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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


It was the sixth postoffice in the county. (Summit was the seventh).
    Bernard Wilmore, in his will, bequeathed to Father Gallitzin a parcel of land in the center of the town for the purpose of erecting thereon a Catholic Church. This land was afterwards sold by executors of Father Gallitzin's estate to 'Squire Miller and Mr. George Settlemeyer, and on a portion of the latter conveyance the Evangelical Lutheran Church now stands. We have heard many testify that it was under an apple tree in the meadow of Bernard Wilmore and Young that Father Gallitzin used to say mass when the old Portage road was being graded, no building, then there, being large enough to accommodate the Irish Catholic laborers.


July 15, 1800.
    The congregation is considerably increased since the time I moved hither; and I feel the greatest satisfaaction in seeing the most unequivocal signs of the sincerest repentance and conversion in some of the most inveterate sinners. The church which I got built last August is very often almost full, and will have to be enlarged in a couple of years. I live at my own cabin ever since Christmas last, though in a very poor style yet, as your lordship may expect. The moving to a country where I had to begin in the woods, the furnishing myself with everything necessary for housekeeping, when I had nothing of the kind, the great improvements I have made in order to put the place in such a state as to afford a maintenance for a priest, . . . . have exhausted my finances. . . . . It is very likely that I shall see your lordship in Baltimore next October, when I send my wagon down.

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