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Schmitt, Mary, 31, Cambria.
Schmitt, George, 4, Cambria.
Schmitt, Sophia, 1, Cambria.
Shmitt, Fredericka, Cambria.
Shmitt, Mrs. Hortena, Cambria.
Shmitt, Leo, Cambria.
Sininger, Mrs. Mary, Cambria.
Sarlouis, Mrs. Barbara, 48, Cambria.
Sarlouis, Mrs. Peter, Cambria.
Snell, Mary, 13, Cambria.
Stinely, Mrs. Mary, 35, Cambria.
Stinely, Kate, 12, Cambria.
Stinely, Joseph, 5, Cambria.
Weber, Mrs. Tresa, 43, Cambria.
Weber, John, 4, Cambria.
Weinzierl, Louis, 41, Cambria.
Conemaugh Borough
Akers, Alvar, 54, Upper Yoder.
Coad, Mrs. Mary, 57, Washington street.
Coad, John, 59, Washington street.
Conrad, William, 26, Woodvale.
Halleran, Mrs. Mary C., 30, Washington street.
Hannan, Eugene, 14, Woodvale.
Howe, Abner.
Lynch, John, 27, Conemaugh.
Lynch, Mary, 16, Conemaugh.
Mayhew, Jennie, 18, Woodvale.
Mayhew, Joseph, 16, Woodvale.
Mayhew, Annie, 12, Woodvale.
Mayhew, Earnest, 9, Woodvale.
Mayhew, Harry, 6, Woodvale.
Mayhew, James, 3, Woodvale.
McKarley, Mrs. Mary.
Nugent, Mrs. Mary Jane, 50, Hager Block.
Quinn, Vincent, 14, Main street.
Wehn, Mrs. Laura, 29, Conemaugh.
Wehn, Annie, 4, Main street.
Wehn, Mary, infant, Conemaugh.
Wehn, Joseph, 4, Conemaugh.
Wheat, Frank, 28, Clinton street.


Brindle, Mary.
Geis, Mrs. Abby, 24, Salina, Kansas.
Geis, Richard P., 2, Salina, Kansas.
Hable, John, 29, Conemaugh.
Hoffgard, Conrad, 18, Clinton street.
Holtzman, Joseph, 35, Woodvale.
Horne, William, J., 21, Conemaugh.
Horne, Emma J., 22, Stormer street.
Hornick, John P., 26, Conemaugh.
Hornick, Mrs. Amelia, 25, Conemaugh.
Horton, Joseph, Sr., 59, Woodvale.
Keifline, Mrs. Catherine, 56, Conemaugh.
Maloy, Manassas, 45, Clinton street.
Malzi, Jacob, 34, Washington street.
Murtha, James, 65, Conemaugh.
Murtha, James, 28, Main street.
Murtha, Mrs. Barbara, 24, Main street.
Murtha, Frank, 6, Main street.
Murtha, Flora May, 4, Main street.
Murtha, Lily, 1, Main street.
Oswald, Charles, 44, Third Ward.
Oswald, Mary, 19, Third Ward.
Quinn, Vincent D.,16, Main street.
Ripple, Maggie B., 27, Merchants' Hotel.
Robine, Christina, 25, Franklin street.
Sarlouis, Sophia.
Schnurr, Charles, 40, Conemaugh.
Schnurr, Robert, 27, Smith alley.
Schry, Joseph, Sr., 78, Woodvale.
Schry, Mrs. Joseph, 68, Woodvale.
Shellhammer, Lorentz.
Shellhammer, Patricius.
Schaller, Joseph, 62, Woodvale.
Schaller, Mrs. Joseph, Woodvale.
Schaller, Annie, 24, Woodvale.
Schaller, Rose, 21, Woodvale.
Voegtly, Germanus, 62, Conemaugh.
Werberger, Prof. F. P., 70, Locust street.

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