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? Swaney, Mrs. Mary A., 67
Swineford, Mary A., St. Louis, Mo.
Swineford, Mrs. Ed., St. Louis, Mo.
Tarbell, Mrs. Farney, 32, Cleveland, Ohio
? Tarbell, Grace, 7, Cleveland, Ohio
? Tarbell, Bertie, 5, Cleveland, Ohio
? Tarbell, Howard, 2, Cleveland, Ohio
Weaver, Beneval, Millersburg, Pa.
Woolf, Jennie, Chambersburg, Pa.


[Bodies taken to places named in sub-heads for burial. The place named in line with name of individual is the place from which they were lost.]

Loysburg, Bedford County, Pa.

Aaron, Mrs. H. B., 29, Railroad street
Aaron, Flora, 10, Railroad street

Blairsville, Pa.

Alexander, John G., 45, Woodvale
Alexander, Mrs. John G., 45, Woodvale
Brown, Emma, 20
McLaughlin, Mrs. Julia, 60, Cambria
Miller, Robert, 22, Sixth Ward
Pike, Fanny, 19, Haynes street

Wilmore, Pa.

Beiter, Mathias, 3, Clinton street

Philadelphia, Pa.

Butler, Chas. T., Hulbert House
Carlin, Jonathan, Hulbert House
Clark, W. H. L., 50, Hulbert House
De Walt, Chas. B., 36, Hulbert House
Dorsey, John D., Hulbert House
Lichtenberg, Rev. John, Locust street
Lichtenberg, Mrs.
Murray, James, 50, Hulbert House
Nathan, Adolph, 40, Main street
Overbeck, William H., 38, Main street
Spitz, Walter L., Hulbert House
Woolf, Mrs. M. L., Jackson street

Louisville, Ky.
Marshall, Chas. A., 34, Hulbert House

Braddock, Pa.
Cadogan, Mrs. Mary A., 46, Millville
Cadogan, Ann, 25, Millville
Young, Mrs. Kate, 34, Market street
Young, Samuel, 13, Market street

Pittsburg, Pa.
Creed, David, 60, Washington street
Creed, Mrs. Eliza, 55, Washington street
Creed, Maggie, 23, Washington street
Fisher, Moses, 24, Mansion House
Sweeney, Mrs. Ann, 70, Conemaugh

Benshoff's, Cambria County, Pa.
Custer, William H., 35, Millville

Steubenville, Ohio
Davis, Frank B., 40, Main street
Davis, Frank, infant

Somerset, Pa.
Gaither, Harry, 18, South street
Houston, Minnie, Hulbert House
Hurst, Nathaniel, 15, Washington street

Shippensburg, Pa.
Diehl, Carrie, 20, Hulbert House
Wells, Jennie, 22, Hulbert House

Mercer County, Pa.
De Frances, Mr. H.T., 32, Hulbert House

New York, N.Y.
Dow, W. F., Hulbert House

Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Fitzharris, John, Sr., 97, Franklin street

Phillipsburg, Pa.
Eskdale, James, 42, Woodvale
Eskdale, Mrs. James, Woodvale

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