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DR. BENJAMIN YEAGLEY, deceased, was a prominent physician, a shrewd and enterprising business man and a highly respected citizen of Johnstown, this county.
    He was born March 25, 1841, in Union township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, and died January 14, 1895, in the city of Johnstown, this county.
    He was a son of Henry and Phoebe Yeagley, who died in Connellsville, Fayette county, the former at the advanced age of eighty-seven and the latter at the age of eighty. When but a boy Dr. Yeagley entered Mt. Union college, near Alliance, Ohio, from which he was graduated in 1861. He then came to Johnstown and began the study of medicine in the office of his brothers, Drs. Henry and Andrew, who were practitioners at that place. He remained there but a short time and then went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and entered the Eclectic Medical college, and graduated with honors three years later, in 1864, after which he returned to Johnstown and began the practice of his profession with his brothers. Some time after his return his brother Henry left Johnstown for Lawrence, Kansas, leaving the practice in charge of Andrew and Benjamin. This partnership continued until the death of Andrew, in 1889.
    He was a man who kept well up to the times and abreast of his profession. He was an honored member of the Central Medical association of Pennsylvania, in which he had, at different times, held important offices; and, just prior to the flood, was president of the State Eclectic Medical association, and in 1892 and 1893 was president of the National Eclectic Medical association.

    Not only was he prominent and respected as a physician, but a man in whom was reposed the confidence of the people as an enterprising and far-seeing business man. Prior to May 31, 1889, he was secretary of the Johnstown Passenger Railway company. At the time of his death he was treasurer and vice-president of the same line.
    He was active in the organization of the Johnstown Electric Light company, organized in July, 1885, and was one of its first directors, and in 1887 was elected president of the company to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Herman Baumer, who had been appointed postmaster. On February 13, 1889, he was elected a trustee of the Johnstown Savings bank to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Philip E. Chapin. When the Citizens' National bank was organized in 1890, Dr. Yeagley was elected one of the directors, and, upon the death of Col. Linton, who was vice-president of the bank, the doctor was chosen to fill the vacancy, and, upon the resignation of Mr. A. J. Haws, he was elected to fill the vacancy, a position he held at the time of his death, and was one of the fifty incorporators of the Grand View Cemetery association, organized January 27, 1885.
    Politically he was a democrat, and believed it the duty of every good citizen to take an interest in the cause of good government, local, State or National. Prior to the incorporation of the city he served as a member of the borough council, and, upon the organization of the city, was chosen a select councilman from the Third ward, and served as president of that body until 1892.
    Doctor Yeagley and Jennie C., daughter of Judge John Flanagan, were united in marriage, and their marriage was blessed in the birth of two sons: Harry and George.

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