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Thursday, 10 JAN 1850
VOL 6, NO 14


CAME to the residence of the subscriber in Allegheny township about the first of November last, sixteen head of sheep with different marks, two of them have bells on, one of them is a ram with remarkable large horns. The owners are requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away, otherwise they will be disposed of according to law.
Jan. 10, 1850


Thursday, 24 Jan 1850
VOL 6, NO 16

Eighth of January CELEBRATION

At Loretto, the 8th was celebrated in a very spirited manner. The Allegheny Infantry were on parade, subject to the orders of the brave and veteran Captain Schnetberg and his gallant Aids: They presented a very fine appearance, if not finer. After performing various maneuvers in the presence of the assembled crown the company adjourned to the store of Lieut. Little. They organized by appointing Patrick Braniff President, Henry Schnetberg and Sebastian Fry, Vice Presidents. On motion the assembly was briefly addressed by Sergeant H.C. Kaylor, in a style peculiarly anunating, and appropriate to the occasion. The preliminary arrangements and speechifying concluded, the following toasts were read &c.

+By Francis A. Storm: The 8th of Jan.: May it ever be a source of gratification to Americans.
+By Peter Sweeny: Our Home and our Country: Oh may it stand, When commanded by such Generals as we have at hand.
+By Augustin Kaylor: The Allegheny Infantry: May they never suffer defeat.
+By Joseph A. Buck: General Jackson: A man who never shrunk from responsibilities when he saw that his country required that he should do so.
+By John T. Leavy: Our Country and our Country's cause forever.
+By James Miller: The Ladies of our Country: All Hail!
+By H. Scanlan: Long corns and tight boots to the enemies (sp--enemies) of our country.
+By Francis Flick: Gen. Andrew Jackson: The hero of New Orleans.
+By Henry Schnetberg: ...
+By Daniel Gallagher: ...
+By H. Scanlan: ...
+By F. Pfoff: Long may the memory of Gen. Jackson be held in esteem.
+By P. Braniff: ...
+By Henry Schnetberg: ...
+By James A. Todd: ...
+By Jerome J. Melhorn: ...
+By P. Braniff: ...
+By H.C. Kaylor: ...
+By A. Little: ...
+By Henry Schnetberg: ...
+By J.T. Leavy: ...
+By Thomas Hogue: May the Allegheny Infantry answer the expectations of their country as the Heroes of New Orleans did on the 10th of January, 1815.
+By Wm. J. Coons: ...
+By Henry Schnetberg: ...
+By Joseph A. Todd: ...
+By Jerome J. Melhorn: ...
+By a Guest: ...


Thursday, 24 Jan 1850
VOL 6, NO 16


Daniel Huber vs. William Huber,
Thomas Kingston vs. William Huber.

In the Common Pleas of Cambria County, July Term 1849, Fi. Fa. No. 81, July Term, 1849. Fi. Fa. No. 82.

And now to wit January 12, 1850. E Hutchinson, Jr., appointed Auditor to ascertain the amount of money in the hands of Jacob R. Sharretts, Constable of Johnstown borough, arising from the sale of personal property of W. Huber and Jacob Myers, and report facts and distribution to next Term.

From the Record. Wm. KITTELL, Proth'y.
The duties of the Auditor named in the above, will be attended to at the House of Calvin Bernet in Johnstown, on Thursday the 19th day of February next at 1 o'clock P.M. at which time and place all persons interested, may attend if they think proper.

E. HUTCHINSON, Jr., Auditor.
Jan. 17, 1850
News and Echo insert 4 times and charge Auditor.


THE collectors of the School Taxes in Carroll township are earnestly requested to pay immediately into the hands of the School Treasurer of said township the amounts of their several duplicates. There is money due the Treasury remaining unpaid for several years past, and no longer indulgence can be given. Any collector neglecting this notice may expect to have the amount of his duplicate collected by a due course of law.

By order of the Board, THOMAS KIRKPATRICK, Secretary.
Jan. 10, 1850


WHEREAS my wife Lydia has without any just cause or provocation left my bed and board, this is therefore to caution all persons against trusting hereon my account as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting.
Jan. 10, 1850


Thursday, 31 Jan 1850
VOL 6, NO 17

A list of Countries and their Population in the year 1849.

7. Blair (erected Feb. 26, 1843) 4,457
11. Cambria 3,642
28. Huntingdon 5,309
29. Indiana 5,530
46. Philadelphia city 22,730
Philadelphia county 51,551
50. Somerset 4,924
59. Westmoreland 11,618

Estimated total for state 486,733


On the 10th inst., by Wm. Davis, V.D.M., MR. SAMUEL CLARK to MISS RACHEL DONNELY, both Cambria county, Pa.

On Thursday, the 24th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Powell, DAVID W. PRICE, Esq., to MISS CATHARINE EVANS, both of Cambria township.

On Tuesday, the 29th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Engelbrecht, Mr. JAMES WEAKLAND to Miss MARY LUTHER, both of Carroll township.


Thursday, 14 Feb 1850


On Tuesday last, Mr. Daniel T. Jones residing about three miles south of this borough, had two horses instantly killed by the falling of a tree. His little boy was driving them through the woods at the time the accident occurred. The horses were killed instantly, although the boy was but slightly injured.

Awful Calamity.

One of the most melancholy and heartrending accidents occurred at the Summit on Thursday morning last, that we have ever been called upon to record. The dwelling house of Mr. Ignatius Adams was totally destroyed by the explosion of twelve kegs of gun powder, which he had stored in one of the rooms, by which his wife was instantly killed, and Demetrius A. Lucket, Miss Martha Lucket, Miss --- [as listed in article] Mahon, a German named Hoover and a c hild of Mr. Adams, was burned and mangled in a most shocking manner. Mr. Adams, although present, was but slightly injured. Demetrius A. Lucket and the German have both since died. There are slight hopes of the two young ladies and the child surviving.

The explosion occurred about six o'clock in the morning. The powder was ignited by the German, Hoover, who had went into the room where it was deposited for the purpose of procuring some of it with which to blast stone coal. In extinguishing the candle which he carried in hand, it is supposed that he blew a spark into the powder. As many be supposed, by the explosion of so large a quantity of powder, the house was total ruin, and it is said those who witnesses it, that the scene presented was one of the most heart-rending description. It was with considerable difficulty that the sufferers were extricated from the mass of ruins.

The wife of Mr. Adams, Demetrius A. and Miss Martha Lucket were all the children of John Lucket, Esq., of Washington township, who has the sympathies and sincere condolence of his numerous friends in this his severe affliction. The sufferers were all respectable members of society, and in the prime of life, and this sad occurrence which has befallen them has cast a deep gloom over the whole community.

Mrs. Adams was buried on Friday last, and her funeral was attended by a very large concourse of people.


Due County from Collectors and others, as follows:

County State
James M'Dermit, Clearfield tp 1843 $ 18.18 $ 12.33
D.T. Storm, Johnstown Bor. 1844 $ 57.41 $ 46.72
Simon Weakland, Allegheny tp 1849 $363.19 $141.65
Henry Buck, Carroll tp 1849 $320.01 $121.37
Patrick Ivory, Clearfield twp 1849 $310.93 $120.25
David Leidy, Jackson tp 1849 $310.28 $110.34
George Helsel, Richland tp 1849 $226.17 $ 85.88
Francis Bearer, Susquehanna tp 1849 $ 95.21 $ 52.37
Matthew Black, Washington tp 1849 $433.45 $194.39
John Shorten, White tp 1849 $107.94 $ 37.59

Ebensburg Market

Flour - $5.37-1/2 @ 5.50 per barrel
Wheat - $1 @ 1.12-1/2 per bushel
Oats - 40 @ 43-3/4 cts. very scarce
Corn Meal - 62-1/2 cts. per bushel
Rye - 62-1/2 cts. per bushel
Buckwheat - 62-1/2 cts. per bushel
Potatoes - 50 @ 62-1/2 cts.
Butter - Roll 14 @ 15 cts. Keg 12-1/2 @ 14.
Fresh Beef - 3 @ 4 cts.
Fresh Pork - 4 @ 4-1/2 cts.
Salt - 2.50 per barrel
Eggs - 12 cts. per dozen
Hay $10 at 12 per ton
Seed - Timothy, $2.00 per bushel
Seed - Clover - $4.50 per bushel
Wool - 23 @ 25 cts. per lb.


LETTERS testamentary on the Estate of Peter M'Guire, late of Allegheny Township, Cambria County, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Cambria County. Notice is hereby given to all persons indebted toward said Estate to make payment, and those having claims against it, to present them properly authenticated for settlement.
Feb. 14, 1850


BY virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court of Cambria County, will be exposed to Public Sale at the House of Joseph Pfoff, in the borough of Loretto, at 1 o'clock p.m. on Friday the 15th day of March next, the following described property, being the property of William Bradley, deceased, viz:

A certain tract of land in Clearfield Township, adjoining lands of Alexander Murray, John Krise, William M'Connestly and Joseph Hill, containing 50 ACRES or thereabouts.

Terms of sale made known at the time and place appointed by

Feb. 14, 1850


Thursday, 14 Mar 1850


On Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr. Davis, EDMUND J. WATERS, Esq., to Miss MARGARET TIBBOTT, both of this place.
The printers were not forgotten by the above happy pair. We received a large piece of delicious pound cake, which was much relished by all the hands and our Mexican devil, and for which we wish the bride and groom may enjoy much happiness in the life matrimonial.


Thursday, 21 Mar 1850


The public is hereby notified that I have left in possession of my son, David Rees, during my pleasure, the following property, and all persons are cautioned against meddling in any wise with the same -- One Bay and One Gray Mare, two sets Harness, one Cow, one Plough, and one Harrow.
March 21, 1850


Thursday, 11 Apr 1850
VOL 6, NO 27


On Tuesday the 9th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Gallagher, Mr. CORNELOIUS DONOUGHE, of Allegheny township, to Miss SUSAN SKELLY of this place.


Thursday, 18 Apr 1850
VOL 6, NO 28


On Tuesday last by the Rev. A.M'Elwain, Mr. GEORGE W. KELLEY to Miss ELIZA RUSSELL, daughter of Wm. Russell, Esq. of Portage, Cambria county.

At the Catholic Church in Harrisburg, on Sunday evening the 14th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Maher, Hon. LYNN BOYD, of Kentucky, to Mrs. ANN L. DIXON of Ebensburg, Pa.


Thursday, 2 May 1850
VOL 6, NO 30


On Tuesday the 23d ult., by the Rev. Mr. Basserman, Col. MILTON ROBERTS, of Ebensburg, to Miss MALVINA WILLIS of Blattsville.

On Thursday the 25th ult., by the Rev. Wm. Harst of Baltimore, Mr. B.J. KOUGH of Ebensburg, to Miss MARY J. EVANS, of Saulsburg, Huntington county.


Thursday, 9 May 1850


The undersigned as directed by the last will Peter M'Guire deceased offers for sale

Two Hundred & Fifty-seven Acres

of pine land situated three miles from the Summit. On this land there is erected a


now in operation. The offer of this properly is the best opportunity recently afforded to capitalists disposed to embark in a lucrative business. The title to the land is indisputable. Persons disposed to purchase, by calling on Michael M'Guire in Allegheny township Cambria county will be shown the premises. For further particulars application can be made to

Executor of Peter M'Guire dec'd.
Ebensburg, Feb. 28, 1850


Thursday, 16 May 1850
VOL 6, NO 32


On the 9th inst., by the Rev. William Lloyd, Mr. JAMES R. YOUNG, of Pittsburg, to Miss MIRIAM TIBBOTT, of Cambria township, Cambria county, Pa.


Thursday, 23 May 1850
VOL. 6, NO 33


On Tuesday, April 23, by the Rev. Mr. Gallagher, Mr. JOHN SWANKER of Washington tp., to Miss ELIZABETH STORM of Allegheny township.


Thursday, 18 Jul 1850
VOL 6, NO 41


On the 16th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Bradley, Mr. FRANCIS C. M'DERMIT to Miss MARGARET MELOY all of the Summit.


Thursday, 8 Aug 1850
VOL 6, NO 44


The partnership heretofore existing between LITZINGER & TODD in the Mercantile business, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons indebted to them will please call and settle on or before the first of October next.

July 29, 1850.


Thursday, 15 Aug 1850
VOL 6, NO 45


On Tuesday 1ay(??), by the Rev. Festus Tibbott, Mr. EDWARD J. MILLS, to Miss CATHARINE, daughter of Stephen Lloyd, Esq., all of this place.


Thursday, 29 Aug 1850
VOL 6, NO 47


At the American House, in Hollidaysburg, on Tuesday last, by the Rev. Mr. Yherkus, Mr. MICHAEL C. McCAGUE of t this place, to Miss HARRIET, daughter of David Evans, Esq., of Cambria township.


Thursday, 19 Sep 1850
VOL 6, NO 50


On the 12th inst., by William G. Davis V.D.M., Mr. DAVID L. DAVIS to Miss CHARLOTTE RAGER, both of Jackson township.


Thursday, 10 Oct 1850
VOL 7, NO 1


On Thursday, the 26th ult., by the Rev. C. Englebrecht, Dr. JOSEPH EBERSTALER, of Carrollton, to Miss MARY, daughter of Anthony Yeager, of Susquehanna township.


Thursday, 31 Oct 1850
VOL 7, NO 4


On Thursday last, by the Rev. Festus Tibbot, Mr. GEORGE WILSON, of Ebensburg, to Miss ANN LLOYD, of Cambria township.


MARRIED, on Tuesday last, by the Rev. H.P. Gallagher, Mr. JOHN A. BLAIR to Miss JANE ANN EVANS, both of Ebensburg.


Thursday, 14 Nov 1850
VOL 7, NO 6


On the 7th inst., by the Rev. A. McElwain, Mr. JOHN ECKLEY to Miss ELIZABETH MAGER, both of the Summit, Cambria county.

On the 21st October, by the Reverend L. Powell, Mr. LEWIS BEYSON to Miss MARGARET JONES, both of this place.


Thursday, 28 Nov 1850
VOL 7, NO 8

We regret to learn that Mr. PATRICK REGAN was seriously injured on Wednesday of last week. He was passing down Plane 10 on an emigrant car, when one of the axles broke, pitching the body of the car down the bank. Mr. REGAN had one of his thighs broken and a shoulder dislocated, and otherwise severely bruised. We understand that he is now doing well, and that he will in all probability recover from the injuries he has sustained.


Letters of Administration having been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Cambria county, on the estate of John Burtlett late of Summerhill township, in said county, dec'd. All persons indebted to said estate are required to make payment wit[h]out delay, and those having claims to present them properly authenticated for settlement.
Nov. 21, 1850


On the 21st inst., by the Rev. John L. Jeffreys, Mr. WILLIAM CLEMENT to Miss SARAH JAMES, all of this place.

Accompanying the above notice, we received a large quantity of delicious cake, for which the happy couple have our best wishes for a long life of prosperity and happiness.


Thursday, 5 Dec 1850
VOL 7, NO 9


On the 12th ult., at Loretto, by the Rev. Mr. Gallagher, Mr. A. SANKER to Miss SALLIE MELOY.

At the same time and place, and by the same, Mr. PETER ECKENRODE to Miss RUTH FAR.

At the same time and place, and by the same, Mr. JOSEPH ADAMS to Miss BARBARA PARRISH.

At the same time and place, and by the same, Mr. HENRY BECKER to Miss MARY SANKER.

On the 19th ult., at the same place and by the same, Mr. PETER FLICK to Miss ELIZABETH GARDNER.


Thursday, 19 Dec 1850
VOL 7, NO 11

Capt. Nagle

By the following item of Washington news it will be seen that Capt. Nagle will by "jerked up" for his proceedings relative to company claims. Unless we are mistaken, both the companies from this county, entrusted him with their claims against the General Government.

Captain Nagle, who disappeared from here about a year ago, after being detected in defrauding the Government, by presenting forged vouchers of claimants, has been indicted in this Court upon the testimony of Capt. Quail of Pittsburg. He is said to be doing a private banking business in St. Louis, and the President will make a requisition for him.

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