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We go where democratic principles point the way; --
When they cease to lead; we cease to follow
by John G. Given

Thursday, 12 Apr 1849


On Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. Henry McDivine, Lieut. JOHN G. GIVEN, to Miss MARGARET WHERRY, daughter of Wm. Wherry, Esq., of the vicinity of this place.

We learn that ALEXANDER IRVIN, of Clearfield county, has been appointed Marshall of the Western District of Pennsylvania.


ALL persons indebted to the estate of John Moran, late of Washington township, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, residing in Washington township, Cambria county, and all persons having claims against said estate will present them properly authenticated for settlement.
ALICE MORAN, Administratix
GEO BURGOON, Administrator
April 12, 1849-27-61


Thursday, 3 May 1849
VOL 5, NO 30


COL. MILTON ROBERTS has been appointed Postmaster for this place in the room of Rees J. Lloyd, removed.

GEORGE SAYLOR has been appointed Postmaster in the borough of Johnstown, in the place of Jordon Marbourg, removed.


On the 26th ult., by the Rev. A. McElwain, Mr. JOHN OSBURN, of Huntingdon county, to Miss JANE PROUDFOOT, of Cambria county.

At Huntingdon, on the 26th ult., by the Rev. John Peebles, Dr. HORACE W. SMITH, formerly of this place, to Miss REBECCA A., daughter of the late Isaac Dorland, Esq., of Huntingdon.


Andrew Callahan, Clearfield
Adam Helsel, Summerhill
Joseph Burgoon, Washington
Peter M'Gough, Clearfield
John M'Garity, Washington
Elisha Gorsuch, White
David Sommerville, Susquehanna
Joseph Dodson, Allegheny
Nathan Crum, Summerhill
Anthony Lambaugh, Jackson
Matthew Ivory, Allegheny
John B. Brookbank, Summerhill
Jacob Kring, Richland
Peter Summers, Summerhill
Abraham Stutzman, Connemaugh
George Berkpile, Richland
John M'Gough, Sr., Washington
Henry Weaver, Summerhill
Jacob Paul, Jr., Richland
Felix O'Neill, Cambria
George Elder, Allegheny
David Spielman, Summerhill
David Prosser, Connemaugh
John P. Parrish, Carroll

Emericus Bender, Carroll
William Litzinger, Allegheny
Michael Leavy, Allegheny
James Cunningham, Susquehanna
Robert Kerr, Connemaugh
John Hamilton, Johnstown
Patrick Cullen, Summerhill
James Fagan, Carroll
Samuel Reed, Jackson
Samuel Black, Washington
John Reed, Connemaugh
Michael Driscal, Allegheny
John Eagan, Connemaugh
Wm. Nelson, Cambria
Raphael Cooper, Summerhill
Michael Shoup, Richland
Augustine Little, Allegheny
Jacob Mack, Cambria
George Hellse, Richland
William Roberts, Jackson
Richard Nagle, Jr., Susquehanna
Ephriam Crum, Summerhill
John Plunkett, Carroll
Patrick Roddy, Susquehanna
George Litzinger, Allegheny
Augustine Hott, Carroll
Jacob R. Stull, Richland
D.C. Zahm, Cambria
Daniel Dimond, Summerhill
Lewis B. Dunmyer, Richland
Peter Kaylor, Cambria
John Philepps, Johnstown
John P. Strayer, Connemaugh
Thomas M. Jones, Cambria
Joseph Walters, Allegheny
John Youter, Johnstown

David Trexler, Allegheny
John M'Mullen, Allegheny
John B. Donoughe, Allegheny
Jacob Shaffer, Jackson
Michael M'Guire, Allegheny
John Pergrin, Jackson
Jacob Luther, Carroll
Patrick Donoughe, Washington
John Kinports, Susquehanna
Robert Trotter, Washington
George Delany, Allegheny
Blossius Noel, Carroll
Joseph Lecca, Summerhill
George Bruce, Allegheny
John D. Hughes, Cambria
John Pringle, Johnstown
Francis Cooper, Allegheny
Samuel Wills, Allegheny
Charles Bradley, Allegheny
James Myers, Cambria
Allen Rose, Richland
Wm. Brown, Clearfield
Alexander Lane, Connemaugh
Casper Dimond, Summerhill
Isaac Giffer, Susquehanna
Thomas Gallaher, Allegheny
Jacob Knable, Connemaugh
James Douglass, (of Wm. Carroll)
Wm. J. Williams, Cambria
George W. Munson, Johnstown
Alexander M'Mullin, Allegheny
Adam Fockles, Johnstown
Peter Gordon, Jr., Susquehanna
John Morgan, Jackson
Lamer Cassidy, Allegheny
May 3, 1849


Thursday, 17 May 1849
VOL 5, NO 32


On the 10th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Powell, Mr. JOHN D. HUGHES, of this place, to Miss GWINEFRED ARTHUR, of Green township, Indiana county.


Thursday, 31 May 1849
VOL 5, NO 34

Of Goods, Wares and Merchandise in Cambria County for the year 1849

Allegheny township
Patrick Shiels, liquor
William Litzinger
Lyttle & Gallaher
George Litzinger, liquor

Cambria township
Lewis & Roberts
Frederick Kittell
Murray & Zahm, liquor
John S. Buchanan
Johnston Moore, liquor
Litzinger & Todd, liquor
Ezekiel Hughes
James Kane, liquor
Mary Evans, liquor

Clearfield township
R.A. Dorsey & Co., liquor
Daniel Litzinger, liquor
Patrick Shields, liquor

Carroll township
Peter Urban, liquor
J.P. Parish, liquor
Peter Weible, liquor

Jackson township
William Lowry

Summerhill township
G.L. Lloyd & Co.
Anthony Long
Robert Lytle
G & W Murray, liquor
Ann Zerber

Of Goods, Wares and Merchandise in Cambria County for the year 1849

Washington township
John Ivory
Riffle & Humphreys
Peter Dougherty
Samuel Black
Bartholomew Cranson, liquor
George Ullery & Co.
Henry M'Kibbon, liquor
M.M. Adams
Sophia Stiner, liquor
O'Neill & Rhey
Peter Moyers, liquor
William Allen, liquor
Bernard M'Colgan, liquor
Rosannah M'Glaughlin, liquor
Henry Lindsey, liquor
Durban & O'Friel

Susquehanna township
D.R. Kinports & Brother
Michael Platt, liquor
William Leamer, liquor
George H. Stiffler, liquor

White township
George Walters
Charles Little

Richland township
Herman Grove, liquor
Henry Vale

Military Meeting

A meeting was held at the Summit school house, May 26th, 1849, for the purpose of reorganizing the company of AMERICAN HIGHLANDERS.

The meeting was called to order by calling Mr. Andrew Donoughe to the chair, and P.S. M'Closkey, Esq., and Mr. James M. Riffle as secretaries.

Mr. Donoughe having stated the object of the meeting, Capt. John Humphreys read the late Militia law.


Thursday, 28 Jun 1849
VOL 5, NO 38


The Democratic Delegates from the several townships of Cambria county assembled at the Court House, to the borough of Ebensburg, on Tuesday the 26th inst. On motion, ROBERT P. LINTON, Esq., was called to the Chain, and Peter M'Gough and Bernard M'Colgan Secretaries. Credentials of the attendees having been examined, the following gentlemen took their seats as members of the Convention.

Allegheny - Michael M'Guire, Henry Scanlan
Cambria - James Myers, John B. Hoover
Carrol - William Glass, William J. Williams
Clearfield - John Douglass, Peter M'Gough
Connemaugh - John Shaffer, Jacob Fronhenson(sp?)
Jackson - WM. W. Harris, Charles Wilson
Johnstown - Emanuel Shaffer, Robert P. Linton
Richland - Lewis Dunmyer, Henry Dunmyer
Summerhill - Jacob Pringle, Elisha Plummer
Susquehanna - John Kinsports, Francis Bearer
Washington - Bernard M'Colgan, Francis O'Friel
White - Arthur M'Dermit, John Burgoon


Thursday,12 Jul 1849
VOL 5, NO 40


On Tuesday last, by the Rev. Samuel Swan, MR. ROBERT G. GIVEN to MISS ELIZA JANE LAWSON, all of Centreville, Indiana county.


Thursday,19 Jul 1849
VOL 5, NO 41


Mr. John Lytle will have a large sale of valuable personal property on the 31st inst., at Perote Saw Mill near, near No. 2, A.P. Railroad. We have no doubt from the great number of articles offered for said, cheap bargains may be had. See bills.


We regret to hear that Mr. Elijah Lucket had his foot so seriously injured, on Friday last, at Plane No. 6, by a car passing over it, that amputation was necessary in order to save his life. We believe he is now recovering as fast as possible.


Letters testamentary on the estate of William Bradley, late of Allegheny township, deceased, have been granted to the subscriber, residing in said township. All persons having claims against said estate are notified to present them properly authenticated for settlement, and those indebted to the same are hereby requested to make immediate payment.

July 19, 1849.


Thursday, 26 Jul 1849
VOL 5, NO 42


On Tuesday, the 24th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Swan, Col. JOHN S. BUCHANAN, of this place, to Miss CATHARINE JANE, daughter of Evan Roberts, Esq., of Johnstown.


Thursday, 16 Aug 1849
VOL 5, NO 44

August 16, 1849.

John Ivory & Co.
July 5, 1849


WHEREAS my wife ELIZABETH V. has left my house without cause. This is therefore to caution the public not to credit her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting.
Summit, August 12, 1849


Drawn for October Term, 1849:
Ncholas Crum, Summerhill tp
Daniel M'Cauly, Carrol tp
Stephen Meyers, Washington tp
Thomas Porter, Washington tp
Andrew Dunmire, Jackson tp
George W. George, Washington tp
James Yost, Carrol tp
Thomas Gore, Johnstown
William Luther, Carrol tp
John T. Williams, Cambria tp
Andrew Donoughe, Washington tp
John Blough, Richland tp
Henry Dunmire, Summerhill tp
John C. Horner, Richland tp
John Krise, White tp
Richard Jones Jr., Cambria tp
Jone Skelly, Cambria tp
John Koons, Allegheny tp
William Slick, Richland tp
Lewis Storm, Clearfield tp
William Little, Clearfield tp
Abram Cobaugh, Conemaugh tp
Joseph Buck, Allegheny tp
Daniel M'Manamy, Washington tp

Thursday, 16 Aug 1849
VOL 5, NO 44


For October Term, 1849
Jacob Pringle, Summerhill tp
John Beers, White tp
Conrad Carroll, Clearfield tp
Emanuel Bramer, Jackson tp
William T. Patton, Johnstown
William Glass, Carroll tp
Richard Sanderson, Conemaugh tp
Mathias Copeland, Johnstown
Joseph Snyder, Summerhill tp
Henry Little, Allegheny tp
Samuel D. Lilly, Washington tp
Jacob Wingart, Richland tp
Samuel St. Clair, Richland tp
Samuel Pryce, Cambria tp
Michael Murray, Carroll tp
James Duncan, Jackson tp
Timothy Davis, Cambria tp
Isaac Sills, Summerhill tp
William Ramey, Washington tp
John Noel, Washington tp
William Weakland, Carroll tp
George Murray, Summerhill tp
David O'Hara, Washington tp
Michael Skelly, Summerhill tp
Washington Douglass, Susquehanna tp
Peter Scanlan, Cambria tp
Thomas D. Rees, Cambria tp
John B. Myers, Summerhill tp
Samuel Horner, Conemaugh tp
John Barnes, Conemaugh tp
John Platt, Susquehanna tp
Matthew Ivory, Clearfield tp
George Beam, Conemaugh tp
Robert Nutley, Susquehanna tp
James Kelly, Allegheny tp
John Seese, Johnstown


Thursday, 23 Aug 1849
VOL 5, NO 46


Letters of Administration having been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Cambria county, on the estate of Thomas Crossman, dec'd, notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to said estate to make payment, and those having claims against it to present them to the undersigned duly authenticated for settlement.
Susquehanna tp
Aug. 23, 1849


Thursday, 20 Sep 1849
VOL 5, NO 50


On Sunday the 16th inst., by Samuel Burger Esq., Capt. WILLIAM DELANCY of East Freedom, Blair county to Miss CHRISTINA BIDDLE of South Woodbury township, Bedford county, Pa.


Thursday, 4 OCT 1849
VOL 5, NO 52


On Tuesday last at the Summit, by the Rev. Mr. M'Ilwaine, MR. DAVID HUMPHREYS, of Blair county, to MISS MARGARET M'LANE, of the former place.


Thursday, 25 Oct 1849
VOL 6, NO 3

Election Results

Armstrong, Cambria, Indiana and Clearfield--Augustus Drum.
House of Representatives.
Blair--Charles E. Kinkead.
Cambria--Wm. A. Smith
Somerset--Henry Little.


On Thursday last, in Johnstown, by the Rev. Mr. Sahin, Mr. THEOPHILUS L. HEYER to JANE ANN, daughter of John Mathews, Esq., of Johnstown.


Thursday, 1 Nov 1849
VOL 6, NO 4

ANDREW BURGOON, Esq., whose term of office has expired, retired with the good wishes of the whole community, without respect to party. He made a good Commissioner, and discharged the duties of his office with fidelity, and with a view to the best interests of the county.


Thursday, 13 Dec 1849
VOL 6, NO 10


RAN away from the subscriber on Sunday, the 2th of November last, an indented apprentice to the Boot and Shoemaking business, named DENNIS GILLEN, aged about nineteen years, five feet eight inches high, brown hair and stout made. The above reward (but no thanks or charges) will be paid for his delivery to me. All persons are cautioned against trusting or harboring said boy, under the penalty provided by law.
Summit, Dec. 6, 1849

To Serve at January Sessions, 1850.

Isaac Evans, Foreman, Cambria tp
Burgoon, John, White tp
Carroll James, Cambria tp
Donoughe Cornelius, Allegheny tp
Farren James, Washington tp
Fite John B., Conemaugh tp
Fegan James, Carroll tp
Helsel Adams, Summerhill tp
Ketner Henry, Summerhill tp
Kennedy Michael, Carroll tp
Lilly Richard, Summerhill tp
Leidy David, Jackson tp
Miller Moses, Conemaugh tp
Meyers John B., Allegheny tp
Murray James, Jackson tp
Nagle Nicholas, Cambria tp
Nagle Richard II, Susquehanna tp
Prosser David, Conemaugh tp
Ream Samuel, Conemaugh tp
Sill Isaac, Summerhill tp
Devlin Arthur, Jackson tp
Wagner Michael F., Allegheny tp
Wright Joseph, Summerhill tp
Walters Joseph, Allegheny tp

To Serve at January Term, 1850
Adams Peter Jr., Clearfield tp
Baker Frederick, White tp
Burgoon Joseph, Washington tp
Blair John A., Cambria tp
Byrne Augustine, Allegheny tp
Burkhart Ephraim, Jackson tp
Behe Mathias, Allegheny tp
Burkstresser Daniel, Susquehanna tp
Carroll Lewis, Clearfield tp
Douglass James, Carroll tp
Driskel Michael, Allegheny tp
Davis Daniel, Cambria tp
Dever Neal, Cambria tp
Dimond Daniel, Summerhill tp
Egen John, Conemaugh tp
Farrell John, Conemaugh tp
Fritz Hiram, Carroll tp
Felix Joseph, Jackson tp
Grawmling Jacob, Richland tp
Gallagher William, White tp
James Thomas B., Cambria tp
Kibler Jacob, White tp
Kough Benjamin, Summerhill tp
Krentze Adam, Conemaugh tp
Litzinger James, Clearfield tp
Luther John, Carroll tp
M'Claran Peter, Summerhill tp
M'Gough Peter, Clearfield tp
Nagle Michael, Clearfield tp
Noel Philip, Cambria tp
Osburne Geo W., Conemaugh tp
Plunket John, Carroll tp
Pryce John, Cambria tp
Skelly James, Summerhill tp
Swank George W., Johnstown
Westfall Abraham, Washington tp
Nov. 15, 1849


Thursday, 27 Dec 1849
VOL 6, NO 12


On Wednesday, the 26th inst., by the Rev. Andrew M'Elwain, JOHN B. ONSLOW, Esq., of Meadville, Pa., to Miss CATHERINE DAILY of Summit, Cambria County, Pa.

CAME to the residence of the subscriber in Clearfield township, Cambria county, about the first of August last, a light brindle STEER, having a mark on the right ear, and one year old. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away, otherwise, he will be disposed of according to law.
Dec. 13, 1849.

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