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23 Apr 1897
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BRICKER-PICKING. -- In Johnstown, Eighth Ward, at No. 975 Franklin street, on Tuesday evening, April 20, 1897, by Rev. William Alfred Shipman, Mr. Joseph M. Bricker and Miss Mina Picking, both of Somerset.

CAMPBELL-WISSINGER. -- At Cumberland, Md., on Saturday afternoon, April 17, 1897, by Rev. T. J. Yost, Mr. William Campbell and Miss Elsie Wissinger, both of Walnut Grove.

EDMUNDS-HILLMAN. -- At the home of the officiating magistrate, in West Taylor Township, on Saturday evening, April 17, 1897, at 8 o'clock, at 8 o'clock by Justice Joseph Jenkins, Mr. John Edmunds, of the Fourteenth Ward, Johnstown, and Miss Jennie Hileman, of West Taylor Township.

EMMEL-PFEIL. -- In Johnstown, Third Ward, at the German Lutheran Church parsonage, on Locust street, on Thursday afternon, April 22, 1897, by Rev. Luebky, Mr. John Emmel, Jr., and Miss Louisa G. Pfeil, both of Johnstown.

GRUMBLING-LYTLE. -- On Wednesday evening, April 21, 1897, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Murphy, Haynes street, by Bishop E. B. Kephart, D. D., Rev. E. H. Grumbling, of Millhelm, Pa., and Mrs. Susan C. Lytle, of Altoona, Pa.

HORNER-METZGAR. -- In Stoyestown, at the home of the bride's parents, on Sunday afternoon, April 18, 1897, at 2:30 o'clock, by Rev. Frank Wetzel, Mr. Frank T. Horner and Miss Emma J. Metzgar, all of Stoyestown.

KRIEGER-ZOOK. -- In Fort Worth, Tarrent County, Tex., in the First Presbyterian Church, on Wednesday evening, April 21, 1897, at 7:30 o'clock, Mr. William C. Krieger, of Johnstown, Pa., and Miss Annie Henrietta Zook, of Fort Worth.

LONGSTRETH-SHRINER. -- In Johnstown, Sixth Ward, at the home of the groom's parents, on South street, on Tuesday evening, April 20, 1897, at 7:30 o'clock, by Alderman Patrick Graham, Mr. Guy Longstreth, of Johnstown, and Miss Sue, daughter of Mr. Daniel Shriner of West Taylor Township.

SEIBERT-THOMPSON. -- In Bellefonte, Centre County, at the home of the bride's father, on Tuesday morning, April 20, 1897, by Rev. D. L. Jones, Mr. George E. Seibert, of Johnstown, and Miss Nora B. Thompson, of Bellefonte.

WALKER-HALFERTY. -- In Johnstown, at the United Presbyterian Church, on Wednesday evening, April 24, 1897, by Rev. S. J. Kyle, Arthur Walker and Miss Mattie J. Halferty, both of Johnstown.


Miss Flora, daughter of John McCune, died at her home on Greeve street, Conemaugh at 2:50 o'clock last Friday afternoon, after anillness of about a year of consumption. She was thirty years of age.

The deceased is survived by her father, one sister -- Margaret, wife of H. T. Miller -- of Conemaugh, and three brothers -- Scott, of this city, and Harry and John, of Conemaugh. Mrs. Harriet McCune, the mother, died in 1893.

The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon; interment was made in Headrick's Cemetery.


The subject of these lines died at his home in Munster Township on Sunday, April 18, 1897, of consumption, aged about forty years. Mr. Parrish leaves to mourn their loss a wife and four children.

The funeral took place on Tuesday morning, interment being made in the Catholic Cemetery, Ebensburg.


DYSON. -- At New Castle, on Tuesday evening, April 29, 1897, Lizzie, wife of Benjamin Dyson, aged 21 years.

GEORGE. -- In Croyle Township, Cambria County, on Sunday afternoon, April 18, 1897, Jennie, wife of Frank D. George, aged about 30 years.

MITCHELL. -- In Stonycreek Township, along the Von Lunen Road, on Sunday morning, April 18, 1897, at 5 o'clock, George, son of Henry and Dora Mitchell, aged 4 months and 8 days.

McCUNE. -- In Conemaugh, at the home of her father -- Mr. John McCune -- on Greeve street, on Friday afternoon, April 16, 1897, at 2:50 o'clock, Miss Emma McCune, aged 30 years.

PREWITT. -- At the Pennsylvania Stock Yards, on Thursday morning, April 22, 1897, at 5:18 o'clock, by accident, Charles Prewitt, aged about 30 years.

RICHARDSON. -- In Johnstown, Eighth Ward, at the Memorial Hospital, on Saturday morning, April 17, 1897, Miss Lizzie Richardson, aged 80 years.

SMITH. -- At her home near Latrobe, on Friday morning, April 16, 1897, at 8 o'clock, Susan A., wife of S. H. Smith, in her eighty-ninth year.

VAUGHN. -- In Johnstown, Thirteenth Ward, at No. 159 Peelor street, on Thursday morning, April 22, 1897, at 8:30 o'clock, Charles Kennedy Vaughn, aged 27 years.

WIGGINS. -- In Daisytown, on Younker street, on Thursday evening, April 15, 1897, at 9:30 o'clock, Edward Wiggins, in his 21st year.

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