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5 Feb 1891
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HOOSER -- LINN. -- At the residence of the bride's father, February 3, 1891, by Rev. H. Buell Loye, Mr. Joseph Hooser, of Johnstown, Pa., and Mrs. N. J. Linn, of Millpett, O.


11 Mar 1891
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Proceedings That Took Place Yesterday In the Grand Jury Room.

Ebensburg, March 10. -- In Judge Barker's Court to-day -- held in the Grand Jury room -- the case of William H. Smay, Assignee against Patrick Connery, was tried. Verdict for defense.

In the case of the Commonwealth vs. Philip Cuppet, pointing a firearm, and Commonwealth vs. the same, charge burglary, a verdict of not guilty was rendered, the costs to be paid by the county.

The case of the Commonwealth against Simon Barr, policeman at Swett's Museum in Johnstown, charge, assault and battery, was put on trial at the evening session and was not concluded when court adjourned.

Death of Father Dominic.

Latrobe Clipper. -- One of the saddest events recorded in the annals of St. Vincent's Monastery is that which took place on Saturday at 7:30 o'clock, when Rev. Father Dominic surrendered the short lease of mortal life to its originl Giver. The death of Father Dominic brings a pall of sorrow to the whole community at St. Vincent's and entails a great loss upon the institution, because he can never be fully replaced. Being an accomplished scholar, an able teacher, and a man of kind and amiable disposition, during the past twenty years, with an occasional intermission, he occupied the professional chair as teacher of the classic and commercial courses. While engaged in this important and responsible posion of training the youthful mind and heart to integrity and fidelity to God and man, Father Dominic won the love and respect of all under his charge. He has also a large circle of friends throughout the various States who will grieve at his demise. Father Dominic's death is the result of blood poisoning from a rusty nail which penetrated the ball of his right foot some two years ago. He was in the forty-second year of his age.

The funeral took place yesterdat at the Monastery, at 2 o'clock.


Friday, 19 Jun 1891
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BOYLE-DELLETT. -- At the home of the bride, Gautier street, on Thursday, June 18, 1891, by Rev. C. C. Hays, Mr. John S. Boyle, of Johnstown, and Miss Crissie S. Dellett.

BELTZ-LYNN. -- At the Presbyterian parsonage, on Thursday, June 18, 1891, by Rev. C. C. Hays, Mr. Albert O. Beltz, and Miss Bertha M. Lynn, both of Derry, Pa.

DARTZ-PROCTOR. -- At the A. M. F. Zion parsonage in Johnstown, on Thursday evening, June 18, 1891, by Rev. R. E. Wilson, Mr. Frank Dartz, and Miss Carrie Proctor, both of this city.

McKELVEY-ARBAUGH. -- At the Presbyterian parsonage, on Thursday, June 18, 1891, by Rev. C. C. Hays, Mr. H. J. McKelvey, of Derry, and Miss Maud S. Arbaugh, bo the Eighth Ward, Johnstown.

PARKS-SOUTHWELL. -- On Thursday, June 18, 1891, at East Conemaugh, by Rev. H. L. Chapman, D. D., Mr. Harry Parks to Miss Isabella H. Southwell.


Wednesday, 23 Jul 1891
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BRUSH - ALLENBAUGH. -- In Greensburg, Pa., on Tuesday, July 21, 1891, by Rev. H. S. Boyd, William w. Brush, of Irwin, and Miss Elizabeth L. Allenbaugh, of Tyrone.

NAUGLE - RAGER. -- In Johnstown, at the office of the officiating magistrate, on Tuesday, July 21, 1891, by W. C. Bland, Esq., Joshua Naugle and Miss Etta Rager.

WARFLE - McCLESTER. -- On the 16th day of July, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. N. Pershing, James G. Warfle and Emma Florence McClester, both of Johnstown, Pa. [NOTE: There is a second listing for this marriage right after this one. The only difference is that it lists the bride's parents' home as being in Daisytown.]

A Lunar Rainbow.
Hastings Tribune.

A magnificant lunar rainbow was to be seen in the heavens above Northern Cambria on Sunday night about half past 8 o'clock. It was unusually large and brilliant, exceeding in these particulars the average rainbow to be seen while the sun is shining. It was a striking and beautiful phenomenon, and lent an additional charm to a most beautiful night.


29 Jul 1891
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Points of Interest About the National Game

The game of base ball between theTown Clerks and the South Side Clerks was not played yesterday on account of the wet grounds. The game was played this afternoon, and was won by the Town Clerks by the score of 11 to 5.

The Cambria's General Office Clerks and the Company Store Clerks have postponed their game indefinitely. It was to have been played this afternoon.

Manager Davis, of the Athletics, received the names of the Greensburg team this morning. They are as follows: Copeland, c.; Smith, p.; Theurer, 1 b.; Guffey, 2 b.; Jahnes, 3 b.; Deffenbacher, ss.; Faulk, l. f.; Hity, m. f.; Baker, r. f.; Gary, substitute.

Smith, who will pitch for the Greensburgs on Saturday against the Athletics, shut out the "Our Boys," of Pittsburgh, allowing them but one hit.


Wednesday, 9 Sep 1891
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


DONNAN-HABERKORN. -- On Tuesday evening, September 8, 1891, by Rev. R. A. Fink, D. D., Mr. Albert Donnan and Miss Annie Haberkorn, both of Johnstown.


16 Oct 1891
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CLARKE-FISHER. -- At high noon, 14th inst., in Christ Reformed Church, Green street, below Sixteenth, Philadelphia, by Rev. Charles G. Fisher, D. D., father of the bride, assisted by Rev. George Clarke, father of the groom, and Rev. James Crawford, D. D., of New York City, and Miss Margaret Hay Fisher, of Philadelphia.

FOUST-HENDERSON. -- In Johnstown, at the residence of Mr. T. B. Ambrose, on Dibert street, on Thursday, October 15, 1891, at 8 o'clock, by Rev. S. Keebler, pastor of the M. E. Church, Morrellville, Mr. Levi J. Faust and Miss Alice Henderson, both of this city.

HAGER-VON LUNEN. -- In Johnstown, at the home of the bride's parents, on Bedford street, on Thursday evening, October 15, 1891, by Rev. I. N. Grisso, Dr. C. F. Hager and Miss Annie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Von Lunen, both of Johnstown.

JOHNSTON -DONOGHUE. -- In Altoona, at St. John's Catholic parsonage, on Wednesday, October 14, 1891, by Rev. Father Bush, Mr. L. C. Johnston, of Altoona, and Miss Maggie Donoghue, of Lilly's, Cambria County.

RISINGER-YOUNG. -- In Morrellville, on Wednesday, October 14, 1891, at the M. E. parsonage, by Rev. S. Keebler, Mr. Thomas W. Risinger, of Morrellvile, and Miss Ella Young, of Johnstown.

SELL-STUTZMAN. -- At the home of the bride's mother, near Baker's Furnace, by Rev. S. Keebler, on Wednesday, October 14, 1891, Mr. Samuel G. Sell, and Miss Ida L. Stutzman, both of Indiana County.

WALKER-DANNER. -- On October 11, 1891, at the Lutheran Parsonage, in Friedens, Somerset County, by Rev. J. J. Welch, Mr. Samuel Walker, of near Shanksville, and Miss Ida J. Danner, of Johnstown.


20 Oct 1891
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


KAUN-KURTZ. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, at St. Mary's German Catholic Church, on Tuesday morning, October 20, 1891, by Rev. E. W. Trautwein, Frank Kaun and Miss Amelia Kurtz, both of Brownstown.

PLASTSAK-KOVALSKY. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, at St. Stephen's Slavish Catholic church, on Tuesday morning, October 20, 1891, by Rev. Frank Horvath, Peter Plastsak and Helena Kovalsky.

PHILIP-KOVALTSIK. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, at. St. Stephen's Slavish Catholic Church, on Tuesday morning, October 20, 1891, by Rev. Frank Horvath, John Philip and Juliana Kovaltsik.


8 Dec 1891
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


James Reynolds, stepfather of Mrs. A. H. Lyttle, of South Fork, is lying seriously ill in his home in Summerhill.

Edward Peel and Sarah Moore, of South Fork, were married last Thursday afternoon by Square Young.

Joseph J. Davis, of Cambria Township, and Miss Maggie Larimer, of Ebensburg, were married at the residence of the bride a mother on Tuesday, November 24th, by Rev. D. C. Thomas.

A dwelling house owned by Ben Byers, of Vinco, and occupied by his son-in-law, Elmer Reynolds, situated on the hill back of the Argye Coal Works, South Fork, was burned to the ground on Tuesday, December 1st, about noon, together with all its contents. The fire was caused by a stovepipe that projected through the roof, falling and being disjointed a few inches below the roof settling fire to the shingles.

Portage is to have weekly paper.

Dr. G. A. Glass, of Portage, is ill at his home in South Fork. His brother -- Dr. J. H. Glass -- is attending him.

Messrs. Strahl & Son, the contractors, have finished the bed for the fourth P. R. R. track a mile east of Portage and have gone towork on the Barerock Branch extension at Lilly.


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