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Butler, George, 11, Millville
Butler, Mrs. Sarah
Byers, Mrs. Catherine, 46, Mineral Point
Callahan, Mary, 22, Locust street
Callahan, Mrs. Frank, Locust street
Carr, Mrs. Mary, 42, Woodvale
Carr, William, 7, Woodvale
Carr, Patrick, 22, Cambria
Carr, Mrs. Sarah, 20, Cambria
Cartin, Mrs. Thomas, 46, Woodvale
Cartin, Frank, 5, Woodvale
Christie, Mrs. Lizzie, 46, Woodvale
Christie, Daisy, 19, Woodvale
Clark, Thomas, Jr., 9, Union street
Clark, Annie, 5, Union street
Clark, Hamilton
Coad, William, 12, cor. Market and Washington streets
Cleary, Alice, Cambria
Conrad, John, 21, Woodvale
Constable, Mrs. Sarah E., 48, Broad street
Constable, Clara, 16, Broad street
Constable, George, 39, Franklin
Cope, Ahlum, 70, Conemaugh
Costlow, Michael, 70, Locust and Union sts.
Costlow, Zita, 6, Woodside
Costlow, Juniata, 2-1/2, Woodvale
Costlow, Regina, 1, Woodvale
Craig, William, 8, 314 Walnut Street
Creed, Kate, 26, 200 Washington street
Creed, Mary, 16, Washington street
Crown, Thomas, 51, Conemaugh
Crowthers, Samuel, 30, Cambria
Crowthers, Mrs. Verna, 27, Cambria
Culleton, George F., 1, Chestnut street
Cummings, Mrs., Somerset street
Cummings, --, Somerset street
Cunz, Mrs. Catherine, 37, Napoleon street
Cunz, Edward, 12, Napoleon street
Cunz, Gussie, 3, Napoleon street
Curtin, Johanna
Cush, Annie, 17, 112 Railroad street
Cush, Thomas, 1-1/2, 116 Railroad street
Custer, Mrs. Emma J., 27, Bedford street
Curry, Robert
Darr, George F., 28, Millville
Davis, Martha, 18, Woodvale
Davis, Ada, 15, Woodvale
Davis, Mrs. Ann, 60, Locust street
Davis, Mrs. Mary, 54, Locust street
Davis, Della, 22, Locust street
Davis, Evan, 16, Locust street
Davis, Reese, 13, Locust street
Davis, Mrs. Mary D., 55, Millville
Deible, Harry, Woodvale
Deihl, Mrs. Mary, 40, Conemaugh
Delaney, Charles, 18, 51 Conemaugh street
Devlin, Melissa, 12, East Conemaugh
Dick, Cornell, 17, Cor. Locust and John streets
Dill, Robert, 26, Woodvale
Dill, William, 7, Woodvale
Dill, Harry, 3, Woodvale
Dinkel, Adam, 50, Conemaugh
Dishong, Lizzie, 22 Union street
Dluhos, Jacob, 3, Cambria
Dluhos, Mary, 3 months, Cambria
Dolny, Mike, Cambria
Dorillia, Mrs., 30, Cambria
Dorillia, --, Cambria
Dorillia, --, Cambria
Downs, Willie, Millville
Dudzik, Mike, 21, Cambria
Dudzik, Albert, 21, Cambria
Early, Mrs. Ella, 59, Woodvale
Eck, Ellen C., 6, Woodvale
Eck, Edna Marie, 1-1/2, Woodvale
Eck, John B., 38, Conemaugh street
Eck, Dora, 7, Conemaugh street
Eck, Mabon, 2, Conemaugh street
Edmonds, Nancy

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