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Friday, 17 Jul 1891
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


BRUELL - NICELY. -- On July 9, 1891, at the bride's home, in Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County by Rev. C. M. hartzell, Mr. George F. Buell and Miss Katie Nicely, both of Ligonier Township.

BIROSCAK - TRUMPCO. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, on Tuesday morning, July 14, 1891, by Rev. E. W. Troutwein, Paul Biroscak and Mary Trumpco.

KIRBY-DUNN. -- In Johnstown, at St. John's Catholic Church, on Tuesday morning, July 14, 1891, by Rev. Father Boyle, David Kirby and Miss Sarah Dunn, both of this city.

PRIBEK - DANGES. -- In Johnstown, First Ward, on Tuesday evening, at 8 o'clock, at the home of the bride's mother, No. 42 Potts street, by Rev. Paul Glasgow, Mr. Charles Priber and Miss Amelia Danges, both of this city.

SHAFFER - PENROD. -- At the office of the officiating Justice, Dr. J. A. Luther, J. P., on June 5, 1891, Frankoin A. Shaffer and Lizzie Penrod. All of Paint Township, Somerset County, Pa.

WAKEFIELD - HAMMOND. -- On Wednesday, July 15, 1891, at Coopersdale M. E. Parsonage, by Rev. Charles L. E. Cartwright, Lawrence F. Wakefield and Annie E. Hammond, both of Morrellville.


Pat Kelley, of the Tenth Ward, after an all-night drunk and general racket, landed in the station house this morning. He had squandered all his means and called at the station house to obtain a small loan from the policement. Not succeeding, he left in an angry mood. On Main street he passed a stranger whom he imagined had made some remark about him. This angered him still further, and he picked up a cobblestone and hurled it at the party. It struck and smashed the large plate glass in the window of Kernott's tailor ship, in the Opera House. Officer Carney appeared at this time, and Kelley was taken into custody and locked up.


O. K. Gardner, of Pittsburgh, Wednesday evening installed the new officers of Johnstown Lodge, No. 245, Ancient Order of United Workmen. The officers are as follows: Past master Workman, George A Hager; Master Workman, John Osborne; Foreman, John Zetterland; Overseer, John T. Parks; Recorder, M. E. Bennett; Financier, Gomer Walters; Receiver, R. L. Rankin; Guide, James Pender.

The order is a beneficial and insurance organization, paying $5 per week sick benefits and $2,000 insurance. There are 263,000 members in the United States, the largest organization of its kind in the country. The Johnstown Lodge has a membership of forty-five.


Entered for Record in the Recorder's Office of Cambria County Since July 9th.

Ellen Weakland to John Thomas, Tenth Ward, Johnstown; consideration -- $108.

William B. Krise et ux. to O. Perry Krise, White Township -- $247.

Bernard Burgoon to George M. Reade, Washington Township -- $44.

Sheriff of Cambria County to William J. Buck, Allegheny Township -- $46.

John Fulton et ux. to Thomas Fulton and George W. Hamilton, Summerhill Township -- $1.

John H. Swenk et ux to W. D. Bigier et al., Susquehanna Township -- $930.

A. W. Myers et ux. to Kitty Cogaugh, Upper Yoder Township -- $290.

Alonzo Rodgers et ux. to Harriet Berkey, Moxham -- $400.

Susan Roberts, et al. to Elizabeth T. Cresswell, Ebensburg - $300.

Bernard Kelly to Henry Glass, Allegheny Township -- $4.

Mrs. E. G. Crouse and husband to Peter Ott and Daniel Ott, Johnstown -- $140.

Henry Fey to Jacob Kanrad, Johnstown -- $1,600.

J. J. Strayer et ux. to Wilson Cusic, Morrellville -- $1,200.

T. L. Hunt et ux. to M. L. Queer, Upper Yoder Township -- $225.

George Fockler et al. to Christian Hofecker, Upper Yoder Township -- $925.

Anam Hofecker et ux. to John H. Kauffman et al., Upper Yoder Township -- $945.

George W. Hamilton et ux. to Alfred Fulton, Adams and Summerhill Townships -- $800.

John Fulton et ux. to Thomas Fulton, Adams and Summerhill Townships -- $250.

Francis and Annie Gillespie to Mary Gillespie, Portage Borough -- $1.

Friday, 24 Jul 1891
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Wednesday, John Barnstedler, of the Fifteenth Ward, was in John Armstrong's restaurant on Iron street when Mrs. Armstrong was paying the help. He stood at the counter near Kate Hecker, one of the servants, when Mrs. Armstrong handed Kate her wates -- $1.85 -- and he reached out his hand and took the money, making off with it. Kate followed him, and in a short time found him at his home swilling beer, which he had purchased with part of her money. She made him disgorge when he had left. No prosecution was instituted.


Constable Lewis, of Pittsburgh, was in the city Wednesday night. He was looking for the second wife of Jocko Conchilla, the Italian, who was charged with murdering his first wife. The woman was not found. It has been learned she is in Pittsburgh. She is wanted to testify against Jocko for bigamy. Jocko was on Tuesday convicted of perjury.


A magnificent lunar rainbow was to be seen in the heavens above Northern Cambria on Sunday night about half past 8 o'clock. It was unusually large and brilliant, exceeding in these particulars the average rainbow to be seen while the sun is shining. It was a striking and beautiful phenomenon and lent an additional charm to a most beautiful night.


Sister Stanislaus and Sister Theresa, of the Order of St. Joseph, came down from Gallitzin yesterday and during the day visited the new parochial school building connected with St. John's Church, and also the new school building at Moxham.

The Sisters of St. Joseph will have charge of the schools of St. John's parish hereafter, succeeding the Sisters of Charity, who formerly were the teachers.

They have their residence in the Cover building, on Locust street, above Jackson.


The School Directors of Date Borough have selected the following teachers: Principal, Charles F. King; first intermediate, Miss Bowman; second, Miss Sadie Hill; primary, Miss Maggie Buckley. Mr. King comes from New Lexington, Pa.


BRUSH-ALLENBAUGH. -- In Greensburg, Pa., on Tuesday, July 21, 1891, on Rev. H. S. Boyd, William W. Brush, of Irwin, and Miss Elizabeth L. Allenbaugh, of Tyrone.

BOWDEN-IMLER. -- On July 22, 1891, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. W. H. Bates, Mr. Joseph W. Bowden to Miss Bessie M. Imler, both of tis city.

GOEWAY-DICK. -- At the Zimmerman House, Greensburg, on Thursday, July 23, 1891, by Rev. J. S. Hill, of New Florence, Mr. A. B. Goeway, of the East End, Pittsburgh, and Miss Mary J. Dick, of New Florence.

HAZELBUSH-EDWARDS. -- In Wilmington, Del., on Monday, July 20, 1891, by Rev. O. G. buddington, Mr. William H. Hazelbush, of Wilmington, Del., and Miss Tydville A. Edwards, of Johnstown, Pa.

NAUGLE-RAGER. -- In Johnstown, at the office of the officiating magistrate, on Tuesday, July 21, 1891, by W. C. Bland, Esq., Joshua Naugle and Miss Etta Rager.

WARFLE-McCLESTER. -- On the 16th of July at the residence of the bride's parents by the Rev. J. N. Pershing, James G. Warfle and Emma Florence McClester, both of Johnstown, Pa.

WARFEL-McCLEESTER. -- In Daisytown at the bride's home, on Thursday evening, July 16, 1891, by Rev. Mr. Pershing, Mr. James G. Warfel and Miss Emma Florence McCleester.


Friday, 24 Jul 1891
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


George Penrod, who was taken from Johnstown to Braddock on Tuesday to answer a charge of larceny, had a hearing there Wednesday. He implicated a man named Berry Marks, and both were committed for trail. The suit was brought by Charles Smith, who alleges they robbed him of $100 and a gold watch while he was asleep in a graveyard. Marks is the son of an old river captain, and when he became of age fell heir to a snug fortune, but soon spent it in dissipation.


The Hollidaysburg Standard says: Both of the furnaces in this place have again been shut down, and how long the stoppage will last no one can tell. The only reason given for the stoppage is that the Company has too much pig iron in stock in Johnstown at this time. If such is the case, it is to be hoped it will speedily be used up and the furnaces here started up again.


The surviving members of the Fifty-fifth Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers will meet in annual reunion at Indiana, Pa., on August 27, 1891. Extensive preparations are being made for the gathering, and a good time is promised all who attend.


J. W. Walker Lodge, No. 381, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, of Conemaugh, held a pic-nic at Nineveh Wednesday. The Johnstown Express took down five car-loads of people to the grove that morning from Altoona, Conemaugh, and this city, and many others went down on the Pacific Express. Large delegations were present from Pittsburgh, Derry, and other points. Baumer & Weaver's Mozart Orchestra furnished the music, and Mr. D. R. Bryan did the prompting.


13 Nov 1891
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


CARNEY-McGINLEY. -- At the St. John's Catholic Church, on tuesday, November 10, 1891, at 7 o'clock a.m., by Rev. Father Boyle, Mr. Cornelius Carney and Miss Catherine McGinley, both of Nineth Ward, this city.

CLARIDGE-ROSE. -- At the M. E. parsonage, Morrellville, on Thursday, November 5, 1891, by Rev. S. Keebler, Mr. Harry W. Claridge and Mrs. Catharine Rose, both of Morrellville.

GOOD-ALBAUGH. -- In Conemaugh, on Sunday, November 8, 1891, at 9 o'clock A.M., by Squire Shaffer, Mr. Edward Good and Miss Tillie Albaugh, both of East Taylor Township.

JOHNSON-HAY. -- In Pittsburgh, on Thursday morning, November 12, 1891, at 6 o'clock, by Rev. J. E. Bold, of Johnstown, Prof. T. B. Johnson, Superintendent of the Public Schools of this city, and Mrs. Anna M. Hay, Librarian of the Carnegie Library, of Braddock.

KIRSCHMANN-SCHERER. -- In Johnstown, at the home of Mrs. A. Danges, Corner Potts street and School Alley, on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1891, at 9 o'clock P.M. by Rev. Christian Kirschmann, of Baltimore, Md., father of the groom, Prof. S. Paul Kirschmann and Miss Lena Scherer, both of this city.

KUNTZ-GLASS. -- At St. John's parsonage, by Rev. Father John Boyle, on Thursday evening, November 12, 1891, at 8 o'clock, Mr. Walter E. Kuntz and Miss Lizzie E. Glass, both of the Sixth Ward, this city.

LEE-FITZIMMONS. -- In Johnstown, on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1891, at the office of the officiating magistrate, by W. C. Bland, Esq., Mr. Samuel Lee and Miss Elizabeth Fitzimmons, both of this city.

RODDY-VICKROY. -- At the residence of M. M. Roudabush, Esq., the officiating magistrate, on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1891, Mr. Sydney Roddy, of Upper Yoder Township, and Miss Mary Vickroy, of West Taylor Township.

SHUMAKER-LAMBERT. -- In Johnstown, at the home of the bride's mother, on Thursday, November 12, 1891, at 7 o'clock P.M. by Rev. Paul Glasgow, Sheriff-elect James M. Shumaker and Miss Antonia Lambert, both of this city.


Friday, 4 Dec 1891
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


HOOVER-HOWARD. -- At the residence of the bride's parents, on Haynes street, South Side, on Thursday evening, Nov. 26, 1891, by Rev. W. A. Shipman, pastor of the First English Lutheran Church, Mr. John F. Hoover and Miss Jennie Howard.

JONES-COVER. -- In Somerset, on Monday, Nov. 30, 1891, at 8 o'clock p.m., by Rev. Younkin, pastor of the M. E. Church, at the home of Milton Craver, Milton B. Jones, son of Isaac Jones, this city, and Miss Lou Cover, daughter of David Cover, of Quemahoning, Somerset County.

McGINLEY-McNELLIS. -- In Philadelphia, at St. Francis Catholic Church, by Rev. Father Dolan, on Wednesday afternoon, November 25, 1891, at 3 o'clock, Mr. John McGinley, of Philadelphia, and Miss Sarah McNellis, of Johnstown.


11 Dec 1891
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


There are now ten patients in the Cambria Hospital. The most serious case is that of George Myers, who was injured some time ago by being stuck with the Mill Mine cable. He is still in a serious condition, and not yet out of danger.

Daniel McAleese, the river improvement foreman, is still in the Cambria Hospital, but is steadily recovering from his terrible injury. His wife has returned to her home in Pittsburgh.

Irvin M. Good, the brakeman, who lost his right arm Tuesday, rested well that night and is in a satisfactory condition.

William Price is considerably improved and Dr. Lowman looks for his restoration to health.


Following is the report of the Robine school near Lilly for month ending December 7, 1891: Whole number enrolled, 52; girls, 27; boys, 25. Average attendance 89; girls, 18; boys 21. Per cent of attendance, boys, 97; girls, 90. The following were present every day: Charlotte Myers, Martha Robine, Stella George, Annie George, William Monahan, George Myers, Andrew Boast, John Boast, Christopher Boast, Howard Smeltzer, Jacob Robine, Robert McNally, William McNally, Gilbert McNally, Richard George, Andrew Robine, Scott Smeltzer. There were 17 visitors. Lillie Stein is teacher of the school.


In accordance with the agreement among the merchants concerning business hours, the stores will be open in the evenings from now on till Christmas as late as the proprietors may desire. On Christmas day the stores will close at noon.


DONMEYER-McGARY. -- At Mr. John Stull's in Adamsburg, on Nov. 15, 1891, by Rev. W. Houpt, pastor of Cambria Circuit of the Evangelical Association, Mr. Samuel Donmeyer, of Conemaugh, and Miss Lizzie McGary, of Adamsburg.

GUSS-CAMERON. -- In Indiana, at the Indiana Normal Chapel, by the bride's brother, Rev. Cameron, of Massachusetts, assisted by Rev. Miller, of the Indiana M. E. Church, on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1891, at 2 o'clock, Mr. R. W. Guss, of Greeley, Col., and Miss Martha Cameron, of Indiana Normal School, and formerly of Johnstown.

GRIFFITH-READY. -- At the Franklin-street M. E. parsonage by Rev. W. F. Conner, D. D., on Thursday, Nov. 26, 1891, at 8 o'clock a.m., Mr. William Griffith, of Stonycreek Township, and Miss Dollie Ready, of the Seventeenth Ward (Moxham).

GRUBBS-EATON. -- At New Florence, Pa., on Dec. 3, 1891, by Rev. J. S. Hill, Mr. J. C. Grubbs and Miss Nellie A. Eaton, both of Bolivar.

LING-RANDOLPH. -- In Johnstown, on Thursday, December 3, 1891, by Rev. D. Shearer, Mr. George H. Ling and Miss Marshie J. F. Randolph, both of this city.

WAGONER-FOUST. -- In Johnstown, at the bride's home, on Thursday, Dec. 3, 1891, at 8 o'clock p.m., by Rev. W. F. Conner, D. D., pastor of the Franklin-street M. E. Church, Mr. H. L. Wagner [sic], of Jeannette, and Miss Annie L. Foust, of this city.

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