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History of St. Augustine


     The compiler of this work gratefully acknowledges the valuable assistance and encouragement he has received which have much aided him to make this history of the parish, notwithstanding its imperfections, far more interesting than it could otherwise have been. Besides the generous encouragement extended by all the members of the congregation, the following persons are deserving of especial mention: Rev. Father Joseph H. Farran, rector of the parish; his brother Rev. Father Pollard W. Farran, of Frugality, who during the absence in Europe of the former, rendered every possible assistance; Rev. Father Ferdinand Kittell, of Loretto; Rev. Father John V. Byrne, of Revloc; Msgr. Martin Ryan, of Pittsburgh; Rev. Father Garret B. Welch, of St. Joseph's church, Portage; Messrs. Joseph Zerbe, Theodore Storm, Patrick Mulligan, Sergeant James A. Wharton, Joseph Hoover, L. A. Burgoon, Richard Delozier, Mrs. Mary E. Dunegan and Mrs. Margaret Brooks, all of the parish; Sr. Martina McCans, of the Order of Charity, Altoona; Mrs. Margaret Mary Delozier, of 1510 Second Avenue, Altoona; Mr. John Martin, of Washington Avenue, Altoona; County Commissioner Dwight Roberts, of Johnstown; and to P. J. Little, Esq., of Ebensburg, for his very valuable and voluntary assistance in helping to search the county records for important data used in the compilation of the work. Also to Miss Vesta McDermott, the competent organist of St. Augustine's church, for typewriting much of the manuscript.


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