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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


1800 was united in marriage to Eleanor, daughter of John and Ann Byrne. In the Baptismal Register of St. Michael's Church are recorded the births of ten children from this union, the last being born on January 1, 1822. When the estate of Captain Michael was divided after his death in 1793 among his children, Richard fixed his residence on land now owned by Mr. Joseph D. Hertzog, a short distance south of the location of the original settlement. A spring marks the site and there are still a few old apple trees standing near. The barn stood above the old “Glass Lane,” a township highway, which formerly connected the road from Loretto to Gallitzin with the old road from Loretto to Munster. Both the latter road and the “lane” have been vacated for several years. The last architectural landmark of early origin on the land of Captain Richard was an old log barn, long used by the tramping fraternity as a convenient place of refuge, and familiarly and generally known as “The Tramps' Hotel.” This was swept off its foundation and completely destroyed by the terrific storm of May 16, this year (1899).
    Richard McGuire commanded a company in the war of 1812. While his patriotism was thus evinced, he was ever remarkable as a devout Catholic, and exemplified in his life how intimately the love of country may be connected with the love of God. He had seen the beginnings of the Church in Cambria County, had taken an active part in its difficulties and struggles and he lived to see its triumph. He died peacefully January 13, 1855, in the 84th year of his age.


    The settlement founded by Captain Michael McGuire attracted other pioneers to the Alleghenies, and he was soon followed by William Dodson, Richard Nagle, Cornelius Maguire, Richard Ashcroft, Michael Rager, James Alcorn and John Sturm. Still following these were John Trux, John Douglas, John Byrne, William Meloy and many others whose names, together with the names of their descendants, are preserved in the Registers of St. Michael's Parish, Loretto. Mr. John Sturm, or Storm, built the first grist mill in Cambria

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