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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


ready to break. If you have one that does not even know one word of English, only for my comfort and consolation, a good, virtuous clergyman, a friend to help me to bear the burden.
    Your lordship has heard how much I have had to suffer from a restless set of unprincipled ruffians. You know that I have sued the ringleaders of the conspiracy against me. God knows my intention was not to hurt them; no, I wish to return good for evil. My intention was only to frighten them; to compel them to do justice to my character and to retract those abominable charges of which they know in their conscience I am entirely clear. . . . .
    I beg for a few words of a speedy answer to be sent (via Greensburg) to the postoffice at Beulah, near Loretto, Cambria County.

LORETTO, December 3, 1807.
    I am so exceedingly fatigued after walking since last Monday about fifty miles through rocks and mire after sick people (having lost my riding horse) that I am obliged to confine myself to a very few words. . . . . From what little experience I have it appears to me that total abstinence from spirituous liquors is the only sure way of breaking up a habit of that kind; and as I never keep any kind of liquor, nor drink anything but water or milk, I think if he seriously means to leave off the practice of drinking he will have a fine chance of curing himself effectively by living with me.

LORETTO, September 23, 1808.
    It is my wish to continue myself within the limits of Cambria County, which alone would be more than sufficient to occupy two clergymen. My best time is past; I am upon the brink of thirty-nine.
    I beg of your lordship to tell the clergyman whom you shall pitch upon that he may depend upon a handsome maintenance without being beholden to the congregation for one cent. I wish him to be convinced of the necessity of harmonizing with me in all matters; two clergymen well united, perfectly

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