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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary



    I. Scrape the dirt off your shoes on the iron scrapes provided for that purpose.
    II. Do not spit on the floor of the chapel.
    III. Do not put your hats and caps on the chapel windows.
    IV. Do not rub against the papered walls of the chapel.
    V. Do not put your heels on the washboards.
    VI. After coming in at the passage door shut the door after you.
Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin,
Parish Priest of Loretto.

    The following curious advertisement was published in the " Cambria County Gazette." 1825

    A certian number of Protestants having manifested a great desire of becoming members of the Roman Catholic Church, I hereby acquaint the said Protestants and the public in general, that I have appointed the Second Sunday after Easter (April 17), for admitting them into the Church, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Ritual.
Demetrius A. Gallitzin,
Parish Priest.
Loretto, March 22, 1825.
    A large group was received into the Church at the time specified and many more during the summer.


(Copied from his own hand-writing)
    Demetrius A. Gallitzin, Son of Prince Demetrius, of Gallitzin, came to the United States in 1792, and having renounced all the flattering prospects of this world, consecrated himself in 1795 to the Missions of this Country. From that to the present day his time, property and faculties of soul and body have been employed in improving the country, the place he selected for his abode (formerly a perfect wilderness, but

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