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Wednesday, 19 Sep 1866
Submitted by Dianne D. O'Shea

Three Persons Instantly Killed and Several Mortally Wounded.

Gloom and sadness hangs like a pall over our town-sorrow, mourning and suffering abound. A calamity more sudden and more terrible cannot well be conceived than befell our citizens on last Friday. It was circulated early in the morning that President JOHNSON, General GRANT, Admiral FARRAGUT, and other emminent men, would pass through the town at 10 ½ o'clock, and stop a few minutes at the depot of the Pennsylvania Railroad. A large concourse of our citizens assembled at the station house to see these distinguished servants of the people.

The station house is situated on the south bank of the old Pennsylvania Canal. Immediately north, and in front of the station house, the railroad crosses the Canal diagonally on an iron bridge. Between the station and the rail track, and extending castward over the Canal, was a large wooden structure built by the railroad company for the accommodation of passengers entering and leaving the cars, and taking off and putting on baggage. When the train arrived containing the President and suite, this platform or bridge became densely packed with a solid mass of human beings, old and young, men, women and children. President JOHNSON appeared on the platform of the car being followed by General GRANT, and then by Admiral FARRAGUT, each being received with most hearty cheers.

As FARRAGIT appeared, about 2,150 square feet of the platform or bridge instantly gave way, and precipitated near or quite 1,000 persons into the chasm below-more than twenty feet-on the bed of the Johnstown and Conemaugh Railroad, which runs along the bottom of the old canal. The terrible scene beggars description. The terrible sight language entirely fails to portray. In one mangled mass lay hundreds of human beings beneath the heavy timbers and planks-crushed, mangled, bleeding and dying-calling for help, while mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers that had escaped, ran frantic with doleful lamentations, uncertain of the condition of their friends. We have seen thousands of dead, mangled and dying on many battle-fields, but never before witnessed so heart-rending a scene as this, while assisting in removing the planks and timbers off from and helping to remove the unfortunate.

We give below the names of the killed and injured, which has been compiled with great care, and which can be relied on as correct, with the exception of a few names we have been unable to obtain.

In compiling this list we have been greatly assisted by the gentlemanly Agent of the Pennsylvania Railroad at this place, Mr. Robert GIVEN.


Johnstown -
-David METZGAR, Proprietor Mansion House, married
Nathaniel DUNCAN, aged 16 years.

Prospect Borough -
Ann QUIRK, married, age 47 years.


Johnstown -
Mrs. James DOWNEY, 50 years
Miss Mollie QUINN, 20 years.


Johnstown -
John B. HAY, arm broken, 24 years, single;
Wm. ROBERTS, slightly, 20 years, single
Elisa CREED, severely, 25 years, married
Mary LIVINGSTON, head bruised, 30 years, single
Samuel M. DOUGLASS, leg bruised, 10 years;
John BRADY, leg broken, 32 years, married
Wm. P. PATTON, leg sprained, 45 years, married
James GAUL, side bruised, 46 years, married
Jos. HAFNER, slightly, 87 years, single
Stephen CONWELL, side bruised, 86 years, married
Samuel GOUGHNOUR, rib broken, 40 years, married
Geo. ROBINSON, (colored) badly bruised widower
Wm. PALMER, Sr., shoulder and back bruised, 67 years
John PALMER, severely bruised. 19 years, single
Wm. PALMER, Jr., bruised, 14 years
August KRAUSS, neck, breast and face bruised, 27 years, single
Jas. CRAVER, slightly injured, 26 years; single
Willard UPTON, hip and ankle bruised 28 years, maried
Annie SUPPES, wrist cut and severely bruised, 14 years
Wm. BONAKER, shoulder broken, 31 years, married
Henry SHERER, back bruised, 82 years, married
Susan WILT, slightly injured, 84 years, married
James MURPHY, ankle sprained and bruised, 80 years, married
Wm. UPDEGRAVE, leg sprained and bruised, 36 years, married
John P. LINTON, slightly injured, 83 years, married
John SEES, ribs broken, 51 years, married
Thomas GORE, slightly bruised, 50 years, married
Henry WALTERS, leg and arm broken, 46 years, married
Frederica BORMAN, severely bruised, 40 years, married
Alice BORMAN, slightly injured, 8 years
Lizzie FRITZ, slightly injured, 80 years, married
Jacob ZIMMERMAN, side severely bruised, 28 years, single
Charles ZIMMERMAN, Sr., severely bruised, 53 years, married
Emma ZIMMERMAN, breast bruised, 9 years
Jno. DICKEY, thigh broken, 14 years
Mary FROMWALD, ankle and ribs broken, 50 years, married
Francis BENFORD, back and head bruised, 16 years
Wm. WILSON, ribs broken, 80 years, single
Tilly FEND, collar bone broken 19 years, single
Jacob FEND, nose broken, 44 years, married
Ida KING, wrist sprained, 9 years
Pius KLUG, leg broken and bruised, 38 married
Rose GEIS, jaw bone fractured, 21 years, single
Barbara GEIS, back bruised, 19 years, single
Wm. GEIS, ankle sprained, 23 years, single
Geo. TURNER, cap of knee fractured, 82 years, married
Benjamin ORR, ankles sprained, 83 years, married
Geo. STORMER, breast bruised, 84 years, single
Nicholas HEBNER, thigh bruised, 38 years, married
John FLANNAGAN, slightly injured, 50 years, married
Daniel BERKEY, ankle broken, 50 years, married
Geo. A. KETTERING, leg broken, 15 years
George LUCAS, ankle out of place and breast and body bruised, 85 years, married
Jacob HAMILTON, shoulder broken, 46 years, married
Mollie HAMILTON, arm sprained, 11 years
Jessie HAMILTON, slightly bruised, 9 years
George ENGLEBACH, back bruised, 42 years, married
Wesley GREENE, leg broken and back bruised, 26 years, married
Susan PRINGLE, ankle sprained and face bruised, 18 years; single
Denis MITCHELL, rib broken, 28 years, single
Philip SHULTEIS, foot and face bruised, 41 years, married
Joseph GARBER, leg broken 18 years, single
Jacob SNYDER, breast bruised, 48 years, married
Frank MCPIKE, child, slightly injured
Jacob REPPLOGLE, slightly
Pat. O'CONNELL, back bruised slightly, 47 years, single
Hannah O'CONNELL, back bruised slightly, 80 years, married
Miss H. MCDONALD, head cut and internally injured, 11 years
Mrs. Mary MCDONALD, two ribs broken and seriously injured internally, 45 years
James B. MCCREIGHT, leg cut seriously, nose crushed and internally injured, 40 years, married
Henry PEELOR, leg sprained and bruised slightly, 18 years
Edward CARTWRIGHT, rib broken and leg bruised, 12 years
Jared WILLIAMS, side injured, 51 years, married
Joseph CROUSE, head cut and legs injured, 40 years, married
Cecilla KUHN, slightly, single
Mrs. Herman KOPES, knee sprained and head injured, 22 years
Sarah CLOSIN, slightly injured, 13 years
Mrs. Jennet WHENNELL, ankle and wrist dislocated and bruised seriously, 40 years, widow
Thomas MCGOUGH, ankle sprained and injured, 82 yrs., married
Miss Frances GORDON, head and leg cut and hurt
Miss Lizzie JONES, neck sprained, 16 years
Edward B. RALPH, internally injured, 58 years
John MCKENNA, slightly, married
Mrs. Mary MOLDREN, side and thigh injured, 26 years
Dr. WAGONER, leg broken and ankle dislocated, 40 years, married
Nat. HORN, head and leg injured, married
Mrs. Nathaniel HORN, slightly
Mrs. Jas. DOWNEY, leg and rib broken and internally injured, 50 years
Conrad SCHERMER, seriously injured, 35 years, married
Mrs. Sarah WALSH, internally and seriously injured
David JAMES, slightly
Thomas PETRIKEN, shoulder broken and internally injured, 56 years, married
Samuel PATTON, slightly, 12 years
Miss Mary A. REES, arm sprained, 20 years
David D. REES, leg broken and back seriously injured, 50 years, married
A. CARPENTER, head seriously injured, 12 years
John STROUP, slightly injured, 15 years
J.H. FISCHER, cut seriously and internally injured, 35 years, married
Edward FISHER, slightly, 4 years
Evan JONES, sr., severely injured, 54 years, married
Jno. WEAKLINE, leg broken and sprained seriously, 76 years, married
Thomas JENKINS, injured severely, 88 years, married
Morgan JENKINS, leg bruised seriously, 18 years
John WHITE, seriously injured, 20 years, single
John R. TAYLOR, leg sprained, 80 years, married
Mrs. John R. TAYLOR, shoulder dislocated and face and head seriously injured, 88 years
Miss Nancy LEITENBERGER, leg and neck seriously injured
David JONES, slightly injured
John FREDERICK, severely injured, 65 years, married
Ellen FREDERICK, ankle and hip sprained, 15 years
Samuel HUTCHINSON, leg and shoulder slightly injured, 16 years
Thomas JONES, internally and seriously injured, 28 years, married
Joseph BUSH, arm fractured, married
R. BENNETT, seriously injured, 66 years, married
C. NANSTIEL, internally and seriously injured, 88 years, married
F. BADER, cut and internally injured, 62 years, married
James RODGERS, leg broken in two places, 82 years, married
J. W. TRABERT, internally and rib broken, 50 years, married
Mary TRABERT, internally and seriously injured, 11 years
J. J. FOLSOM, internally, leg broken and bruised severely, 88 years
Wm. ROBERTS, leg and shoulder sprained severely, 20 years
Alex. MCKENNA, hurt slightly, 12 years; B. MARTIN, slightly
James ELDRIDGE, leg sprained and bruised
Daniel SHOOP, leg hip and shoulder sprained severely, 60 years
David HITE, slightly
Cyrus TITTLE, shoulder side and face, 28 years
James TITTLE, side shoulder arm and leg, 88 years
Henry OWENS, arm broke breast hurt, 57 years
David LAYTON, jaw broke and breast injured
Miss S. A. LAYTON, leg, 14 years
Nicholas CANON, shoulder hut and leg broken, 70 years
P.A. JAY, leg severely sprained, 82 years
Jenny HUNT, ankle out of place and shoulder sprained, 21 years
D. MCLAUGHLIN Esq. Leg sprained, married
Elizabeth MOOSE, body and hip hurt, 52 years
Miss Ann HOLMES, shoulder dislocated, 27 years
Miss Lizzie SHERMAN, leg sprained, 21 years
Mrs. S. HARRIS, seriously injured internally, 48 years
Miss Lizzie HARRIS, shoulder dislocated and seriously injured, 22 years
Mrs. Sarah JENKINS, arms broken and severely injured internally, 56 years
R. MORGAN, internally and seriously injured, 65 years, married
Mrs. R. MORGAN, shoulder dislocated, 56 years
Mrs. Mary MORRIS, arm and leg broken and internally injured, 26 years
Robert PARSON, slightly, married
Mrs. Robert PARSON, internally injured, 36 years
Naomi PARSON, severely injured, 4 years
Jas. MERTEY, severely injured, 22 years, married
William LENHART, head and shoulder severely, 12 years
Robert P. ROBINSON, leg broken, 89 years
Miss E. KOYER, severely injured, 48 years
Mattie ROSENSTEEL, ankle dislocated and knee fractured seriously, single
Miss Miriam DAVIS, wrist dislocated, 20 7years
Mary Ann DAVIS, leg cut and severely hurt, 10 years
Dr. C. SHERIDAN, internally and leg broken, 47 years, married
Joseph DOUBT, rib splintered and severely injured, 24 years, married
Thomas LEWIS, slightly, married
Rev. B.L. AGNEW, ankle dislocated and internally injured, 81 years, married
Miss Amanda GRIST, seriously injured, 18 years
John TITTLE, sprained and seriously injured, 26 years, married
Mrs. John TITTLE, seriously injured, 24 years
Sarah MCCLAY, seriously injured, 44 years, widow
Capt. Ohn REED, slightly, married
J. P.CLUBERTSON, arm and leg seriously injured, 88 years
Mrs. Charles BARNES, ankle dislocated, 47 years
Miss Mary SHEPERD, slightly
Charles BARNES, shoulder sprained, married
Isaac SMALL, seriously injured, 28 years
Emanual YOUNG, internally and seriously injured, 40 years, married
James HOWARD, seriously cut and injured, 45 years, married
Frank DIBERT leg broken in two places and badly sprained, 16 years
Susan WONDERLY ribs splintered and seriously sprained, 46 years, widow
Joseph KUNTZ, slightly
Walter WEAVER seriously, 11yrs.
Thomas BUTLER leg injured, married
James BOYLE slightly injured-married
James BOYLE slightly injured
Michael FLATTERY leg crushed, single
Charles LOWRY - single
Jesse PATTERSON slightly injured - married
Horrace YOUNG, severely injured, married
Samuel YOUNG, slightly injured, single
Mrs. Thomas QUINN severely injured, 50 years
son of J. MYERS bruised-16 years.

Conemaugh Borough -
Solomon BEADMAN, leg broken 33 years
Peter FISHER, 36 years, back sprained
Harmon ETZEL, shoulder and side slightly, 28 years
Daniel OCCONNELL, three ribs broken, 50 years
Lewis BONNER, side and leg slightly 8 years
John DONLEY, kidney injured, 33 years
John BURKNETT, back slightly, 25 years
Henry ALT, back and breast slightly, 20 years
Isaac CULIN, leg slightly, 16 years
Adoplhis ERB, side and leg badly, 28 years
J. SHOEMAKER, shoulder, side and back badly, 61 years
Rev. P. BROWN, leg and back slightly, 48 years
Henry WISEMAN, arm badly broken, 41 years
John HARKER, head badly, 16 years
John JONES, leg slightly, 15 years
A. COPE. side and shoulder slightly, 47 years
G. H. COPE, leg slightly, 20 years
Lewis DEERER, side slightly, 18 years
Christ BIFFINGER, back and leg slightly, 51 years
Casper COLLIN, leg and back badly, 38 years
Peter STORMER, leg broken 2 years
Catharine SHETS, arm broken 35 years
John SHOTS, side and leg slightly
Christian KUNKEL, left side bruised, 37 years, married
Emory WEST, side bruised, 28 years, married
W. H. WATKINS, ankle sprained and leg cut, 50 years, married
Henry M. LEWIS, ankle sprained cut and bruised, 80 years married
Samuel DUNFEE, ankles sprained, 45 years, married
Wm. H. DUNFEE, side bruised, 21 years, single
Wm. CANAN, internally bruised, 50 years, single
Wm. BOWERS, back ankles ad hands bruised, 88 years, married
Ellen BOWERS, body ankles and hands bruised, 26 years, married
Adam ROLAND, internally bruised, 40 years, married
Ed. BRADY, left arm and internally hurt, 86 years, married
J. S. BUCHANNAN, hut severely, 40 years, married
Mrs. Bridget GRAHAM, internally, 86 years
Maggie GRAHAM, shoulder blade dislocated, 14 years
Jno. BROWN, slightly, 20 years, single
Wm. MILLER, severely hurt, 40 years, married
Sarah HAWKER, hurt severely, 13 years
Catherine BRIDGES, arm-out-of place, 18 years
David H. MILLER, back arm and leg injured, 18 years
B. F. COVER, side and head hurt, married
Wm. YOUNG, elbow of place, 50 years, married
Mrs. John VOGLE, severely hurt, 45 years
Chas CANEY, side severely hurt, 52 years, married
Jas. CANEY, severely hurt
John COX, cap of knee broke and foot sprained, 80 years, married
John ROBERTS, leg injured, 55 years, married
P.J. BRADDOCK, leg severely hurt, 40 years, married
Pat NEVIN, leg broken, back breast and side hurt, 60 years, married
Miss Lottie CANAN internally and severely, 20 years.

Millville -
Michale MCNALLY, hip bruised slightly, 20 years, single
D. L. DAVIS, bruised slightly, 35 years, married
Wm. FENNELL, breast and side slightly, 64 years, single
Mrs. Mary J. LEWIS, back bruised and inwardly hurt seriously, 45 years
Richard ZACHARIAH, leg bruised slightly, 80 years, married
Mrs. Eliza SHULTS, badly bruised and back, 48 years
Phineas WATSON, paralyzed from waist to feet, 84 years, married
Morgan REESE, shoulder and head slightly, 39 years, married
Christian HAGER, side and leg bruised slightly, 12 years
J. LEWIS, breast slightly, 9 years
Owen MCCABE, thigh and leg broke and inwardly injured, 56 years, married
Stephen EVENS, eye head and side bruised, 64 years, single
Mrs. Ann JONES, head and side bruised slightly, 22 years
Miss Mary M. DAVIS, back and head slightly, 22 years
Thomas LANE, two bones in foot fractured, 27 years, married
Mrs. Sarah GIBSON, leg broken ankle sprained and bruised, 81 years
Samuel MANSELL, shoulders and neck and chest slightly, 37 years, married
Mrs. Matilda HANSELL, bruised slightly, 40 years
John PARFIT, breast bone broken, collar bone broken, 84 years
Mrs. Maria JONES, bruised in neck and body and cut in face, 40 years
Reese JONES, slightly crushed about the body, 47 years
Charles WHITTLE, back breast side and leg seriously, 47 years, married
Mrs. Eliza WILLIAMS, eye head back leg and arm slightly, 88 years, married
Michael BOLAND, head side breast and leg bruised seriously, 88 years, married
Miss Lizzie LLOYD; face and arm cut and bruised side slightly
Bridget FEELY, breast back and leg bruised slightly, 14 years
Mrs. Mary MICHAEL, bruised severely, 41 years
C. H. TAYLOR, back and hip sprained severely, 41 years
John QUILL, slightly injured, 82 years
Thomas KENNEY, thigh and body injured, 50 years
Miss J. SHEEHAN, hurt slightly, 12 years.

Minersville -
John HOWLET, breast, ankle sprained badly, 58 years, married
Jas. BOYLE, leg bruised slightly, 35 years, single
David GILLES, breast and back dangerously, 54 years, married
James BURNES, bowels slightly, 12 years
Dennis FINERTY, both ankles slightly, 40 years, married.

Prospect Borough -
Elizabeth MOYER, back and legs severely, 53 years, married
Charles RILEY, three ribs broken and hurt internally, 47 years, married
Miss Mary WILLIAMS, ankle sprained and back hurt badly, 18 years
Mrs. Mary HANEY, arms head and breast bruised and three ribs broken, 40 years, married
Miss Bridget MCCLANE, arm side and back severely bruised, 19 years
Miss Catherine MCCANN, shoulders side and leg bruised, 19 years
Mrs. Ellen MAGEE, back, breast and leg bruised, 82 years
Patrick DIMOND, eye put out and leg bruised slightly, 21 years, single
L.R.E.C. BENNET, side slightly, 50 years, married
Margaret DALY, leg and arm badly, 80 years, widow.

Cambria Borough -
John PARR, two ribs broken head and arm bruised badly, 45 years, married
Thomas MCKERNAN, three ribs broken right shoulder broken badly and bruised badly, 85 years, married
Christian KOLP, nose broken and back bruised sightly, 22 years, single
John NOW, back head and foot slightly, 87 years, married
Daniel MCPIKE, leg broken, cut in the head and bruised in the bowels dangerously, 89 years, married
Sarah BLETSER, bruised very seriously, 14 years
R. BRIDGES, leg broken, 52 years, married
Wm. D. MITCHELL ribs broken, single.

Taylor Township -
Wm. HESS, ankle badly, 28 years, single
James GOUGHNOUR, leg broken, 84 years, married
John SLICK, leg bruised injured internally, married
Peter CLASSKING, arm leg and side hurt, 80 years, married
Andy BECK, ribs broken and ankle sprained, 88 years married.

Wilmore Borough --Henry WALTERS and wife, both slightly injured
Anthony SLOAN, injured
Philip BITER side slightly.

Jackson Township -
Christ HARRISON severely injured, 35 years-married.

Ebensurg -
Frank LYTLE, ribs broken, 40 years, married.

Conemaugh Township -
Jacob NEEDS, arm broken 70 years, married.

Carrolltown -
Ex-Sheriff J. BUCK, severely bruised.

Croyle Township -
Francis LECKY, slightly
Michael D. DUNCAN, slightly.

Hollidaysburg -
Mary VORWINKLE, severely bruised, 20 years, single
Lottie LIST, shoulder blade broken, 19 years, single.

Indiana County -
Elias STEPHENS, leg injured severely
Wm. M. STEPHENS legs injured, 22 years, single.

Westmoreland County -
J. JOHNSTON, breast bruised, bowels cut and legs sprained seriously, 53 years, married
Andrew GREENWOOD, head cut and badly bruised.

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