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experience and his thorough knowledge of this line of business he has gained more than the ordinary qualifications for the position he now fills. Mr. Eichenlaub has been twice married. In 1868 be married Miss Catherine E. Conrad, of Indiana county, Pennsylvania, who died in 1876. To this marriage were born four children: Annie; Ellie; Joseph, deceased, and Maggie, who died in 1879. As his second wife he married, in September, 1877, Miss Margaret Kelly, of Blair county, and to this marital union the following children have been born: Mary, Willie, Gertrude, Della, Thomas, Bertha, James, Walter and Charles, deceased, and Francis Howard. During his life Mr. Eichenlaub has experienced two serious accidents. When fourteen years old he fell into the ice-cold water of Clearfield creek and was carried some distance down stream, when be made his escape more dead than alive, and was once buried under a fall of rock in the Glen White mines. While in the line of battle in front of Richmond, Virginia, he had his horse killed from under him by the rebels shelling from the rear, the shell struck the horse behind the saddle and plowed through his breast; in a desperate charge at Dinwiddie Court House, Virginia, his horse fell, pinning its rider down while the rest of the column passed over as best they could.

GORE FAMILY.--Mrs. Ella P. (Gore) Taylor, the wife of Dr. J. Swan Taylor, is the youngest daughter of Thomas Gore, Esq., one of Johnstown's most esteemed citizens.
    Mr. Thomas Gore was born at Mann's Choice, Bedford county, Pennsylvania, and is a son of John and Catherine (Mowery) Gore.

Catherine Gore was born in 1792, and died October 18, 1880; she was the daughter of John Mowery, who had married Miss Hilligas, of Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, and located near Mann's Choice. The Hilligas family was a noted one. Mrs. Mowery's sister married Mr. Schell, for whom Schellsburg was named, and the Schells of Somerset are of the same family. Mr. Thomas Gore has been an active man. He was an assistant in the building of the Old Portage road, and was afterward fireman on the same road. He built the section boat "General Scott," of which he was owner and captain for many years, running between Pittsburg and Philadelphia along the old Pennsylvania canal. He married Miss Amanda Jane Mitchell, daughter of James H. and Saphronia (Thatcher) Mitchell. James H. Mitchell was born at Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, and died November 12, 1869. His father was a minister. His relatives were the Mitchells, famous physicans and surgeons of Philadelphia. He married Saphronia, who died October 27, 1847. Of this union one of the children was Amanda Jane Mitchell, who became the wife of Thomas Gore. She died March 20, 1891. Mrs. Gore was the eldest daughter of James H. Mitchell, who is remembered by the business men of half a century ago. She was born in Ligonier Valley, where most of her life was spent until she removed with her father to Johnstown. Here she was married, in 1848, to Thomas Gore, who survives her. She was the mother of eight children, of whom seven are still living. As one who knew her well has ex-pressed it: "Mrs. Gore was a humble and consistent member of the church from her fourteenth year. Of a retiring and unselfish disposition, she was always more thoughtful

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