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Keinxstoel, Samuel, 30, Market street
Larimer, James, 45, Somerset street
Lee Sing, Chinaman, Franklin street
Lucas, Maria, 59, Conemaugh
Madden, Mrs. Mary, 47, Cambria City
Mack, August
McClarren, Cora, 8, Cambria City
McCue, Mrs.
Melden, Richard
Maley, Henry
Mosser, Mrs. Mary, 65, Conemaugh street
Mulen, Margaret
Oswald, Mrs.
Owens, Mrs.
Oyler, John R.
Phillips, Mrs. Eliza, 48, Union street
Reese, Mrs. Lizzie, 30, Conemaugh street
Reese, Annie, 7, Vine street
Reidel, John C., 60, Conemaugh
Rich, Mrs. Charlotte, 45, Stonycreek street
Roberts, Mrs. Jennie, 18, Somerset street
Rosenfelt, Solomon, Washington street
Saylor, Henry
Schnable, Mrs. Conrad, 35, Raumer street
Schittenhelm, Anton, Cambria
Schittenhelm, Anton, Jr., Cambria
Shumaker, Mrs. James M., Locust street
Skiba, Mrs. Stainslous, 32, Cambria
Skiba, Joseph, 4, Cambria
Smith, Ralph, 11, Woodvale
Smouse, Jennie, Halbert House
Stern, Bella
Strauss, Moses, 77, Vine street
Strauch, Henry, 59, Conemaugh
Smith, Willie, 1, Cambria
Surany, David
Thomas, John T.
Till, Arthur, 27, Market street
Unverzagt, Daniel, 66, Washington street
Unverzagt, Mrs. Daniel, 62, Washington street
Viering, Mrs.
White, Mrs. John, 76, Union street
Wagnor, Henry, Cambria
Warsing, Jane, 24, Coopersdale
Warkeston, Miss
Weinzierl, Mrs. Mary, 38, Cambria
Wearn, Willie, 6, King street
Walford, Frank
Will, Elizabeth, Conemaugh


[Those marked ? bodies never found. Those found lived at the places named, to which places the remains were taken.]
Bates, Mrs. Annie, Delavin, Wis
? Brady, Mrs. J. W., Chicago, Ill
Bryan, Elizabeth M., 20, Philadelphia
Christman, Mrs. A.C., Dallas, Texas
Day, John R., 60, Prospect, Md
Day, Miss, Prospect, Md
Ewing, Andrew, Snow Shoe, Pa
? Fenstermaker, Victor, Egypt, Lehigh county
Harnish, Blanche, Dayton, Ohio
? Hemingway, Fred, and wife, Kokomo, Ind
King, Mrs. J. F.
? Lyon, E., New York
? McCoy, Mrs.
? McCoy, ____
? McCoy, ____
Meisel, Christ, 32, Newark, N.J.
Minich, Kate, Fostoria, Ohio
Paulson, Jennie, 20 Allegheny City
? Phillips, Frank (porter), Jersey City
Rainey, Mrs. Sophia, 64, Kalamazoo, Mich
Ross, John D.
Schrantz, George, Pleasant Gap, Pa
? Shelly, W., Newark, N.J.
Shick, Cyrus, Reading
? Sible, Mrs., Springtown, Bucks County, Pa
Smith, Mrs. H.K., 25, Osborn, Ohio
Smith, R. Wardwell, 3, Osborn, Ohio
Stinson, Eliza, Norristown, Pa

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