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Berlin, Pa
Garman, Grace, 21, Washington street

Pittston, Pa
Groff, Nellie C., 20, Hulbert house

Leechburg, Pa
Hill, Ivy, 6, Washington street
Jack, Jennie

Cover's Hill, Cambria County, Pa
Hinchman, Harry, 4, Woodvale
Long, Samuel
Shaffer, Fred, 21, Conemaugh

Derry, Pa
Jackson, H. A., 36

Cumberland, Md
Katzenstein, Mrs. Ella, Hulbert House
Katzenstein, Edwin, Hulbert House

Harrisburg, Pa
Keis, Charles A., 26, Conemaugh
Weber, E. Vincent, 26, Woodvale
Weber, Mrs. Florence, 25, Woodvale

Butler, Pa
Bonner, Mrs. Ann, 24
Kenna, Mrs. Alice B.

Huntingdon County, Pa
McDivitt, Mattie, 32, Water street

Headrick's Cambria County, Pa
Allison, Florence, 12, Texas
Beck, William J., 30, Woodvale
Beck, Mrs. Blanche, 29, Woodvale
Wilson, Dr. J. C., 53, Franklin
Wilson, Caroline E., 52, Franklin

Quakertown, Pa
Smith, Mrs. J. L., 34, Hulbert House
Smith, Florence, 9, Hulbert House
Smith, Frank, 7, Hulbert House
Smith, infant, 4 months, Hulbert House
Wilson, Charles H., 45, Hulbert House
Armagh, Pa
Young, Sara C., 66 Court street

Beaver Falls, Pa
Leslie, John S., 30, Levergood street

Ypsilanti, Mich
Richards, Carrie, Hulbert House
Richards, Mollie, Hulbert House

Baltimore, Md
Goldenberg, Henry, 54, Lincoln street
Hoopes, Walter E., 30, Woodvale
Smith, Mrs. Alice M., 29, Woodvale

Greensburg, Pa
Kilgore, W. Alex., 52, Washington street
Montgomery, Alex., 55, Stonycreek street

Sewickley, Pa
Little, John A., 43, Hulbert House

Bangor, Pa
Llewellyn, Mrs. J. J., 27, visiting at J. T. Liewellyn's

South Fork, Pa
Mullin, James, 24

Jersey Heights, N.J.
Myer, Bernhart

Rome, N.Y.
Richards, John O., 70

Youngstown, Ohio
White, Mrs. Alex., 42

Indiana, Pa
Zeigler, James B., 24

Reading, Pa
Fediman, W. M., 56, Main street

Blough's Stonycreek Township, Pa
Blough, Samuel, 40, Market street
Blough, Sophia, 38, Main street
Blough, child, Main street

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