -- of Stoyestown, and six sisters, one of whom is Mrs. Nancy Ream, of the Eighth Ward, this city. Two of the other six reside in Ohio, two in Stoyestown, one in West Virginia, and one in Iowa.

The funeral took place at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, interment being made in the Davidsville Cemetery. Mrs. Custer was a member of the United Brethren Church for about forty years.


Monday, 5 Jun 1899
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

Miss Pearl Bash, on of the teachers in the Westmont schools, went to Pittsburg on an early train this morning.

Dr. George Porch, of Broad street, started this forenoon for Columbus, O., to attend a meeting of medical men.

Mr. and Mrs. John McDermott, of the First Ward, returned this morning from their visit to relatives at Carrolltown.

Mrs. Winfield Reese, of the South Side, is at Ebensburg attending the funeral of her relative -- Mrs. Albert Apel.

Mr. William I. McElhinny, late of the Seventeenth Ward, started Saturday night for his future home in Louisville, Ky.

Rev. Father J. C. Farran, of St. Columba's Roman Catholic Church, is spending the day in the western part of the state.

Mrs. Augusta Snedden and family, of Napoleon street, have as their guest Miss Sarah Fleming, of Braddock, Mrs. Snedden's niece.

Rev. Father Thomas Walsh, of Monongahela City, came to this place this morning to visit relatives in the Fourteenth Ward.

Mr. Theodore Flemming, of Sourth Fork, was at Wilkinsburg yesterday, returning home on Philadelphia Express last evening.

Mr. Clyde Mellinger, Apollo, was in the city yesterday, being the guest of his parents -- Mr. and Mrs. George Mellinger -- of Napoleon street.

Rev. George C. Cooke, formerly of this city, was a passenger on Pacific Express this morning on his way from Dunlo to his home in Pittsburg.

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jelloy and children, of Lorain, O., are the guests of their relatives -- Mr. and Mrs. James G. Bennett -- of Westmont.

Rev. D. Snider Stephen, pastor of the Latrobe Reformed Church, came to the city last evening on the 7:12 train to visit friends on the South Side.

Mr. Samuel Stephens, of the Gautier Steel Mill Office, went to Cramer, Indiana County, Saturday afternoon to spend Sunday with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Dibert and child, of Pittsburg, are in the city, being the guests of Mrs. Lydia Dibert, of the Sixth War, Mr. Dibert's mother.

Miss Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Weimer, of Dibert street, arrived home last eving from her visit to her grandparents at Somerset.

Mr. William Devine, of the South Side, returned this morning from his visit to his son-in-law and daughter -- Mr. and Mrs. James Rush -- in Ebensburg.

Attorney James M. Walters and daughter, of Vine street, were visitors at Greensburg yesterday, returning home on Philadelphia Express last evening.

Mr. C. E. Barkhamer, of Coal street, was in the city yesterday with his family. He has been employed for some time in Cleveland, O., and left for that city last night.


Friday, 16 Jun 1899
page 5, column 1
Contributed by Gordon Grening


Josiah Lingenfelter.

Josiah Lingenfelter died at his home in Gallitzin Tuesday night from apoplexy, after a lingering illness, aged seventy-three years. He was a veteran of the Civil War, having served in Company A of the Fifty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers. The funeral took place this afternoon at 2 o’clock, interment being made in the Union Cemetery at Gallitzin. The deceased is survived by his wife and eight children, all residents of the north of the county.

Shadrach Stringer.

Shadrach Stringer, an old and highly respected citizen of Houtzdale, Pa., died there at the home of his son John T., on Tuesday morning, aged sixty-eight years. He was the father of J. T. Stringer, of South Fork, who attended the funeral at Houtzdale.

Anthony Miller

Anthony Miller, aged sixty-five years, died at his home in Croyle Township on Wednesday, the cause of his death being cancer of the stomach. During the Civil War the deceased served in Company D, Fifth Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery. The funeral took place at 2 o’clock this afternoon, interment being made at Summerhill.


28 Dec 1899
Submitted by Sue Smith


Mr. Ben Reese, of Iron street, and Constable James C. Herzog, of the Third Ward, went over to Duncansville, Blair County, this morning, on business.

Attorney A. J. Colborn, of Scranton, who had been at Somerset with relatives since last week, passed through the city yesterday afternoon on his return home.

Henry Myer, Jr., of A street, Twnetieth Ward, who has been seriously ill for several weeks with pleurisy, is improving and ultimate recovery is assured.

Mr. James Campbell, of Uniontown, spent the past few days here with Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Codren, of the Thirteenth Ward, leaving to-day for Harrisburg.

Mr. Samuel H. Shepley of Blairsville, a student at Princeton, was in the city between trains yesterday on his way east from his home where he spent Christmas.

Mr. Harry Wilson, of New Castle, spent the past few days with his parents -- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilson -- of Westmont. His wife has been here for several weeks.

Architect Frank P. Reiche, of the Thirteenth Ward, has returned from Mt. Union, where he had been attending to some work for the W. H. Haws Fire-Brick Company.

Mr. Leonard A. Clark, of Pittsburg, after a visit of several days to Attorney and Mrs. Jacob Zimmerman, of Bedford street, returned to the Smoky City yesterday afternoon.

Presiding-Elder and Mrs. J. Q. A. Curry, of the Seventeenth Ward, have as their guests Mr. Austin Curry and daughter Miss Lillian of Westover, who arrived this forenoon.

Mr. and Mrs. David Cover, of Quemahoning, after a visit of several days to Mr. and Mrs. Milton Jones; of the South Side, their son-in-law and daughter, departed this forenoon for home.

Mr. George Wentroth, Jr., of Chicago, spent the past few days with is father at Wilmore, leaving last evening on Philadelphia Express for Vintondale to visit other relatives before he returns home.

Mrs. Espy Trostle, of Stoyestown, spent the past few days at No. 414 Franklin street with her brother and sister-in-law -- Prof. and Mrs. J. M. Berkey -- leaving yesterday afternoon on the 1:50 train for home.


John Leffler, a Former Johnstowner, Succumbs to Consumption

John Leffler, a former resident of Johnstown, died at the Cambria County Almshouse at 4 o'clock this morning, of consumption, aged between thirty and thirty-five years.

Leffler was admitted to the Almshouse September 25, 1899. He has a sister -- Mrs. Mary J. Adams -- living in West Taylor Township, and another sister -- a Mrs. Fredericks -- residing somewhere in the Ninth or Tenth Ward. Word of Leffler's death was sent to Mrs. Adams this morning and she replied that she would have nothing to do with the remains. Steward Hughes will keep the body for a day or two and will in the meantime try to locate other relatives to see if they care to claim the remains. If not, they will, of course, be interred in the cemetery on the County Home.

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