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History of Cambria County, V.1


     A history of Cambria County and its people is an essential part of the progress of civilization in our country for two hundred and twenty-five years.
     After its acquisition by William Penn it was at peace with the red man for a period of seventy years, followed by thirty years of cruel barbarism.
     In the beginning its pioneers were with Washington in the struggle for independence; its rank and file have marched with Dearborn, Taylor and Scott, Grant, Farragut and Shatter, and gallantly sustained our government.
     Its 666 square miles of land were richly endowed with the tall white pine and hemlock, and the forests are filled with hard wood, and its mountains are veined with the best quality of bituminous coal.
     In the iron and steel industry it has created for itself an international reputation for excellent products, and in its fine arts its people have achieved a worthy place. In statesmanship and government, in the nation and state, the influence of its men has been wielded for the good.
     It is worthy to modestly enroll the achievements of her people among the annals of our country.
     In grateful acknowledgment of the invaluable assistance given in the preparation of this history by James M. Swank, George T. Swank and Anderson H. Walters of the Johnstown Tribune, John McCormick and other friends, the author desires to express his sincere thanks.

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