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Wilson were married October 25, 1821, and had seven children: Margaret C., intermarried with James Wilhelm; Jane, intermarried with Levi Young; Rebecca Ellen (mother); Nancy, intermarried with John A. Stitt; Sarah, intermarried with James L. Shields; Thomas Wallace, and David Lewis Dixon.
    David Dixon (great-grandfather) had two sons and four daughters: Thomas (grandfather), David, Nancy, intermarried with a Mr. Crothers, of Westmoreland county; Esther, Peggy and Jennie Dixon, single.
    Jane Barclay Dixon (grandmother) was of Scotch-Irish lineage, and was born May 12, 1797, and died September 17, 1868, in Blairsville. She was the elder daughter of Alexander Barclay and Annie Martin. Jane Barclay married James Wilson about 1817, and he died the following year, leaving one son, James Wilson, who was one of the “forty-niners,” and who married Harriet Jenks, of Roscoe, Illinois, and they had one son, named Earnest Wilson, who resides at that place.
    Alexander Barclay (great-grandfather) was of Scotch-Irish ancestry, and married Annie Martin, of Ireland, in 1796, at the house of her sister, who was Mrs. David Porter, in the city of Philadelphia, and about 1804 located on a farm in Indiana county. They had five children: Jane (grandmother), John, James, Alexander and Nancy, intermarried with John McFarland.
    Samuel Douglass (father of Mrs. Storey) was of Scottish ancestry, and was born November 5, 1809, and died May 23, 1881. Abbie Doty (her mother) was born January 29, 1818, and died March 6, 1877. They were married August 18, 1836, and had ten children: Gillis, Jane, John Wallace, William Murray, Ambrose, Susan Johnson, Mary Elizabeth, Abbie Doty, Samuel Milton and Robert Henry Douglass.
    John Douglass (grandfather) was born February 5, 1787, and died July, 1859. On October 20, 1808, he married Jane Gallagher, who was born July 20, 1788, and died August 15, 1839. They had ten children: Samuel, James, Nancy Wallace, intermarried with Robert Elder, of Elder's Ridge; William, John, Robert, Lydia Jane, intermarried with a Mr. Samuel Parker; Pelham Woodroe, Wallace and Adams Douglass.
    Samuel Douglass (great-grandfather) was of Scottish ancestry, and was one of the earliest settlers in Indiana county, locating near what is known as Newport, where he married Lydia Adams, who was from the eastern part of the State.
    Jane Gallagher (grandmother) was a daughter of James Gallagher, of Livermore, who married Nancy Wallace; they were the great-grandparents of Mrs. Storey.
    Abbie Doty Douglass (mother) was the elder child of Gillis Doty and Jane Dixon Doty, and was born January 29, 1818, and died March 6, 1877. She resided in Johnstown after her marriage and died there, and she and her husband were interred in the Grand View cemetery.
    Gillis Doty (grandfather) was born in 1799, and died in 1870. He was a farmer, and married Jane Dixon (grandmother) in 1817, and located on the Dixon-Doty farm, near the Blacklick. They had eleven children: Abbie, Nancy, intermarried with Henry Harrold, of Moline, Illinois; Samuel, Jonathan, mary, intermarried with Dr. James Hanson Bell; Robert, Elizabeth, intermarried with Joseph H. Campbell (a grandson of Charles Campbell, who was a general in the provincial troops, and county lieutenant of Westmoreland county in 1778, and the Charles Campbell who took out the warrant for two hundred and

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