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This project is dedicated to DON VARNER, who got me interested and got the information to me to transcribe The copy was in poor condition, I have recorded it to the best of my ability. I have guessed at some of the spellings and numbers, so use your imagination when looking for a name the spelling may be another variation or weird looking. When totally unable to guess at a letter you will find a “?” in its place -- one “?” for each letter unknown. Also when a women is listed as "SMITH, Mrs. John", I have typed it "SMITH, John, Mrs.", so when I sorted, her husband’s name fell into the right alphabetical order. Hope this does not confuse anyone.

Researchers should be aware that this list of information provided here represents the best efforts by the contributor to share information. This data may be incomplete or may contain errors in interpretation of information. This data should never be considered as primary validation or proof for genealogical purposes. It is offered here as tool to stimulate further research. Any additions or corrections are welcomed.

Sunday, 9 Jun 1889
Submitted by Barb Boyer


Happy Results of a Quickly and Wisely Conceived and an Ably Executed Plan.


Offices Were Established in Every District and All the Returns Were Very Carefully Transcribed


But Their Places Were Filled and the Work Was Carried On to completion


Some May Have Done More Showy, But None More Valuable Work.


Johnstown, June 8 - Thousands of the recent inhabitants of Johnstown lie buried in unknown graves; many hundreds have found a funeral pyre in the flame-swept wreck above the fatal viaduct; hundreds more are covered by the mud and sand of the Conemaugh, while nearly 2,000 bloated and disfigured corpses have passed unrecognized by friends and relatives through the morgue. The tale of the missing must, therefore serve as the tale of the dead, and it is only through the tale of the living that the tale of the missing can be told. The order which is gradually being evolved out of the chaos of the Johnstown calamity is not the natural return of a disturbed community to its normal condition. It is the work of a few of those master minds which great emergencies can alone bring to the front. Due credit has been given to J. B Scott, Capt Jones and one or two others who boldly grasped the situation at the out start, and pointed out the work which so many thousands of willing hands have been found to do. There is one however, who has performed an equally important task, but whose labors have not yet obtained the appreciation which they deserve. When H G. McConnaghy and Dr. Buchanan arrived at Johnstown from Pittsburgh on Sunday last, they agreed from their first survey of the situation that it was only by obtaining a list of the living that a list of the dead or missing could ever be obtained. The relief committee coincided in this conclusion and Mr. McConnaghy agreed to do so and promptly went to work, systematic by nature and habit he saw at once the necessity of system in the task before him and prepared a plan of operations, through which in a single week's time he has performed a work which to be done properly should be done promptly and which is less defatigably pursued might have dragged along for a month. The first two hours after the establishment of the registration bureau were spent in providing pen, ink and paper; the next 24 in establishing branch registration office in the remaining portions of Johnstown as well as in Cambria City, Morrellville, Conemaugh, East Conemaugh and other towns in which lives had been lost, and refugees from the flood were to be found. Hand-made bulletins written with the charred ends of sticks indicated the location of these registry offices and agents were sent among the hill settlements which had escaped the flood to notify refugees that a census was being taken. The results were meager at first, but the people soon awoke to the importance of the work which Mr. McConnaghy had undertaken, and names commenced to pour in. Then another difficulty was encountered. It was found almost impossible to keep the district registers at their posts. The work was distasteful and laborious, and Supt. McConnaghy was constantly obliged to find substitutes for deserters. He has been continually occupied during the day in receiving and until late at night in transcribing the district registers' reports. Almost worn out by hard work and loss of sleep he has stuck to his post, and this, too without expectation of compensation. He has the satisfaction, at least; of knowing that his work has been crowned with complete success. During the past three days the registration has progressed with great rapidity. Ten thousand printed signs, requesting residents of Johnstown and other flooded districts to register, have been put up, and printed slips containing blanks for the names and former residences of survivors distributed. Fifty assistants have been at work. The census has been finished, and while not absolutely perfect, is yet wonderful when all the circumstances connected with it are considered. True to its promise to make every effort to present the earliest reliable information regarding the fate of every resident of Johnstown, the Press herewith presents the entire official list of the survivors of the Johnstown flood just as Mr. McConnoghy and his assistance have taken it from the lips of the survivors themselves.


Contractions used in the subjoined list of survivors are indicated thus:

C.C., Cambria City, M.B., Millville borough, M., Morrellville, C.B., Conemaugh borough, J.B., Johnstown borough, K., Kernsville, W., Woodvale, E.C., East Conemaugh, S.S., South Side, H., Hornertown

1889 Johnstown Flood Survivors' Census

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