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In 1873, Mr. Vaughen was married to Miss Elizabeth H. Seese, daughter of John Seese, of Johnstown. This union was blessed by the birth of four sons and four daughters; one of these Elizabeth J., died at the age of three years. The others are: Carrie B., Anna G., Jerry, John W., Lillie B., Samuel, and Robert.
    Mr. Vaughen has been too busy a man to devote much time to politics, and is not an office-seeker, but has served several terms as school director and member of the borough council of Coopersdale. Mr. Vaughen might well be proud of the position he holds, and the reputation he has gained as a practical furnace man. Starting, as we have seen him, a poor boy, at the very foot of the ladder, he has ascended step by step, without the aid of money or influential friends, aided only by his own perseverance and energy, until he is now at the head of the department where he began as water boy, some thirty years ago.

E. WILL GREENE, editor of the Patton Courier, and an energetic and reliable business man, is a son of Squire Joseph W. and Julia F. (Prindle) Greene, and was born at Brockwayville, Jefferson county, Pennsylvania, June 28, 1869. His great-grandfather, Greene, came from Scotland to Burlington, Vermont, where he became a farmer. His son, Edward Allen Greene, was the father of Joseph W. Greene.
    Joseph W. Greene walked from Glen's Falls, New York, to Brockwayville, this State, when but twenty years of age, and became an early settler at that place, where he followed lumbering for a number of years. He then engaged in the real-estate business, and late in life dealt in oil and coal lands. He conducted the only temperance hotel of his town for

many years. Like his father and grandfather he was a strong whig, and took an active part in politics, serving one term as county commissioner and as a justice of the peace for thirty-three years. He was a man of integrity and reliability, well liked by all who knew him and thoroughgoing in all business enterprises in which he was engaged. He was a painter by trade, but gave his time largely to dealing in real estate in his section of the State, where he met with the varying fortunes of the early pioneer in those lines of business, but in success or under reverse his word was never doubted or his honesty questioned. His active and useful life closed in 1887, when he died suddenly of asthma. He married Julia F. Prindle, July 4, 1848, who is a daughter of Bennett Prindle, now deceased, a resident of Allegheny county, New York, and a member of an old New York family of Irish origin.
    Mrs. Julia F. Greene still resides at her old home, and is now in the sixty-first year of her age. To Squire and Mrs. Greene were born seven sons and a daughter: John A., of Washington city, District of Columbia; Rev. Charles F., now residing at Franklinville, Florida; Phoebe E., wife of J.C. Moorhead, of Kittanning, this State; E. A., residing at Kane, this State; Joseph R.; B.P., and C.W., residing at Brockwayville, Pennsylvania, while E. Will resides at Patton, Pennsylvania.
    E. Will Greene attended the common schools until he was thirteen years of age, and two years later entered a printing office in his native town, but finished his trade at Du Bois, this State, with E.W. Gray & Co. publishers of the Du Bois Morning Courier. He remained with this firm about five years, then was foreman for a year on the Bradford Star, and after working about two years for Stevenson and Fos-

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