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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


(they find) are defeated and turned against themselves; every one tries to clear himself and blames his neighbor for leading him astray. Some have sold their places and are gone; others are in the way of selling; and in a short time, thanks be to God's mercies, our settlement will get rid of the most corrupted set of villains that ever disgraced the Church; who were endeavoring to engross into their own hands all the most important offices of our new county, from which calamity, however, my persevering endeavors have fortunately delivered our poor country. This it was that drew the whole weight of their anger and revenge upon my head, and caused one of the blackest conspiracies to be instituted against me which human malice, assisted by the power of hell, could devise. God be praised, the storm has subsided, peace is restoring fast, and all the county offices will, in a short time, be filled with the most respectable characters of the settlement; the ecclesiastical and civil authorities, will then go hand in hand and mutually assist each other in promoting the public welfare and happiness. Amen.

LORETTO, July 27, 1807.
    It is with the greatest pleasure I comply with Mr.         's request of sending your lordship the enclosed act of retraction, which was also, at his request, read in church last Sunday week.

        's RETRACTION.
July 18, 1807.
My Dear and Rev'd Sir:
    The horror which I feel in the heinous crimes committed against your innocent character and the faults of my unsuspected heart, demand of me to humble myself before you and the congregation. First, I sincerely ask your pardon and pardon from the congregation in general; of my lord, the Bishop of Baltimore, I ask pardon, and of an injured and offended God I implore forgiveness and pardon. I am sincerely sorry from my heart for the many scandals I have committed by keeping bad company, and suffering myself to

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