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J. Raymond and Elizabeth K. (Rice) Claghorn, and was born in the city of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, August 10, 1864.
    His ancestry was Scotch, originating in the highlands of Scotland, and belonging to that class which owned and tilled its own land. They were sturdy and eminently respectable people, and possessed that courage and indomitable will-power which are characteristic of their race, and which are so essential to the colonization of anew country. Mr. Claghorn's immigrant ancestors came to America in 1630, and settled in Massachusetts, where some members of the family may still be found, whilst others removed to the "City of Brotherly Love," where James Claghorn, grandfather, first saw the light of day. He was born in the year 1818, and died in the city of his nativity in the year 1884, having resided there his entire life. He was educated and trained for a business career, and became a financier of no mean ability. His financial strength and executive ability caused him to be much sought after as trustee and presiding officer of many financial and other business institutions in the city, the character of whose officials is the important element in securing the public confidence. He was a director, and for many years the acting president, of a bank in Philadelphia; one of the executors of the vast Girard estate; president of the Academy of Fine Arts, and treasurer of the Union League of Philadelphia, and was connected with many other business institutions of that city.
    He had one son, J. Raymond Claghorn, the father of our subject. He was born in Philadelphia in 1845, educated in the excellent public schools of that city, and is to-day recognized as one of its substantial and reliable business men. In recognition of his financial
strength and managing ability he was made president of the State Line and Sullivan Railroad company; Barkley Coal company of Bradford Co.; and the State and Long Valley Coal company of the same county. He is a staunch and loyal republican, who takes an intelligent interest in the success of his party, and has represented the Tenth ward of Philadelphia a number of terms in the common council. Mr. Clagborn has been twice married. In 1862 he married Elizabeth K. Rice, of Philadelphia, who bore him one son, Clarence R. Mrs. Claghorn died in 1870, and Mr. Claghorn afterwards wedded Anna Lockwood, of Philadelphia, by whom he had two children.
    Clarence R. Claghorn was educated in the public schools of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania, graduating from the University in 1884. Immediately after his graduation he took up surveying, and assisted in making a geological survey of the State of Pennsylvania. From the latter part of 1885 to 1889 he served as assistant superintendent of the State Line and Sullivan Railroad company. Subsequently he was appointed as geological and mineral expert, with headquarters at Birmingham, Alabama. He remained there until 1891, and was made the assistant geologist in charge of the surveys of 1892 of the coal fields of Arkansas. In order to broaden his knowledge and further prepare himself for his specialties, he, in 1892-93, visited Berlin and the Rhine provinces in Germany, and there studied practical mining engineering. In 1893 he accepted the position of superintendent of the Vinton Coal company, and immediately came to Vintondale, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, and took charge of the company's business.
    The Vinton Coal company, of which War-

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