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23 May 1889
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Contributed by Lynne Canterbury


A man named John McHale, about forty-two years of age, was taken to the County Home on Wednesday by Constable Waters. He had been stopping at the house of Mrs. Thomas Melvin, at the "Old Lock," and was prostrated with inflammatory rheumatism. Mrs. Melvin has a large family of children and is poor, and Mr. McHale did not wish to be a charge upon her, hence he was taken to the Home at his own request. Mrs. Michael Melvin, also living at the Lock, is an aunt of the afflicted man. Mrs. Thomas Melvin is not related to him in any way.


Some time ago Charles P. Cobaugh, an engineer on the B. & O., slipped on his locomotive and was seriously injured. He came to Johnstown, his old home, to nurse himself, and intended to return to work yesterday. Tuesday he received word that the house at Glenwood containing his furniture, etc., was destroyed by fire. His brother Johnson who happened to be there, saved some of the goods. Mr. Cobaugh left for Glenwood to see how things are. He had no insurance.


Mr. Evan A. Lloyd, the contractor, of No. 120 Vine street, and wife left here this (Friday) morning for Philadelphia, where they will visit a brother-in-law and sister-in-law. On Wednesday of next week -- the 29th -- they will set sail from New York in the Isman Line steamer City of New York for Liverpool.. Thence they will go to Aberyawyth, South Wales, where Mr. Lloyd was born and raised and from which place he came to America nineteen years ago. Mrs. Lloyd was born about forty miles from Aberyawyth. She was brought to America by her parents when she was a babe. From South Wales Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd will journey to North Wales. They will also visit Paris and London. At Paris they expect to meet Miss Emma, daughter of Rev. D. M. Miller who intends going from Berlin to Paris to attend the Exposition. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd will return to America in about three months.


12 Jul 1889
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


The striking miners in the Gallitzin bituminous coal district appointed a committee of five on Wednesday to confer with the miners in the Coalport region and in the Clearfield district, with a view of persuading them to join in the strike, and thereby making it a general one throughout Pennsylvania. The visiting delegates visited Coalport mines yesterday, but the result of their visit has not yet been made public. To-day they are in the Clearfield region. The Clearfield miners received intelligence of their coming, and are not disposed to look favorably on the proposition to strike.


Annie Ripple on Saturday made information against her brother-in-law, Levi J. Ripple, for larceny. She alleges that he took a black mare which belonged to her and which had been placed in the yard of George Berkebile, in Johnstown, the value of the animal being $150. A search warrant was issued, but for some reason the constable to whom it was given didn't search very much. Mr. Ripple appeared at 'Squire Bland's office on Saturday, waived a hearing, and entered bail in the sum of $400 for his appearance at the September term of court.


POTTS-REIKING. -- At the bride's home on Bedford street, July 11, 1889, by Rev. W. H. Mingle, Mr. Jacob C. Potts and Miss Ella N. Reiking, both of Johnstown.


2 Nov 1889
Contributed by Doug Hull


Mr. James M. Swank, of Philadelphia, is visiting Johnstown to day.


5 Nov 1889
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


BRENISER-FAULKNER. -- On Tuesday, November 5, 1889, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, by Rev. R. A. Fink, D. D., Mr. Christian M. Breniser and Miss Annie S. Faulkner, all of Johnstown.

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