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History of St. Augustine


     While there were no errors of orthography or punctuation in the manuscript except the incorrect use of an apostrophe in the plural word Bishops, yet it was the fault of the compiler, who read the proof, that they escaped his notice.

     The following are those noticed: On page 42 read "Defence" for "Defense;" on page 50 read "wandering" and not "wondering;" on page 52, the surname should have been Blaisdell; on pages 93 and 120, "Dumphy" was "Dunphy;" in another place an apostrophe incorrectly appears in the plural years; in official report of death of Arthur McGough, page 105, "Hers." should have been "Hqrs." Other typographical errors may have escaped notice.

     Errors of fact: Date when Capt. John Barry raised flag on Alliance should have been 1777; on page 91, for Charles Douglass read Joseph Douglass; on page 109, read Sr. Immaculata; date of first interment in cemetery, February 5, 1845.

     A couple of repetitions which should have been "killed" were overlooked.

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