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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary






Sketch of the Life of Rev. Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin,
Prince, Priest, and Pioneer Missionary
of the Alleghenies.

(Contributed by Julia Morgan Harding.)

Since the twelfth of October, 1492, when Columbus planted the cross for the first time on the shores of a new world, many strong souls have found there a life work, have endured torture and privation, and have lost their lives in their self-imposed efforts to convert the Aborigines and to administer the rites of the Church to the hardy pioneers who had first opened a way through the American wilderness. To Francis Parkman we are indebted for a brilliant narrative of the experiences of the Jesuits in Canada and the lake region, and of the short-lived Catholic colonies on the southern Atlantic coast. The noble Las Casas, the splendid figure of Mar-

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