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History of Cambria County, V.2


BARKER, A. A. 500a
BARKER, A. V. 504a
BARKER, F. H. 502a
BARKER, V. S. 502b
BLAIR, John A. 008
BRIXNER, Chas. 536a
BUTLAND, Charles, Captain 134
CAMPBELL, Jacob M., Col. 118
DAVIS, Thomas, Lieut. 134
DECKER, John L., Major 134
DIBERT, David 492a
DUNCAN, James M., Sergeant 134
FISHER, Emory, Lieut. 361
GAGEBY, James H., Sergeant 361
GLOCK, C. R. 570a
GRAHAM, Patrick, Captain 134
GREENE, Wesley 530a
GRIFFITH, Thomas 550a
HAMILTON, David, Major 391
HIGGINS, Jacob, Col. 391
HUMPHREYS, E. J., Capt. 124
HUMPHREYS, John, Captain 008
JONES, Hugh, Captain 361
LINTON, John P., Col. 124
O'CONNELL, Patrick, Captain 361
ORR, Speer 361
PARRISH, Joshua D. 008
ROSE, William Horace, Lieut. 124
SHRYOCK, Geo. K. 496a
SIPE, J. 540a
STACKHOUSE, Powell, Major 391
STOREY, Henry Wilson 140
SUTER, John P., Captain 134
SWANK, Geo. T., Sergeant 124
WATERS, Jno. H. 508a

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