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Beck, Roy, 3
Beckley, Mrs. Mary, 48, Woodvale
Benson, Mrs. Bessie, 23, Cambria
Benson, Flora, 3, Cambria
Bare, Mrs.
Bare, infant
Barkley, George
Barnes, Andrew, Conemaugh
Barron, Anton
Barron, Mrs.
Benson, Cora Belle, 1-1/2, Cambria
Berkey, Henry S., 45, Clinton street
Beske, John, 7, Cambria
Beske, Joseph, 5, Cambria
Beske, Frank, 3, Cambria
Beske, Lewis, 1, Cambria
Betzler, Frank, 9, Cambria
Betzler, Katie, 7, Cambria
Bishop, Julius, 55, Cambria
Bitner, A. B.
Blair, Alfred, 53, Woodvale
Blair, Oliver, 25, Woodvale
Blair, Alfred, Jr., 14, Woodvale
Blair, Emanuel, 12, Woodvale
Blair, Rosanna, 10, Woodvale
Bloch, Mrs. Rose, 54, Conemaugh
Bloch, Annie, 26, Connemaugh
Bloch, Minnie, 15, Conemaugh
Bloch, Emma, 13, Conemaugh
Boehler, Barbara, 7, Conemaugh
Boehler, Annie, 9, Conemaugh
Bogus, William
Blough, Mrs., First Ward
Bopp, Naomie, 7, Broad street
Bonson, Charles R.
Bosser, Eddie, 14, Market street
Bowers, George, Woodvale
Bowersox, Mrs. Ella, 16, Market street
Bowersox, Cordelia, 3, Market street
Bowman, Jessie, 4, Woodvale
Bowman, Blanche, 2, Woodvale
Boyer, Emma, 17, Woodvale
Boyle, Rose, 6, Cambria
Boyle, Bridget, 4, Cambria
Boyle, William, 2, Cambria
Boyle, Joseph, 8 months, Cambria
Braden, Patrick, Millville
Bradley, Mrs. Elvira, 39, Conemaugh
Brawley, Mrs. Maggie, 42, Union street
Brawley, Robert J., 4, Union street
Brawley, John
Brennan, Mrs. Mary Ann, 46, Woodvale
Brennan, Mary Ann, 23, Woodvale
Brennan, Ellen, 19, Woodvale
Brennan, Jane, 16, Woodvale
Brennan, Agnes, 13, Woodvale
Bridges, Mrs. Jane, 64, Market street
Brindle, Vincent
Brindle, Frank
Brindle, Rose
Brinker, Henry
Briney, Matilda, 25, Woodvale
Brockner, Samuel, 28, Conemaugh
Brown, Mrs. Magdalena, 58, Cambria
Brown, Lizzie, 15, Woodvale
Brown, Mrs., Conemaugh
Buckhard, Mrs. Elizabeth, 50, Woodvale
Buckhard, Charles, 19, Woodvale
Buckhard, Mrs., 63, Woodvale
Buckley, Mrs. Mary, 48, Woodvale
Burket, Frank, 14, Washington street
Burket, Blair, 8
Burkhard, Howard, 12, Woodvale
Burkhard, Gussie J., 5, Woodvale
Burkhard, Charles C., 2, Woodvale
Burkhard, Mrs. Catherine, 85, Mineral Point
Burns, Peter, Woodvale
Butler, John, 51, 84 John street
Butler, Robert, 40, Millville
Butler, Mrs., 70, Millville
Butler, Annie, 17, Millville
Butler, Fannie, 14, Millville

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